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usual stages of alcoholic oxidation, viz., aldehyde, acetic acid, formic acid, oxalic acid, carbonic acid, and water, as those by which alcohol is consumed in the blood. It is worthy of mention that oxalic acid appears in the urine in combination with lime, whenever oxygenation of the blood is defective. Such an oxidation of alcohol in the blood, in the presence Vibramycin Acne of nitrogenous bodies, themselves undergoing oxidation, is quite in accordance with familiar chemical processes. I am fully aware that neither the number nor variety of the experiments reported in this paper is such as the impor- tance of the subject demands, and I sincerely hope to be able to supply some of these deficiencies before long. Meanwhile, I trust that other experimentalists will not leave this exten- sive field of inquiry to my unaided efibrts. HISTOLOGY AISTD PHYSIOLOGY OF THE PENIS. 595 Art. II. — The Histology and Physiology of the Penis. ^ By Alex. "W. Stein, M. D., Attending Physician to Charity Hospital, Professor of Visceral Anatomy and Physiology in New York College of Dentistry and of Comparative Phys- iology, New York College of Veterinary Surgeons, late Lec- turer on Genito-Urinary Organs in University Medical College, etc. Histology.— The erectile tissue of the penis may be said to consist of venous cavities or cells which freely communicate with each other, are continuous with the general venous system, and are Vibramycin For Acne lined with squamous epithelium. The direct connection of these cavities with the veins is clearly demon- strable in such preparations, in which the cavities are some- what filled with blood (Fig, 8). In the corpus spongiosum these cells are quite large near the surface or immediately beneath the external fibrous investment, while toward the axis of the urethra they are short and narrow. In the bulb they are larger than at any part anterior to the same. The interspaces between these cavities are occupied Buy Vibramycin Online prin- cipally by non-striped muscles, which form, as it were, an ex- ternal muscular tunic for these cavities. In these interspaces may also be recognized connective tissue forming the connect- ing medium of the muscles, blood-vessels, nerves, and lym- phatics of the part. The sheath of connective tissue, known as Buy Cheap Vibramycin the albnginea of the corpus spongiosum, which lies beneath the subcutaneous areolar tissue, and which surrounds the corpus spongiosum in its entire length, is interspersed with innumerable fasciculi of organic muscles which are attached to or originate from the albuginea at innumerable and various points. From this origin Vibramycin Cost they pass in a devious manner in the interspaces between the venous cells, inward toward the deeper portions of the spongy Generic Vibramycin substance, verging suddenly from one direction into another, and by their manifold directions and connec- tions with each other form the intricate trabecular structure or trellis-work of the corpus spongiosum. ' Read before the New York Derraatological Society, and illustrated by microscopical specimens prepared by my friend John Busteed, M. D. and myself. 596 HISTOLOGY AND PHYSIOLOGY OF THE PENIS. Many of these fasciculi run horizontally internal to the albuginea, so that upon transverse section the periphery of the corpus spongiosum appears, at first glance, to be surrounded by a circular layer of organic muscles. Upon more precise examination, however, we find that this muscular Vibramycin Syrup layer does not form Order Vibramycin Online an absolute ring, but only an approximation to one. On the contrary, not a single fasciculus runs continuously around the spongy substance, but embraces only a small por- tion of its periphery in a horizontal direction, and that at those points where Vibramycin Mg one fasciculus turns from one horizontal plane into another, others arise and continue in an analogous manner the horizontal course left by the first, and thus con- Vibramycin Hyclate tributing to the formation of a more or less interrupted mus- cular ring upon Vibramycin 50mg the peripliery of Vibramycin Suspension the corpus spongiosum.^ In the section of the corpus spongiosum before you can be seen the arterise profundae corporis spongiosi, equidistant from the external fibrous covering and urethral canal in each lateral half of the corpus spongiosum. In this instance they are Vibramycin Antibiotics almost on a level with the urethra, though sometimes we find one ar- tery a little below, the other a little above, the Vibramycin Tablets level of the urethra. At the bulbous portion we always find the arteries below the level of the Vibramycin Indications urethra, because of the greater thickness of the parts below the canal at this part. According to Miiller, there are two sets of arteries, differing from one another in Vibramycin Doxycycline Hyclate their size. The first are the rami nutritii, which' are distributed upon the walls of the veins and through- out the spongy substance, diflering in no respect from the nu- tritive arteries of other parts ; they anastomose freely with each other, and terminate in capillaries. The second set he calls arterise heliciuae, from their supposed resemblance to the tendrils of the vine. They are given ofiT from the larger branches as well as the smaller twigs of the arteries. They are Purchase Vibramycin Online especially to be seen in good longitudinal sections, sending out short branches somewhat like a ram's-horn, several going off from one point in a stellate form, or as the arms of a chan- delier, and terminating in an expanded or knob-like extremity, which Order Vibramycin project freely Vibramycin Antibiotic into the venous cavities (Fig. 5). They are not entirely naked, but are covered with pavement epithe- ' B. Stilling, "Harnroliren-strictureu," Fig. 1.

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