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may be present, in the same way as already described, for the distillate obtained by direct heat, '^heu fresh animal matters are distilled, a few repetitions of these procedures will sufiice to purify the final distillate. They must, however, be repeated in all cases, until the liquid possesses the characters above set forth. The final distillate is now carefully weighed in a very small glass balloon ; its weight should not ordinarily exceed thirty grains. C. Its specific gravity must now be determined, on account of its small quantity, and, as great accuracy is required, ordi- nary topamax generic weight loss methods of determining specific gravities are not admis- sible ; I have therefore employed a mode of doing this which was similar in principle to that by the common specific-gravity bottle, though far more delicate. A thermometer with a very fine bore, and a bulb not more than one-third of an inch in diameter, was selected, and the tube cut off and polished at the 120° Fahr. The migraine prescription topamax mercury having been expelled, the tube was filled in the ordinary manner with freshly-boiled dis- tilled water, two or three times successively. Being thus well rinsed out, while filled again with water, its bulb was held over the flame of a small spirit-lamp, and, as soon as the boiling liquid had topamax order been entirely ejected, its extremity was suddenly immersed into the distillate. It was then in like manner filled, two or three times, with the distillate, in order that any re- maining vapor of water might be so diluted on the mass of the distillate as to give a uniform specific gravity to the liquid, within and without the bulb topamax generic brand tube. Care was taken to expel the minute globules of air which are apt to remain in the tube ; after their topamax 100 mg weight loss complete expulsion, and while the fluid in the bulb-tube was expanding, its point was immersed beneath ALCOHOL IN THE BLOOD. 577 the surface of tlie distillate, and it was allowed to cool and fill itself, at the temperature of the air. A glass jar get prescription topamax of water buy topamax online without script being provided, about four inches in diameter, and nine inches high, and a thermometer suspended in it, the water was brought to 62° Fahr. if the weather was cool, and to 58° if the air was above 60° ; the specific gravity being taken for this latter temperature. The need prescription topamax bulb-tube, completely filled with dis- tillate, was now attached to a thread so arranged as to allow its bulb to lie in the same horizontal stratum of water in which that of the standard thermometer was situated, when submerged for the whole length of its stem except about a quarter of an inch. Thus suspended, hefore l)eing jplaced in the jar ^ the bulb was held for a moment do i need a prescription for topamax over a flame, and when a minute drop of its contents appeared, in consequence of expansion, upon its extremity, a drop of final distillate, from the end of a glass rod, was added to it, and the bulb -tube at once lowered to its proper place into the jar of water, where it hung by the side of the topamax generic price standard thermometer. It was allowed to remain until the water of the jar had risen or fallen to 60° Fahr. ; and when the thermometer showed exactly this temperature, the drop upon the extremity of the bulb-tube was suddenly wiped off; the tube itself removed, rapidly dried with a fine linen cloth, and immediately weighed. topamax order online The weight of the bulb-tube filled order topamax canada with distilled water at 60° being pre- viously ascertained by a similar process, the weight of the empty bulb-tube being also known, topamax generic availability its weight at 60°, when filled with a final distillate, furnished all the data necessary for the determination of the specific gravity. Exactly equal bulks of very small quantities of liquid can thus be measured with great accuracy, without appreciable loss by evaporation, or gain in weight by precipitation of dewy particles, in warm weather, during the weighing; for non prescription topamax in the glass-case of the balance, always shut, the air was kept constantly dry by chloride of calcium or sulphuric acid. The table of Drink- water furnished the percentage, by weight, of absolute alcohol, in any aqueous fluid, corresponding to the specific gravity, up to ten per cent. ; a range amply sufficient for my pui-poses. The specific gravity having been thus determined, and the weight of the entu-e final distillate being known, a simple 578 NORMAL PRESEIfCE OF calculation gave the quantity of alcohol present in the dis- tillate. In order to apply certain tests, however, the fluid was expelled by heat from the bulb-tube into the vessel from which it had been originally taken ; the quantity of final dis- 100 mg topamax tillate, being thus undiminished, was always sufficient to allow the application of the following qualitative tests : 1. ChromiG Acid dissolved in Sulphuric Acid. — By add- ing 0,25 grammes of crystallized bichromate of potassa to 100 grammes of concentrated and chemically pure sulphuric acid, the salt is decomposed, chromic acid liberated, and topamax generic vs brand a rich brownish-yellow liquid obtained. When to any fluid, contain- ing the feeblest trace of alcohol, an equal topamax 50mg and weight loss bulk of this reagent is added, much heat is evolved, and, by deoxidation of the chromic acid, sesquioxide of chrome is produced, topamax mg for weight loss imparting to the fluid an emerald-green hue. This is an exceedingly deli- cate and reliable test buying topamax online ; nothing similar occurs with other vola- tile fluids, obtained from fermented or organic matters ; sugar, dextrine, and gum, uric acid, urea, and albumen, equally eifect this reaction, but must be obviously absent in distilled fluids. 2. Inflammation of the Vaj>or of Alcohol in a Test-tube upon Ehullition of the Final Distillate. — This most striking and important test I have found applicable when not less than two per cent, of alcohol exists in an aqueous fluid ; below this

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