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acquaint our readers with the very many new and hitherto uncollected papers which it contains. The first volume contains the substance of Sir James's course of lectures on midwifery, to which are added the special memoirs and contributions on the subject of obstetrics that were originally published in different periodicals. In tlie last section of the volume are gathered a number of papers relat- ing to the non-puerperal diseases of women, but all of them zoloft 300 mg daily have a kindred relation to the general study of obstetrics. Peferences have been made to the original publications by the editor. Dr. J. Watt Black, who for five years was the assistant of Prof. Simpson, living in the same house with him, and who presumably, therefore, may be considered to have had an in- timate knowledge of his opinions and modes of practice. Whenever with the lapse of time Sir James had changed such opinions or practice, Dr. Black has indicated the difference ; for, although the author was somewhat tenacious of his own views, yet so vast was his experience, and so thorough his acquaintance with the best work of other authorities and la- borers in the same field, and withal so liberal and eminently catholic were his opinions, that he did not hesitate to modify his views to accord with the advancing state of medicine. The lecture-notes, which make up the first section of the volume, seem to us out of place in a publication of this sort. These notes are intended only as aids in the lecture-room, and, as every one knows who has had experience in such work, they merely map out the main points to be considered ; and, besides this, each teacher's syllabus will convey by his peculiar style of putting things, and by the association of ideas, certain hints to the author, that are not apparent to the cursory reader or student. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL AISTD LITERARY ISTOTES. 641 Merely to catalogue the titles of the different papers in zoloft street value this volume would extend this notice to an undue length, for there are no less than eighty-eight separate memoirs and shorter articles. We content ourselves, therefore, with saying that among them are found all those contributions to the study of obstetrics which gave their author so famous a reputation in this special branch of medicine, and which resulted in making buy zoloft online canada clear many subjects, up to that time involved in ob- scurity, and also to indicate cheap zoloft no prescription many and very positive additions in hitherto unexplored fields of medical research. Through- out them all, as well as in the other volumes of this series, there are displayed that remarkable acquaintance with medical and other literature, and that almost marvellous erudition, which placed the author's name so high upon the scroll of fame. Indeed, the man seemed always to have been a perfect walking encyclopsedia generic zoloft online pharmacy no prescription of learning, and when occasion de- manded he could depart from his purely professional work — as, viz., in his archaeological and zoloft online pharmacy no prescription other studies — with as much ease as i took 300 mg of zoloft he would discuss a clinical problem, and still maintain his unrivalled reputation for brilliant as well as solid acquire- street value zoloft 100mg ments. More than the lialf of Yolume II. is taken up with the dif- ferent papers of Prof. Simpson on ansesthesia — a subject generic zoloft sale in which the author was particularly interested, and in which he extended his already well-established fame. As is well known, he was the discoverer of the anaesthetic properties of chloro- form ; he was also the first to apply anaesthesia zoloft 100 mg street value in midwifery zoloft online order practice for the purpose of mitigating the pains of parturition. In 1856, he received the Monthyon prize of two thousand francs awarded by the French Academy of Medicine, "in consideration of his services to humanity by the introduction of anaesthesia into the practice of zoloft 300 mg a day midwifery," and for the same services he was later created a baronet, besides receiving distinguished honors and recognitions of his work from various other sources. At its very inception, anaesthesia, particularly in midwifery practice, met with a determined and fierce opposition as well from physicians, from whom better things might have been expected, as from theologians, from whom nothing else might 41 642 BIBLIOGRAPHICAL AND LITEEARY NOTES. have been anticipated. Convinced of does zoloft come 150 mg tablets the inestimable value of this procedure, and endowed as was Sir James with some- what of a combative disposition, this opposition forced upon him the preparation of the numerous papers on the question of anaesthesia which are here collected. They are more in number than would have been demanded had the author been engaged in preparing a systematic work on the subject, and in buy generic zoloft online some instances they partially repeat the material of one another, but they were rendered necessary by the constant attacks and objections to which he was called upon to reply. These papers are arranged by the editor — Prof. Simpson's son, Sir "W. G. generic zoloft online Simpson — in their logical rather than in their chronological order, and are grouped as follows : I. The His- tory of Anaesthesia. II. Defences of Anaesthesia. III. The iN'ature and Power of Various Anaesthetic Agents. lY. Ap- plications of Anaesthesia in Surgery and Medicine. V. Ap- plications of Anaesthesia in Midwifery ; and YI. zoloft price comparison Local Anaes- thesia. Under the first head above mentioned does zoloft have street value are found the mas- terly replies to the gratuitous and entirely uncalled-for attack upon Sir James by Prof. Jacob Bigelow, of Boston, made but a few months before the former's death. The cause buy generic zoloft online no prescription of this attack was, viz. : In October, 1870, the freedom of the city of Edinburgh was presented to Sir James Y. Simpson, and the lord-provost, in the presentation address upon that occasion, saw fit to allude to his distinguished services in zoloft 300 mg per day connection

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