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As far as practicable, I endeavored to submit organic matters to the distillatory process, within the shortest possible time, so as to prevent any post-mortem fermentation — with what success the subjoined experiments will show : XII. — Seven hundred and fifty grammes of healthy ox lung-tissue was comminuted in a meat-mincer, and cheap trazodone no prescription raised, over the bath of common salt, to 212° Fahr. in ninety minutes after the animal was struck down. Alcohol was seen to pass over during the later distillations. The final distillate burned with- in the test-tube upon ebullition, but feebly. The quantity of alcohol was 0.0259 grammes. XIII.— Eight hundred and seventy grammes of ox lung- tissue, while still quite warm, was comminuted as above, and raised, over the bath of common salt, to 212° Fahr. in fifty-five minutes after the animal was struck down. The tissue was ALCOHOL IN THE BLOOD. 581 normally full of blood. During the later distillations, alcohol was seen to pass over. The buy trazodone uk final distillate weighed 0.8411 grammes, and burned, though faintly, in a test-tube upon ebul- lition. The quantity of alcohol was 0.01G8 grammes. XI Y. — Twelve hundred and forty grammes of ox lung-tis- sue, trazodone cost without insurance comminuted to the size generic trazodone hcl of a pigeon's-egg, was raised, over the bath of common salt, to 212° Fahr. in seventy-five minutes after the animal was struck down. The tissue was normally full of blood. During the later distillations alcohol was seen to pass over. The final distillate weighed 0.64Y0 grammes, and contained 0.0-453 grammes of alcohol ; it struck a vivid emerald-green tint with the chromic-acid test. Alcohol may, therefore, be obtained from lung-tissue with- in fifty -five minutes after the death of the animal. Its quan- tity may seem minute, but must be so for considerations ah ready urged, and is, indeed, as I shall hereafter show, quite as large as we have any right to expect. We are dealing with essentially small quantities ; nor is alcohol by any means unique in this respect. The determination of glucose in the intestines presents quite an analogous case. We are trazodone discount coupon tolerably well acquainted, at the present day, with the changes occur- ring in alimentary substances, and the agencies of the several secretions with which they are mingled after being taken into the mouth, although much remains doubtful, notwithstanding exhaustive researches in this department. After rupture of its envelope and hydration generic trazodone online in the stomach, starch is passed into the duodenum, and is acted upon by the pancreatic juice, and the secretion of Brunner's glandules, and dui'ing its progress through the intestines by their proper juices. A prompt con- version into dextrine and partly into glucose takes place, but starch and dextrine may be recognized throughout the whole length of the intestinal canal. The change from dextrine into glucose is especially slow. This is likewise the case in the saccharification of starch by acids, where I have found that the complete conversion of dextrine into grape-sugar requires about buy trazodone 50 mg eight times as long a maceration, as to convert generic trazodone cost the original starch into dextrine. In the intestines, as soon as gluclose is formed, it is absorbed by the veinules of generic trazodone 50 mg their walls, and so rapidly, that it is hardly possible to find it, except 582 NOEMAL PRESENCE OF ill the midst of the intestinal contents. The quantity pres- ent, therefore, at a given moment must be exceedingly mi- nute. For, if 11,000 grammes (23 oz.) of how much do trazodone cost glucose is distrib- uted through 384 inches (32 feet) of intestine during twenty- four hours, the whole intestinal canal can only contain eight grains durin* any one minute ; and any linear inch, during the same time, but buy trazodone hydrochloride ^-^ = 0.0209 of a grain, while this is rapidly removed by absorption. The rapidity of absorption in this instance is represented, in the case of sugar and alco- hol, by the velocity of the circulation, and the extreme dilu- tion of the saccharine blood of the hepatic veins by that from cheap trazodone other sources. Inasmuch, however, as the alcohol obtained was doubtless derived from the blood of the capillaries and small veins of the lung-tissue, and as this blood must be buy trazodone added to that from the great vessels, when they are freely in- cised, as in the mode of slaughtering commonly practised, and as I had already determined the presence of alcohol in such blood when putrescent, in order to obtain an absolutely greater quantity buy trazodone online uk of alcohol, I determined to employ it. In the mode of slaughtering which I have witnessed, the animal is struck upon the buy trazodone generic head, and, as it falls, the knife is passed across its throat just above the sternum, and introduced with free lateral movements into the thoracic cavity. The flow of blood is overwhelming, ten pounds escaping how much does trazodone cost within a second or two. This is derived, apparently, from the innominate veins and vena cava, and in some degree from the parenchyma of the lungs. The aorta and its greater branches must likewise be frequently wounded. The slaughtering was often superin- tended in person, and the time of its occurrence carefully noted. The blood was received directly from the throat of the animal into a vessel constructed for the purpose, buy trazodone online no prescription previ- ously dried over the furnace, after careful washing with boiled distilled water, and wijjing with linen and tissue-paper. XV. — Six thousand nine hundred and seventy grammes of ox-blood was raised to 212° Fahr, in buy trazodone sleep sixty minutes after the animal was struck down. When buy trazodone hcl set upon the furnace the blood was quite warm, coagulated, and of a dark-red color. The distillation was conducted over the salt-bath. Alcohol was seen to pass over during the terminal distillations, and its ALCOHOL IN THE BLOOD. 583

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