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hypochondriasis, cranioclasm, rupture of the peringeum, and phlegmasia dolens ; and in return for this transfer an exchange might have nn-prescriptin zyban been made of some of the papers in the first volume relating to the non-puerperal diseases of women. But the unity of design, in keeping all the clinical lectures and the fugitive essays and systematic memoirs by themselves, would have been lost by this distribution, and the arrangement of the editors must therefore be considered as the wiser course. After an introductory lecture zyban sr 150 mg tablet on the diagnosis of diseases of women, which was originally published in the Edinburgh Monthly Journal of Medical zyban 150 mg 60 tablet kullan Science, 1851, the author devotes two lectures to the discussion of the subject of vesico-vaginal fistula, and draws a large share of his material from American sources, Sims, Bozeman, and others, and moreover — will our pugilistic though patriotic friends make a note of this point? — he makes continuous and prominent acknowledgments of his indebtedness to them. The remainder of the lectures cover a discussion of most of the important diseases of women, and they are all treated with great fulness of detail, and with re- markable clearness and conciseness of language. As these lectures are clinical, they of coiirse are not arranged in any logical order of succession, but a copious hw much des zyban cst in australia table of contents and very full indexes are added, so that reference to any point or subject is easy. The same copiousness of indexes is also found in the other two books of this series. The volume is largely and superbly illustrated, giving additional aid in this way to descriptions of the reading-matter. For the publishers we are buy zyban nline canada bound in duty hw much des zyban cst in ntari to say that these books are gotten up in that excellent style whicli makes all their medical publications so creditable generic zyban nline to American mechani- cal art, while rder zyban n prescriptin generic zyban cst the astonishingly low price at which the volumes are issued should put them in the library of every physician in the land. And we are sure that money could not be placed to better advantage than in acquiring a set of these complete works of one of the master-minds of 1-v. profession in modern times, of ^whom it has been truly said that " no physician was ever more widely known, and no man, since the world was, was ever more greatly loved." 646 BIBLIOGEAPHICAL AND LITEEAEY NOTES. Art. II, — On the Treatment of Pulmonary Consumption^ hy Hygiene^ Climate, and Medicine, in its Connection with Modern Doctrines. Bj James Henry Bennet, M. D., Member of tlie Royal College of zyban nline australia Physicians, London, etc. New York : D. Appleton & Co., 1872, 8vo, pp. 190. The name of the author of this essay heretofore was iden- tified with uterine diseases, his practical study of zyban generic buprpin these dis- eases having had a very wide-spread and important influence on the opinions and practice of physicians. Of late years he has devoted zyban nline n prescriptin special attention to pulmonary consumption, and he was led to do this by incentives derived from his personal experience, having himself become affected with tuberculous disease, the progress of which, happily for others, he succeeded in arresting by efficient measures, hygienic, climatic, and me- dicinal. The knowledge of this fact, together with his pre- viously-acquired reputation, has led patients from all countries to seek his counsel, and thus, probably, there are few prac- titioners who, during the same period, have had larger op- portunities for the clinical study of pulmonary consumption. Whatever Dr. Bennet, under these circumstances, has to say concerning the disease just named, is deserving of careful con- sideration. In this little volume, which the reader cannot but wish had been much larger. Dr. buy zyban nline uk zyban (buprpin) 150 mg Bennet treats of pulmonary con- sumption from a zyban 150 mg bula clinical stand-point. With reference to the importance, at the present d yu need a prescriptin fr zyban time, of recalling attention to this aspect of the disease, we would commend to the reader's atten- tive perusal the author's preface. We are tempted to quote the greater part of it. To do this, however, would require too much space, and, moreover, we hope it will be rendered superfluous by the fact of the work being in the hands of every reading member of our profession. Suffice it to say that he presents in a strong light the present need of standing hw much des zyban cst in canada by the truths of clinical experience, without yielding to the seductive influence of speculations based on uncertain histo- logical data. We would by no means disparage histological researches ; they have already rendered valuable service to pathology, BLBLIOGEAPHICAL AI^D LITERARY NOTES. 647 and it is to be hoped that much more is to be expected there- generic zyban from. But when it is attempted to interpret histological ob- servations without regard to, and, indeed, in defiance of views well grounded in clinical experience, let it be considered how discrepant are the doctiines based by different histologists on their own observations. As our author remarks, Yirchow and Prof. Bennet, of Edinburgh, represent opposing doctrines con- cerning the pathology and treatment of pulmonary consump- tion, and yet both are buy cheap zyban nline equally eminent as histologists. But the differences of opinion are not confined to these men and their followers : with respect to each one of the so-called " mod- ern doctrines," histologists of equal eminence are on either side. Let any point be cited as established by the observa- tions of certain histological observers, other not less able and reliable observers have arrived at a different conclusion. Yillemin, whose discovery of the inoculability of tubercle as one of the great events in the pathology of to-day, claims that the views of Laennec, which some of our German brethren seem to take a peculiar satisfaction in opposing, are in all re- spects sustained by histological facts. But this is not the occasion for entering into a discussion of the topics involved in

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