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502 NOEMAL PEESEl^CE OF especially, contains no sugar, nor alcoliol, probably. As the thoracic blood employed in ten of these experiments should be composed of blood from many different vessels, vermox tablet which are divided at random by the knife, it must contain very variable quantities of sugar and mebendazole vermox alcohol, always, of course, however, less than the blood of the inferior cava. 4. That the greatest amount of alcohol obtained from any of the recent substances was recovered from fresh lung-tissue. Lung- tissue newly extracted from the body retains about half its weight of blood the number vermox oral suspension indicating alcohol should, therefore, be douMed ^ this would show that about as much alco- hol had been actually pr(tcured as calculation warrants us to suppose present. Contrary to what we have just stated with regard to fresh and putrescent blood, we find that fresh lung- tissue contains nearly as nauch alcohol 2,% jputrescent lung-iissue. The figures show that only about a fifth of the sugar origi- nally present remained unfermented after seventy-three min- utes, when the fresh tissue was distilled ; while no greater in- crease than this fifth took place in the seventy-seven hours during which similar tissues were submitted generic vermox to putrefaction. Fermentation seems thus to be more active buy vermox in the lungs im- mediately cfter death, and probably at its highest term during life. This deduction receives tangible support from the fact just now stated, viz., that in fresh thoraoic hlood, which the test by decomposition proves vermox 100mg to be rich in sugar, very little alcohol is to be found ; such blood has mostly been derived from the great vessels, and has not yet passed through the lung-capil- laries; its sugar has not consequently been fermented. Other considerations, in too great variety to mention here, would lead us to conclude order vermox that the capillary system in the lungs is the proper seat of the alcoholic fermentation. As this must vary directly as the oxidation of its ferment (tibrine), if the aeration of the blood be impeded or arrested by the action of toxic or medicinal agents, such as woorara, the etliers, chloro- form, etc., or by injury to the M. Flourens's " nodus vitalis" which paralyzes the pulmonary vaso-motor nerves, and induces pulmonic congestion, sugar becomes so abundant in the circu- lation as to pass into the urine — the animal becomes glyco- suric. Alvaro Keynose has published a very interesting little ALCOHOL 11^ THE BLOOD. 593 pamphlet on this point ('' MSmoire sur la Presence dii Sucre dans les Urines^'' Paris, 1853), in which he seems disposed to accept M. Mialhe's well-known hypothesis of saccharine oxi- dation in the Imigs, in virtue of the alkalinity of the blood. The hypothesis of the alcoholic fermentation of hepatic glucose in the pulmonary capillaries is quite adequate to explain the above phenomena : an animal becomes glycosuric in cases like those alluded to, not because glucose cannot be oxidized in the lungs for want of oxygen, but because the alcoholic fermenta- tion is slackened or vermox for sale suspended in consequence of the failure or deficienc}^ of the oxidation of vermox tablets its proper ferment ; the con- stant oxidation of its ferment being a law of this fermenta- tion, as already explained. 4. That if, as before, we consider the lung-tissue operated on as containing one-half its weight of capillary blood, by doubling the alcoholic ratio, we have, for the capillary purchase vermox hlood of jputrescent lung-tissue (where we suppose all tlie sugar to have been converted) the figure 0.7638 = (0.3819 x 2), which is nearly exactly equal to the mean product of putrescent thora- cic blood, all of whose sugar has likewise been converted. The vermox syrup general accordance of the results above set forth, with theoretical anticipations, and their consistency with each other, strongly tend to substantiate the truth of the vermox otc hypothesis vermox price un- der which the whole experimental vermox for worms series was conducted, as well as to establish the high degree of accuracy of vermox online the methods employed. It is, therefore, from the lung-tis.sue of animals in digestion that we are to expect the largest yield of alcohol. To obtain a sufficient quantity for verification and vermox suspension dosage, until consider- able experimental facility is acquired, at least ten pounds of tissue should distilled be in one vermox australia or several operations ; the final distillate being reduced to twenty-five grains. All procedures embarrassing respiration, instituted with a view of impairing the oxidation of alcohol after it is formed in the lungs, in order to obtain a greater quantity of this substance, vermox worms would seem to me quite unnecessary. I have not found that more alcohol is obtained by such measures ; oxidation appears to cease at the instant of somatic death, while the sugar present, or still passing through the lungs, continues its fermentation. 38 594 NOEMAL PKESENCE OF ALCOHOL, ETC. The tissue must be brought to 212° Fahr. with all possible dis- patch, either by the use of direct heat applied to a large cop- per balloon, or by the steam of water previously evaporated to less than half its bulk, introduced by a coil of perforated pipe into the charged balloon. ]^o empyreuma will be gen- erated in this case, but at least three-fifths of the matter operated on must be brought over in the first distillate. The destination of alcohol, whose presence in the economy I have thus demonstrated, must be to a hmmal oxidation or " combustion," as a main source of animal heat. This com- bustion is maintained, not only by glucose derived from amyla- ceous food, but likewise from the proximate products of change in the nitrogenous tissues. After the vermox for children extrication of ])olar forces^ one of these products, fihrine^ is oxidized in the lungs, and finally metamorphosed in the liver. I would suggest the

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