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vapor burned in tlie most satisfaetory manner in the test-tube upon ebullition of the final distillate, which also struck a bright-green tint with the chromic-acid test. The quantity of alcohol was 0.0650 grammes. XVI. — Nine thousand seven hundred and thirty-four grammes of ox-blood was raised to 212° Fahr. in fifty-six min- utes after the animals, two in number, were struck down. The temperature of the blood when set upon the furnace was 101° Fahr. During the terminal distillations alcohol was seen to pass over. The final distillate weighed O.SilG grammes, and struck the green tint characteristic of alcohol with the chro- mic-acid solution. The quantity of alcohol obtained was 0.0198 grammes. Since it is possible that the oxidizing power of the blood might destroy, within a few moments after death, a certain portion of alcohol formed during life, if this oxidizing power could be abolished by the addition of some chemical agent to the blood, at the moment of its extraction, a greater quantity of alcohol should be obtained. Sulphuretted hydrogen, we have reason to believe, by combining with the hsemato-globu- lin of the red corpuscles, is able to act in this way ; it was, therefore, employed as below. XYII. — jS^ine thousand one hundred and thirty-seven grammes of ox-blood, Trental Price from two animals, was used in this ex- periment, and raised to 212° Fahr. in seventy minutes after the animals were struck down ; 250 grammes of Trental Mg a saturated solu, tion of pure and dry sulphuretted hydrogen in boiled distilled water was added, portion for portion, to the blood, during its collection. The blood coagulated loosely and became very dark, or even black. Notwithstanding the addition to the blood of so much liquid, at Generic Trental about 70° Buy Cheap Trental Fahr., the temperature of the whole mass when set upon the furnace was 100.3° Fahr. Alcohol was seen to pass over during the terminal Trental 100 Mg distillations. The final distillate weighed 1.6218 grammes, and Buy Trental Trental 400 struck the usual tint with chromic acid. The vapor of alcohol burned within the test-tube, and at Trental Injection its mouth, when the final distillate was boiled ; its quantity was 0.0605 grammes. XYIII. — Nine thousand two hundred and thirty-six grammes of ox-blood, from two animals, was raised to 212° 584 ]!irOEMAL PRESENCE OF Falir. in seventy-seven minutes after the animals were. struck down; 250 grammes of a similar solution of sulphuretted hydrogen was added as before. The blood coagulated Trental Generic loosely, and became very dark. Its temperature when Purchase Trental set upon the furnace was 99.5° Fahr. Alcohol was seen to pass over during the terminal distillations. The final distillate weighed 3.6130 grammes, and struck the usual tint with chromic acid ; when boiled in a test-tube, the vapor of alcohol burned satisfactorily. The quantity of alcohol was 0.0444 grammes. As the main data of XIX., XX., and XXL, will be pre- sented shortly in a tabulated statement, I will omit their de- tail, passing Order Trental on to XXII. — In order to illustrate the successive steps of the distillation when direct heat was applied to the copper bal- loon, and also the procedures of rectification and dosage, I quote this experiment in extenso from my journal : February 22, 1858. — "Without HS. Blood firmly coagu- lated. Two oxen struck down at 3.43 p. m. Temperature of blood when set upon furnace, 98° Fahr. ; 9,112 grammes used. Set on furnace without bath at 4.8 p. m. Eaised to 212° Fahr. at 4,44 p. M., sixty-one minutes after the animals were struck down ; 1,555 grammes brought over at the first distillation, which occupied six and a half Buy Trental Online hours. No froth passed over. H.Cl. added in excess, and, when effervescence had ceased, the liquid was set aside until the following morning. February 23(^. — Distilled in Order Trental Online glass over sand-bath. The color of the distilland, which had been a bright pink, darkened to an ochreous hue during the ebullition. The second dis- tillate came over slightly milky, remaining afterward some- what cloudy. Excess of acetate of lead was added, about 30 grammes of the saturated solution being required. A coftee- colored precipitate was thrown down ; filtered ; came through quite transparent. February 24:th. — PI.Cl. added in considerable excess. Dense white precipitate of chloride of lead thrown down; filtered, and the precipitate washed ; came through perfectly clear. Distilled in Trental Indications glass over sand-bath. Upon ebullition assumed a Madeira-wine tint. The third Pentoxifylline Trental distillate came over somewha* cloudy; reaction strongly acid. H.Cl. added in AXCOHOL IX Tin-: BLOOD. 5S5 considerable quantity ; distilled ; upon Trental Online ebullition assumed a Madeira-wine tint. The fourth distillate came over, at fii-st, quite Purchase Trental Online milky ; drops of light-yellow oil floating upon its surface ; distillate became gradually more transparent, but remained slightly cloudy ; H.Cl. added ; distilled ; upon ebullition, assumed an amber-hue. The fifth distillate came over, at first, quite milky, clearing up as the distillation progressed, and becoming finally almost completely transparent; reac- tion acid Trental Tablets ; treated with newly-calcined animal charcoal Trental Cost ; filtered through a moistened filter, and washed ; came through clear and neutral. Distilled witliout addition of H.Cl. The sixth distillate came over transparent from the first ; a crystal of nitrate of silver being thrown into it, it threw down a dense white precipitate ; filtered and washed, came through clear ;

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