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For this reason micturition is so difiicult during complete erection, and immediately after ejaculation. Thus I have endeavored to lay before you, in a somewhat condensed form, Vpxl Online a synopsis of some views at present enter- tained upon the histology and physiology of the penis. This subject is but imperfectly understood ; its literature is meagre, and much of that which has been written is vague and un- satisfactory, while many points have remained entirely un- explored. Yet, there are few subjects which present a more fruitful field for histoloorical investigation than the one to which I have now had the honor of calling your attention. Art. III. — Experiments ' on Animals, disproving the Theory that Purchase Vpxl Chloral-hydrate acts on the Organism Buy Vpxl on account of its Decomposition into Chloroform, hy the Alkaline Car- bonates in the Blood. By Robert Amory, M. D., Boston, Mass. CHLORAL-HYDRATE.* The following experiments were conducted during the au- tumn and early winter of 1869, The samples of chloral used in Order Vpxl Online these experiments were quite fresh, and, so far as tlie known tests for purity could be applied, answered every reaction. ' These experiments have been previously reported to the Boston So- ciety of Medical Sciences. ^ When the word chloral is used in this paper, the medicinal agent, chlo- ral-liydrate, is referred to. WITH CHLORAL-HYDRATE. 607 None but the experiments in which were used Morson's, Schering's, or a beautiful sample furnished the author by Dr. E. R. Squibb, of Brooklyn, N. T., are reported. These experi- ments were selected from a large number conducted, and are fair examples of each class : Experiment I. Warm Fresii Sheep's Blood and Chloral. — Fresh sheep's blood, of a temperature of 80° Fahr., was placed in a retort, and gently heated over an oil-bath to ar tem- perature of 98° Fahr., and to this was added a solution of chlo- ral-hydrate (grains xxx in aqua 3 ss). The retort was then se- cm*ed against the admission Cheap Vpxl of air, and connected witli a porce- lain combnstion-tube, at the outlet of which was a potass.- bulb containing an acidulated solution of nitrate of silver. For an hour the temperature inside the retort was maintained at 98° Fahr., and all this time air was forced over the blood by means of valvular bellows, and the escaping vapor passed through the combustion-tube heated to a red heat, and was then received into the solution of nitrate of silver. No pre- cipitate of chloride of Buy Cheap Vpxl silver appeared in the silver solution^ contained in the potass.-bulb, thus showing Buy Vpxl Online that probably no decomposition into chloroform had occurred in the retort. Then the combustion-tube was disconnected, and the retort connected wdth a cold receiver, at the bottom of which was a small quantity of sulphuric acid. This distillation was con- tinued at 95° C, or 203° Fahr., for an hour, and the distilled liquid saved for future experiment, a portion being redistilled ; and the last product evaporated over sulphuric acid for twenty- four hours, when the peculiar long, icicular crystals of chloral- hydrate were observed under the microscope, and afterward exliibited to the Boston Society of Medical Sciences. The principle upon which this experiment was conducted was suggested by M. Duroy's * method for the detection of chloroform, viz., that the Purchase Vpxl Online combustion at a red heat of chloro- form in the presence of oxygen would cause its decomposition into chlorine gas, hydrochloric acid, oxide of carbon, and car- * A slight opalescence was detected in this sohition, which may have been caused by the volatilization of organic matters. This happens when no nitric acid is added to the substance in tlie retort. '"Sur rEinpoisonnement." A. Tardien et Roussiu, 1860, p. 841. Journal de Pharmacie et Chimie, Avril, 1851. 608 EXPERIMENTS ON ANIMALS, bonic acid. The hjdrocliloric acid forms, with the silver in solution, chloride of silver, which is insoluble in acidulated water. The peculiar, irritating, pungent odor of chlorine can easily be perceived at the outlet of the tube, if any of the vapors contain this gas in a free state. The vapor of chloral- hydrate treated in the same manner does not show any prod- ucts of decomposition, in the experience of the author of the present article. The above test is considered by some physio- logical chemists as delicate as Marsh's test for arsenic. The following preliminary experiment was tried merely to correct any mistake in the methods of investigation for chloro- form-vapor : Experiment II. — Some fresh blood was placed in a retort and half a drachm of chloroform was added ; the retort was then placed in an oil-bath, and heated to 100° Fahr., subse- quently, to 145° ; all Generic Vpxl the vapor that was distilled was con- densed and collected in a cold receiver. This distilled liquid was then poured into a test-tube, Order Vpxl at the bottom of which a few minute globules coalesced into one larger globule, containing, by estimation, in bulk, the equivalent of about ten drops of

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