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Fig. 2. Evidence of apparently vital movement was not lacking in connection with some other individual spores upon the slide. One of the most striking and unmistakable instances of this was witnessed in the case of a body composed of a chain of three rounded portions, to one extremity of which was at- tached a filamentary prolongation, itself terminated by a mi- nute rounded body. The whole outline of this curiously- shaped body could be distinctly seen, with the exception of a small portion upon one side, which was partially obscured by some granular matter. At this time, attention Zenegra Uk was diverted from the microscope tor a. few minutes, not more than ten, and upon returning to the instrument, instead of finding the object last observed, in its place was one of a somewhat different form {vide cut) recognized, however, as the same body by its relations to the granular matter above referred to. Observa- tion was continued, in order to detect further changes, if any ITS PAEASITIC NATURE. 629 should occur. In a few minutes the extremity of the tail curved slowly up, and attached itself to the main body, form- ing a loop. This movement was distinctly visible. The slide was now temporarily put aside and attention was given to the crust which had been digesting in the potash solution for (by this time) about two hours. The crust was found to be Buy Zenegra con- verted into a viscid gelatinous mass, due to the action of the potash Cheap Zenegra upon the pus of which it was in part composed. Por- tions of this jelly were placed upon slides and immediately sealed with Bell's cement. Examination revealed new shapes, among others an appearance such as would be produced by stretching a thin India-rubber ring (shown in the cut to the left). These elongated bodies varied greatly in size. Their breadth was nearly uniform, being about the jxj-Dinr of an inch, but in length they measm'ed from the :5iroiF *^* ^^^ T5T ^^ ^^ inch, as determined by an eye-piece micrometer. Another body appeared to be composed of two concentric rings. How these were formed was at first not very cle'ar, but subsequently became easily explainable by the observation of Zenegra 100 the forms depicted in the drawing (to the right), where their development is shown step by step. They were not, however, observed in the order depicted. The essential portion of the observation was finally completed by Zenegra 100mg the discovery of certain fine filaments, not more than the -g-jriirD" ^^ ^^ i^^h in breadth, l)ut whose length varied from the ^xnnr ^^ *^® tut ®^ ^^ inch. The presence of these filaments readily accounted for the de- velopment of the various forms hitherto noticed, from the sim- ple hsemo-discoid to the more complicated varieties. ISTo di- rect observation of the transformation of the filaments into other forms was witnessed, but it seems to me to be a fair in- ference that such change occurs. In addition to the well-marked bodies described, there were present epidermic cells, and a little oil, and besides many granular or rather molecular bodies, some slightly elongated, such as are found in most animal and vegetable infusions, and upon whose exact nature it would be somewhat hazardous to pronounce. These little bodies, as is usually the case, were in rapid motion. No connection could be traced between the epidermis and the spores ; occasionally, to be sure, a spore would be found 630 IMPETIGO CONTAGIOSA, ETC. upon or beneath an epidermic cell, but the occurrence was probably accidental, and nothing like the intimate relationship which exists between the epidermis and the m-icrosporon fur- fur was detectible. No hairs were visible in any of the prep- arations, and hence nothing can be said concerning thera. Observation of the circular spores, especially the larger ones, with a -jig- immersion of Powell and Leal and upon their grand binocular stand, the j^roperty of my friend Prof. Arnold, leads me to suspect that their form is not that of a section of a cylinder with central depressions, but rather that they are rings. It is possible, however, that in the smaller ones the hole in the ring is occluded by subsequently-depos- ited material. The difficulty of deciding this point can be readily appreciated when the minute size of the organisms is borne in mind. The following conclusions seem fairly deducible from the observations above recorded : The bodies are unquestionably vegetable organisms. Their primitive form is probably filamentary. From the filament the others are Zenegra 100 Mg developed. Their presence explains the contagiousness of the afiection in which they are found, and brings it into the class of the Par- asitic affections of the Skin. The drawings were placed Zenegra 50 upon the wood from bodies ac- tually under observation. In Fig. 2, their apparently larger size than in Fig. 1 is due to the fact that the former was made while observing with a -^ and the latter with a -^ inch objec- tive. A number of preparations have been permanently mounted, and are subject to the inspection of those interested. The interesting clinical features of Impetigo Contagiosa we shall Zenegra Online not enter upon, but refer the reader for details upon these points to the original papers of Tilbury Fox {British

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