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the " new doctrines." TVe cannot help adding, however, that it were a great advantage if the great work of Louis on Phthisis (great in character and results, although of small bibliographical dimensions) should be more read nowadays. The contrast Zyprexa 10 of Louis's researches with the more pretentious but conflicting, dubious, speculative investigations of some Olanzapine 5mg histologists, could not fail to exert a Zyprexa Buy healthful influence on the minds of those who are prone to consider novelty as the criterion of truth. Lest these desultory remarks should leave on the minds of our readers an erroneous impression of Dr. ^ermet^ s, hrochure, we would state that it is by no means devoted to the discus- sion of pathological questions ; but it presents directly, plainly, tersely, the author's views concerning the treatment of pul- monary consumption. Within the compass of a few pages, Dr. Bennet embraces a great many important practical in- junctions, based on his ample experience. Without reprodu- cing any of these here, we conclude by saying to those Olanzapine Risperidone who 648 BIBLIOGEAPHICAL AND LITERAEY NOTES. have honored this brief notice with a perusal, get the book and read it. Akt. III. — Vegetable Parasites and the Diseases caused Iry their Growth upon Man. By James C. White, M. D., Professor 'of Dermatology, Harvard University. Pp. 50. Boston : "Wright & Potter. Olanzapine 5 Mg We believe Purchase Zyprexa every dermatologist Olanzapine Tablet of note, with Olanzapine 10 Mg the excep- tion of Wilson and Cazenave, admits the parasitic nature of certain cutaneous affections. Those whose parasitic origin is placed beyond question, according to our author, are favus, produced by the achorion Sohonleini, ringworm, by the trichophyton tonsurans, and pityriasis versicolor, by the mi- crosporon furfur. The usual seat of favus is upon the scalp, but it may appear upon any portion of the cutaneous surface, and is not infrequent upon some of Zyprexa 5 the lower animals, especially the mouse and the cat, from whom it is sometimes transferred to man. Eingworm may also invade any portion of the body, presenting, however, a somewhat different aspect according to its location. Upon the general surface it presents the usual and long-recognized appearances of ordinary ring- worm ; upon the scalp it . gives rise to a not very frequent but exceedingly intractable form of disease ; while upon the hairy portions of Zyprexa Purchase the face it produces one of the forms of sycosis. Under this latter term our author believes that two distinct diseases have usually been included — one a simple folliculitis, and the other a folliculitis produced by the trichophyton. Pityriasis versicolor invades the general surface, especially the trunk in front and behind. Of the cutaneous affections whose parasitic nature admits of doubt, alopecia areata stands prominent. Most writers deny its fungous origin ; but our au- thor, after a Zyprexa 10mg careful review of the evidence^*? and con, and the affirmative results qf his own investigation, states his decided conviction to be in favor of its parasitic origin in Cheap Zyprexa some cases ; suggesting, however, that, under the term Olanzapine Price alopecia areata, two different affections may have possibly been included, the one parasitic and the other not. BLBLIOGKAPHICAL AND LITEEAEY NOTES. 649 The opinion entertained b j Zyprexa Online some Online Zyprexa authorities that the fungi above noticed are but varieties of a single vegetable organism, and that they are Zyprexa Mg mutually convertible, our author Olanzapine Tablets believes to rest upon insufficient evidence, as likewise that they are derivable from the common moulds ; with the exception, per- haps, of the aspergillus of the external auditory canal, which appears to be indentical with the aspergillus found elsewhere. Upon the whole, the author Buy Zyprexa has treated tlie subject in a very able and thorough manner, and we heartily commend his little book to those interested in parasitology. Akt. IY. — Memoranda of Poisons. By the late Thomas Hawkes Taxnek, M. D., F. L. S., etc. Third and com- pletely revised edition. Philadelphia : Lindsay & Blak- •iston, 1872. Dr. Bighi/s Ohstetric Memoranda. . Fourth edition, revised and enlarged. By Alfred Meadows, M. D., etc. Phila- delphia : Lindsay & Blakiston, 1872. Both these little works are good of their kind, and both have been greatly improved by the careful revision they have undergone. That on poisons has been materially altered, and is now as Risperidone Olanzapine complete as it is possible to make a treatise of so di- minutive a size. These condensed hand-books are useful so long as they are resorted to only as aids to the memory, or for hasty reference. Art. V. — A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Women. By T. Gaillaed Thomas, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women ' and Children, in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, !New York, etc., etc. Third edition, enlarged and thoroughly revised. "With two hun- dred and forty-six Illustrations on Wood. Philadelphia : Henry C. Lea, 1872, pp. 784. LnTLE more is necessaiy, in commending to the profession a new edition of Prof. Thomas's work, than to say that it is

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