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a honeycomb texture, and is thus rendered very ineflicieut in the conduction of heat from without. As this happens very soon, and first takes place next the bottom of the balloon, the conduction Tofranil Uses of heat is so much impeded that, when the fluid 574 KOEMAL PRESENCE OF baths are used, the distillation proceeds slowly ; but, when the balloon is placed directly upon the furnace, its whole contents yield up their vapors, and the blood becomes dry, crumbly, and perforated by sinuous vacuities throughout its entire mass. Although a certain quantity of empyreumatic matter, not so Tofranil Tablets much, however, as might be imagined (even when one-half of the weight of the organic substance is brought over), is gen- erated by the direct exposure of the copper balloon Tofranil Online to the heat of the furnace, yet, as it Buy Tofranil may be afterward removed, the quickness and completeness of Purchase Tofranil this method, as Buy Tofranil Online well as the rapid coagulation of albuminoid matters which it involves, and the ]n'ompt arrest of viW. ^ost-mortem changes, outweigh its in- conveniences. A. When heat is directly applied in this way, Tofranil Cost the first distillate comes over opalescent, and strongly alkaline. It contains free ammonia, carbonate of ammonia, sulphuretted Purchase Tofranil Online hydrogen (especially when decomposing matters are experi- mented upon), two or three oily substances, and one concrete oil)^ body ; a very volatile fluid coming Cheap Tofranil over hefore general ebullition, and perhaps some acid substances in union with ammonia. For the separation of these matters, the distillate is treated in the following manner : 1. Buy Imipramine Online Hydrochloric acid is added in considerable excess, and the fluid set aside for twelve hours ; the acid fixes ammonia, drives off carbonic acid in large quantity, and combines with some of the empyreumatic bodies, forming compounds which impart a bright-pink hue to the liquid ; drops of animal tar, which floated upon the distillate, are found to have disap- peared, after the expiration of the above period. The dis- tillate is then distilled in a glass vessel. 2. The distilled fluid, newly brought over, is treated with excess of a cold saturated solution of acetate of lead; Tofranil 50 Mg five per cent, of its bulk of this solution is generally sufficient. A brownish or coffee-colored precipitate is thrown down, of sulphide and chloride of lead. The fluid is then filtered through a moistened filter, and the precipitate washed. Since the filtrate contains an excess of acetate of lead, in order to decompose this, as well as to remove empyreumatic matters, which this acid combines with and fixes in the distilland, hy- ALCOHOL IN THE BLOOD. o75 drochlorlc acid is again added in considerable excess, Buy Cheap Tofranil and the chloride of lead Buy Imipramine thrown down is removed by another filtra- tion ; after Tofranil Price due washing of the precipitate, the washings being added to the distillate, it is distilled. Upon ebullition the Tofranil Pm distilland changes from transparency to a madeira^tint, passing into dark red. 3. The distillate comes over milky, at first, but gradually clears up. Hydrochloric acid is added as before, several times in succession ; when heated, the distillate always becomes colored, gradually, however, less and less so, as more of the empyreuma remains behind — this treatment is Order Tofranil continued until the trans- parency of the distilland remains nearly or quite unchanged throughout its ebullition. The distillate is thus concentrated, and foreign matter in great part, though not entu'ely, sepa- rated. 4. A concrete, shining, yellowish, fatty-looking sul'jstauce is still seen in the distillate, which is removed by adding a few grains of crystalline nitrate of silver, filtering and washing as usual. Upon ebullition, the distilland becomes dark, oxide of silver, with metallic silver also, most probably, being thrown down. Neither the concrete matter above described, nor a volatile substance, which up to this time had made its ap- pearance in the tubes, just before ebullition, and which I sus- pect to be aldehyde, is seen again, in most cases. If either of them should pass over, the treatment by nitrate of silver must be repeated. If alcohol be present, it now begins to show its charaoteristiG play in the conducting-tubes, during the first moments of ebullition. 5. The distillates still continue to come over somewhat milky at first, owing to the suspension of a pale-yellow oil in the liquid ; drops of fluid oil are seen to float upon its surface. By two or three filtrations through freshly-calcined animal charcoal, and distillation in a very small apparatus, these oils are finally separated, and the liquid sufficiently concentrated and purified for examination. This final distillate should weigh from fifteen to thirty grains ; should have come over perfectly transparent from the cot amen cement of the final dis- tillation', must he neutral to litmus-paper .^ or may be rendered so by distillation over a little precipitated chalk ; and will Tofranil Mg be found to possess Order Tofranil Online a faint odor. 576 NORMAL PRESENCE OF B. When batlis containing common salt, chloride of cal- cium, oil, or other fluids, are interposed between the copper balloon and the furnace, the primary distillate comes over transparent from the first, and, as no empyreuma is generated, its recti ficatfon is expeditious and simple. If semi-putrescent bodies have been distilled, hydrochloric acid must be employed to fix ammonia ; acetate of lead, Generic Tofranil to decompose sulphides, and animal charcoal for the separation of whatever volatile oils

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