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Medical Journal, 1864, and Journal of Cutaneous Medicine, vol. iv.), and to the recent paper of Taylor {American Jour- nal of Syphilography, etc., October, 1871). The observations above recorded have been further confirmed Zestoretic 20 25 Mg by the examina- tion of some crusts from a case of Impetigo Contagiosa occur- ring in the practice of Dr. Satterlee, the details of which, to- gether with a consideration of the etiology of the afi'ection, will appear in the July No. Generic Zestoretic of this Jouenal. VACCINAL SYPHILIS. 631 Clinkal g^orbs fr0nt Ipribal^ anlr hospital ^ractia. I. — Vaccinal Syphilis. (Extract from Dr. Lanoix's confer- ence at the Sorbonne, Paris, on the 26th of July, 1869. Translated from Za Tribune Medicale.) Iisr my opinion, gentlemen, there are two kinds of vaccinal syphilis, and I believe I may say that I was the first to estab- lish this division in a precise manner. These two varieties are, viz. : 1. Evoked or developed vaccinal syphilis. 2. Inoculated vaccinal syphilis. Each has its distinct course and characteristics, which en- able us Cheap Zestoretic to establish their separate diagnosis. I have had many opportunities of observing the evoked or developed vaccinal syphilis in hospitals ; examples like the following have also been brought to my notice : An infant, a few Zestoretic Price weeks or even several months old, ap- parently perfectly healthy Zestoretic Tablets at the time it was vaccinated, either with human or animal vaccine ; the eruption takes place, and is perfectly regular; the appearance Zestoretic 20 12.5 Mg of the pustule indi- cates no irregularity until the tenth or eleventh Order Zestoretic day, when this pustule, instead of stopping its growth, keeps increas- ing, and on the twelfth to fifteenth day it attains the size of a fifty centime or one-franc piece; instead of a healthy brown crust, such as that of ordinary vaccine, a gi'eenish crust Zestoretic Strengths of a sui generis aspect, smTounded with a characteristic copper-colored Purchase Zestoretic Online circle, Zestoretic Cost is formed ; when this crust falls, under it will appear a reddish and bloody erosion, indurated at its base, and which, far from healing, grows larger and deeper. This is the outset of syphilis. Secondarj'- symptoms soon show themselves, accompanied by all the other symptoms, which leave no doubt as to the diagnosis. I now ask you, gentlemen, cannot the most experienced be deceived 1 Who is it can detect, up to the eleventh or twelfth day, that, under a pustule of regular appearance, an ulcer- ating process {travail ulceratif) is going on, which is the first but still invisible symptom of a reviving (or awakening) syphilis? Who can determine the precise moment when 632 CLINICAL EECOEDS. the action of vaccine ends and that of syphilis commences ? And behold the terrible consequences which may result: should lymph {serosite) be taken at a late period for the purpose of vaccination, the lancet would be Lisinopril 20 charged with a mixture of the two Buy Cheap Zestoretic viruses : syphilis and vaccine would be in- oculated at the same time. This, in my opinion, is the cause of transmission of syphilis by vaccination ; it explains the positive and negative results (as regards syphilis) obtained by inoculations taken from syphilitic subjects to be transmitted to healthy ones. I believe that at the commencement of its evolution the vaccinal pustule produces, by a sort of dialysis, vaccine alone, however syphilitic the subject may be on which it develops itself; but no sooner has it expended its own vitality, than it Zestoretic Generic participates, like all the other tissues of the human organism, in the qualities or vices iulierent to it. It is therefore easily understood that, should vaccine be taken from the pustule at its commencement, vaccine only will be transmitted ; but a period of transition comes, when the vacci- nal pustule is exhausted, and \h.e pseudo-chancre appears, both united at the same point, mingling their secretions in one and the same Zestoretic 20 fluid, which partakes of the properties of vaccine and of syphilis. This mixed liquid Purchase Zestoretic is the cause of moculated Buy Zestoretic vac- cinal syphilis, of which I will now speak. Without going into the numerous facts and well-known cases of vaccinal syphilis, such as have been reported by Ce- rioli, Hubner, Lecoq, Coggiola, Trousseau, Chassaignac, He- rard, and Yiennois, and the more recent examples which have occured in the Buy Zestoretic Online Departments of Lot and Morbihan, the diagno- sis of which I shall discuss at another time, I wish only to mention those I have myself witnessed at the Academy of Medicine (Paris). On the 12th November, 1868, having called at the St. Louis Hospital, I learned by mere chance from M. Hardy Order Zestoretic Online that on the preceding day he had observed a case of vaccinal syphilis in an adult who had been vaccinated at the Academy several Tnonths previous. Thinking that this might be a new case of epidemic vaccinal syphilis, I resolved to make personal inquiries, Zestoretic Online and I was at last enabled to ascertain the precise day on which this person had been vaccinated at the Acad- VACCINAL SYPHILIS. 633 emy. It was on the preceding 19tli of August ; on that same day, ten cliildren and thirty-three soldiers had been vaccinated. Continuing my investigations, I learned the names of the two children from whom the virus had been obtained ; their names

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