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HISTOLOGY AND PHYSIOLOGY OF THE PENIS. 597 Fig. I.— Thin Transverse Section op the Corpus SpoNoiostrM Urethra. Taken prom THE Penis of a Man aged twenty-seven, midway between the Glans and Bulbous Portion. Prepared in Alcohol, and treated with Carmine. Magnipied 20 Diameters. (See Frontispiece.) The albusrinea or external connective-tissue sheath of the corpus spongiosum is shown at A A' A" A'". The upper half, which is connected with the corpus cavernosum, is seen at A A' A" ; the lower half at A, A"', A". It is abundantly interspersed with (dark) fas- ciculi of organic muscles, a. a, a, a, which do not run completely around the periphery of the corpus spongiosum, but form only Generic Vigora fragments of a muscular ring. These fasciculi are continuous with those seen in the substance of the corpus spongiosum at Vigora 100 Tablets B, B, B, B. At A*, Ai (between Buy Vigora Online A and A'>, may be seen such fasciculi, extending from the albuginea di- rectly into the substance of the corpus spongiosum. At 6, b. b, can be Vigora Price seen the cut surfaces of a large number of muscular bundles appearing as round, oval, or irregularly-shaped dark spots. At c. c, c, c, may be seen other muscular fibres running in continuity. The latter run in a parallel direction with the section, while the former run in a vertical direc- tion, and are Vigora 50 consequently cut by the section. Between these bundles of muscles can be seen d, d, d, d, innumerable empty spaces or meshes of irregular shape. The walls of these spaces have become separated in preparing the specimen, while during life they are generally in immediate contact. These spaces are lined with pavement (Pflaster) epithe- lium, which can be distinctly seen, in suitable preparations, with a magnifying power of 60 to 200 diameters. Some of these meshes are quite near the mucous membrane, separated from it only bv a thin layer of connective tissue, i. e., in the upper wall of the urethra in this figure. I'^ransverse section Order Vigora of the corpus spongiosum will show as a rule two laree arteries, e e', the arterise profunda? corporis spongiosi. Each of these is surrounded by a number of organic longitudinal muscular bundles, e*, e*, which appear as round masses, in whose centre the artery passes. In the middle of the section is seen an empty space, C, the canal of the urethra. The epithelial covering of the mucous membrane is indicated at /,/./, and is seen extending into its lacunte. The existence of a real space in the accom- panying figure is Vigora 100 the result of the preparation. It does not exist during life. At gr, g^, g", gi, g*,is seen the cut surface of a lacuna which extends deeply into the substance of the corpus spongiosum at gr*, and sends off several branches from" its sides, g', g'\ g\. The largest meslies are at the Vigora Tablets external portions of the corpus spongiosum ; the smaller ones near the urethra. The substance of the corpus spongiosum near the urethra is more trans- parent than the rest, because it consists of finer fibres than the parts more external. a' FlO. 2.— LONOITITDINAL SECTION FROM THE SUPERFICIAL PARTS OP THE CORPUS CaVEB" NOSUM Penis (Man). Alcohol Preparation, treated with Carmine, Acetic Acidi and Glycerine. Magnified 15 Diameters. ThiB figure represents the trellis-work of the corpus spongiosum formed by the mani- fold directions and interlacing of its muscular fibres. 598 HISTOLOGY AND PHYSIOLOGY OF THE PEIS-IS. lium. These arteries are more Vigora Online easy of detection in the corpns cavernosum than in Vigora 5000 the corpus spongiosum. In the latter body they are most numerous in the bulbous and posterior portions. In most of these terminal knobs can be seen a triple fissm*e, the form of a Y — like Cheap Vigora the three-horned figure in the crystalline lens of the human eye (Fig. 7). The smaller branches often present but a simple transverse fissure. Stilling is inclined to regard these fissures as the openings Vigora Oil or mouths of the arteries, which are closed in the ordinary condition, but in the state of erection are opened and empty the arterial blood Buy Vigora into the venous cavities or cells. Fig. 3.— Thin Transverse Section of tuk Corpus Spo>fGiosuM (Man) prepaked ix Alcohol. Treated first with Carmine, and afterwakd with Acetic Acid, AND preserved IN GLYCERINE. MaGNLFIED 160 DIAMETERS. In the centre of the picture at a is seen a transverse section of the arterise profundae corporis spongiosi. At b, the inner coat of the artery. At c, c, its very darkly-stained middle coat, with the nuclei of its individual muscular fibres. At d, d, its transparent ex- ternal connective-tissue coat. The artery is surrounded by quite a number of organic muscular bundles, like a tube surrounded by a bundle of staves, t, «, e, e. e. At many points may be seen a portion of these fasciculi couueetinir aud mixing with the muscular coat of the artery, as for example at e*. The muscular bundles surrounding the arteries are so distinct trom the other longitudinal muscular bundles that they must be recognized as a Bet belonging exclusively t(^ the arteries. The meshes of the spongy substance g, g, g, g, are seen to be lined by pavement epithelium, h. These arteries are accompanied by a special system of lon- gitudinal bundles of muscles, whose fibres become inserted at HISTOLOGY AND PHYSIOLO&Y OF THE PENIS. 590 various points into the middle coat of these vessels. Stilling, I believe, was first to call attention to this anatomical fact. These bundles may be seen in both transverse and longitudi- nal section (Figs. 3 and 4). The number and size of these bun- dles vary in different sections, in consequence of the changes which they undergo by the insertion of their fibres into the walls of the arteries on the one hand, and again by the addi- tion of new fibres to these bundles from other planes.

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