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percentage the alcoholic vapor is too much diluted with steam to burn even at the first moments of ebullition. Some care is requisite in the use of this test. The quantity of liquid should be about one-tenth of the capacity of the test-tube ; the flame over which the tube is held should be very moderate and steady, and should give but little light ; the room should be darkened; Toprol Xl Vs Metoprolol Tartrate a wax-taper ready lighted should be held just above the upper edge of the mouth of the tube ; the entire length Toprol Xl 100 Mg of the Toprol Xl Generic Recall test-tube should be heated before the liquid is made to Metoprolol Vs Toprol Xl boil, and the tube held in an oblique position, by a bit of bent wire, that it may be closely watched, as the least discomposure may prevent our observing the inflammation of the vapor, which is sometimes only momentary. When all is properly done, Generic For Toprol Xl if alcohol is present in more than one and a half or two per cent., a flash of flame is seen to descend into the tube at the moment of ebullition, or a little after it ; and, if alcohol be ( ALCOHOL I]S^ THE BLOOD. 579 present in greater quantity, the vapor continues, for a longer or shorter time, to burn at the mouth of the tube, during the continued boih'ng, with a characteristic flame. No other sub- stance met with in the distillate of animal matters is capable of inflammation in this way. The primary distillate, and all successive ones, until the last portions are reached, constantly refuse to burn as above described, no matter how abundant the Toprol Xl Generic Equivalent empyreumatic substances may be. Some organic acids, as formic and acetic, are Is Toprol A Beta Blocker inflammable, in the state of vapor, but only when pure or nearly so ; the greater part, however, of the final distillate of these processes, is water, and acids are not present, as it is neutral or Triiist he made so, previously to weighino; or testino;. 3. The Optical Appearance within the .Conducting-Tvhes, when the Distilland just hegins to hoil. — Alcohol comes over in greatest strength in the first moments of distillation, and, if present, may always be seen to play in a mobile manner just in advance of the watery dew-drops, as both progress rapidly along the interior of the conducting-tube. To observe this peculiar play of the successively condensing and vaporizing alcohol, it is essential that the drops of water, previously de- posited from the humid air within Toprol Xl Vs Generic the interior of the tube, should have been dissipated by a gentle heat from the flame of a lamp Toprol Xl Coupon ; the conducting-tube being allowed to cool again before ebullition. This appearance is of course only to be ob- served between the balloon and the condenser. It is a trust- worthy Toprol Xl Generic Name guide for very minute quantities of alcohol, and should be studied in the distillation of dilute Toprol Xl 50 Mg Recall mixtures of alcohol and water. If carefully looked for and not observed, alcohol is hardly present; especially as the terminal distillations of a series are approached. Other volatile substances likewise condense at the first bend Is Toprol Xl A Beta Blocker of the conducting-tube, but their "play" is entirely difierent, and they invariably ^r^(?^6?<3 the appearance due to alcohol; they are, moreover, often milky, or yellowish, Vhen direct heat has been applied to the organic matter experimented on. It is hardly necessary to remark that the purification of the final distillate is not complete, so long as this ante- alcoholic "play" is observable. Such, then, are the qualitative tests upon which I have mainly relied : whenever a final distillate, whose specific Cost Of Toprol Xl grav- 580 NOEMAL PRESENCE OF ity was less than that of water, fulfilled their requirements, I have considered the presence of alcohol established. By the practical experience, moreover, of several years of experimen- tation, in a great number of experiments similar to tliose quoted from my journal in this Toprol Xl Vs Metoprolol paper, as well as by deter- mination of the ex])ansibility of Toprol Xl Beta Blocker some strong distillates, the reasonable skepticism which I have always endeavored to maintain has been entirely dissipated. Since these experi- ments were concluded, spectrum analysis has furnished to science its wonderful determinative powers ; not having been able to apply this mode of research to the present inquiries, I can only suggest its application to the distilled fluids, and to their flame produced as above described. I now proceed to detail some of the experiments Generic Name For Toprol Xl directed toward a solution of the question Metoprolol Tartrate Vs Toprol Xl whether alcohol exists normally Generic Name For Toprol in the blood and tissues of animals. I have already shown that alcohol can be obtained from organic matters, originally containing sugar, after incipient putrefaction, and have stated that post-mortem changes are not different Toprol Generic Equivalent in their first stages from those taking place in the living body; if, therefore, the alcoholic fermentation really occurs within the organism during life, all blood, whether capillary, or contained in the larger vessels, which naturally contains sugar, should likewise yield alcohol by distillation.

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