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phuretted hydrogen seems, therefore, to destroy the oxidizing powers of the Purchase Vasotec blood (of its corpuscles). The solution of this gas Vasotec 5mg in all the later experiments was placed in Vasotec Enalapril the blood-receiver, so that, when this was held to the throat of the animal, the blood was, I may say, instantaneously mingled with it. The blood-receiv^er was a vessel Order Vasotec of tinned iron in the shape of a cylinder whose altitude was four and a half inches, and base 588 NOEMAL PRESElSrCE OF twelve inches in diameter. It was entirely closed above, except an opening of four and a half inches across, fitted with a cover ; this orifice was situated as near as possible to the edge of the vessel, so that it might be conveniently held to the wound in the neck. According to the hypothesis under which the preceding experimentation was conducted, alcohol should coexist with suo;ar in the circulation. As sugar is formed in the cells of the liver and thence passed into the hepatic veins, its decom- position should heffin even before Buy Vasotec Online the blood escapes from the organ, and Buy Vasotec alcohol should Vasotec 2.5 be obtainable by the distillation of recent liver-substance. When we recollect that alcohol can be present only in the capillar]/ blood of the liver, as the hepatic veins always stand agape, emptying themselves spon- taneously when the organ is excised, we will be prepared to find only very small quantities. I subjoin the following experiments on this point : XX Y. — Two thousand nine hundred and eiglity-five grammes of Generic Vasotec ox-liver tissue raised to 212° Fahr. in forty min- utes after the animal was struck down : 1,400 grammes of first distillate brought over. The final distillate weighed 1.1050 grammes ; its specific gravity was 0.9989, corresponding to 0.0064 grammes of alcohol. This quantity of alcohol could not have been inflammable in the test-tube, but the final dis- tillate was colored a bright green by the chromic-acid test. The quantity of organic substance experimented upon was no doubt too small. XXYI. — The entire liver of a dog, w^eighing 650 grammes, the animal having been killed by puncture of the medulla, w^as raised to 212° Fahr. in seven minutes after the sacrifice of the animal. It was distilled, and the distillates concentrated and purified as usual. The final distillate weighed 0.8600 grammes, and struck a bright emerald-green tint with Vasotec 20 Mg the chromic-acid test, but did not burn in the test-tube. The quantity of alcohol was 0,0024 grammes. The result of this experiment upon the liver of a different animal led me to similar conclusions. The quantity of liver-substance used was obviously too small. A much larger portion was, therefore, employed as follows : ALCOHOL IN THE BLOOD. 589 XXYII. — Eighteen thousand grammes of fresh ox-liver tissue was distilled in three portions : 1. Six thousand grammes raised to 212° Fahr. in thirtj-five minutes after the animal was struck down — 1,550 grammes of first distillate being brought over. H.Cl. added and distilled down to one-fom-th. 2. Six thousand grammes raised to 212° Fahr. in forty minutes after the animals were struck down. Vasotec 2.5 Mg A like quantity of first distillate was brought over, and was similarly treated. 3. Six thousand grammes raised to 212° in forty-five min- utes after the animals Vasotec Hctz were struck down. A like quantity of first distillate was brought over, and similarly treated. Vasotec Uses These three fluids were mixed and concentrated and puri- fied as usual. The final distillate weighed 1.2304 grammes. It struck a vivid green with the chromic-acid solution. The va- jpor of alGohol hurned hrightly and repeatedly Iv Vasotec in the test-tube. The quantity of alcohol was 0.0324 grammes. Its ratio to 10,000 parts of liver-tissue was 0.0180 grammes. By referring to experiments XII., XIII., and XIY., it will be found that the ratio of alcohol obtained to 10,000 parts of fresh lung-tissue was 0.3084 grammes. Normal lung-tissue, therefore, contains about seventeen times as much alcohol as the liver-substance. As in both cases the alcohol should exist in tlie capillary blood, the lung-tissue must contain a greater proportion of such blood — Vasotec Iv a supposition which harmonizes with what we know of the great vascularity of the lungs ; but' as this consideration could not, I think, altogether suffice to explain the great differences observed, I am disposed to credit them, likewise, to a highly-developed fermentative power of the lungs, with which the air they contain, even shortly after death, is much concerned. Vasotec Iv Push In the experiments thus far cited, alcohol had been Enalapril Vasotec sought in blood and tissues in which sugar always exists, upon the supposition that, Vasotec Mg if sugar were present, alcohol should have Vasotec 5 Mg been likewise. During digestion, as Bernard has established, hepatic sugar is disseminated throughout the system. "We may suppose that, in cansequence of a temporary superabun- dance, it cannot be entirely fermented before it reaches the left ventricle, and that it is, therefore, Vasotec 10 Mg propelled in the blood-

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