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Blood, and organic substances generally, cannot be distilled in glass : as soon as heat is applied, tinidazole tindamax a firm coagulation takes place ; the mass becomes solid ; vapor is generated beneath, and the vessel is broken, although not filled with blood, for example, to more than a tenth of its capacity. On the other hand, where reagents of a corrosive nature have been added to the distilled fluids, and for all fluids not of a coagulable nature, glass balloons alone have been used, varying in capa- city from four quarts ciprofloxacin and tinidazole to tinidazole vs metronidazole one Jluid-dracJim. Liebig-condensers, of sizes proportionate to the bulk of fluid to be distilled, and for the later distillations of a series, traversed by glass tubes, ciprofloxacin tinidazole of very small calibre, were used ; the tubes reaching, without joints in most cases, by a double bend, from the vessel submitted to heat to the centre of the receiver, which was, if possible, the balloon for the succeeding distillation. As a source of heat, for large quantities, a charcoal-furnace, and for smaller portions tinidazole tablets 500mg of organic material, a lamp, was employed. One-half of a dis- tilland was brought over in the secondary distillations; Imt, on account of the large quantity of solid matter contained in blood, when the bath of common salt was used, one-fourth only was brought over. When the heat of the furnace was directly applied, distillate to the amount of one-half of the original weight of the blood or organic matter was drawn over. Fif- teen or more successive distillations were frequently required, for the proper concentration and purification of the final dis- 572 NOEMAL PRESElSrCE OF tillate. The quantity of material used varied from a pound or les3 to twenty pounds, each experiment occupying some days. Before every operation, the balloons, both of copper and of glass, were carefully washed in pure water, and thoroughly dried over the furnace, air being drawn into them with a bel- lows, until the watery vapor was entirely expelled ; they were then corked and set aside. All tubes, corks, and funnels, and the tubes of the condensers, were carefully washed, rinsed with distilled water, and thoroughly dried over the furnace, after being wiped with tissue-paper or raw-cotton. In no experi- ment whatever, reported in this paper, were these precautions neglected ; the preparation of the main pieces of the apparatus being made just before the institution of an experiment. Dis- tilled water for washing precipitates, or for any ciprofloxacin and tinidazole tablets other pur- poses^ was alioays hoiled tmtil a half of its hulh had evapo- rated, and was used when freshly cooled. Reagents war- ranted clieraically pure alone, and different parcels of these, were employed in successive operations ; commercial order tinidazole online articles were never used. Solutions of salts were made with freshly- boiled distilled water, and the solutions themselves afterward boiled and filtered. By these precautions, it is inferred that no alcohol from without could hy any chance have l/ecome mixed with the distilled fluids. If fluid or tinidazole giardia froth (under the circumstances of these experiments, containing sugar) escaped from the balloon into the tubes or receiver, as occasionally happened wdien the balloon was too full, the experiment was discontinued ; and so likewise for accidental admixture of any sort whatever. When a distillation was commenced, it was invariably completed, unless interrupted by accident, as soon as possible. If loss of vapor took place by leakage of joints, or, if, in consequence of too rapid a distillation, it may have escaped uncondensed through the condenser, thereby involv- ing perhaps a loss of alcohol, the experiment was abandoned. Transference of distillate from norfloxacin and tinidazole vessel to vessel was avoided as much as possible ; and when titrations were requisite the funnels were covered, and tlie receivers narrow-mouthed. The analytical balance used was purchase tinidazole online imported tinidazole tablets from Germany ; it was provided with platinum weights according to th.e French metrical system ; it was capable of showing the tenth part ot ALCOHOL buy tinidazole IN- THE BLOOD. 573 a milligramme when liglitlj loaded. The therm(5meter3 em- ployed were carefully proved by introducing fasigyn tinidazole their bulbs into the centre of a block of melting ice. The generic tinidazole upper portions of the bodies of the glass-balloons, throughout ofloxacin tinidazole the distillations^ were covered with hoods of tinned iron ; the first bend of the conducting tubes, and the bodies of the small glass balloons containing distilland, being previously warmed by the flame of a lamp, directed by a large-oriliced blow-pipe. This was done to prevent the first portions, coming over, from being condensed by the cold tubes, and trickling back into the distilland. I pass on buy cheap tinidazole now to describe the procedures by which a toler- ably pure mixture of water and alcohol may be obtained from organic fluids and solids ; always possessing, however, a faint odor, due to the presence, in small quantity, of some peculiar volatile matter. The organic substance^having been weighed, is introduced into a copper balloon, of a conical shape, with a broad and slightly-rounded bottom, furnished at its apex with a single orifice, which should be no tinidazole online larger than is requisite for the re- moval of residuum with a hook and scraper. This orifice is closed, during the distillation, with a cork, through which passes the glass-tube reaching to the " Liebig-condenser." The balloon should not be more than one-sixth filled with hlood ; and, if it be shaped as above described, the fluid will be spread, in a shallow layer, upon its broad bottom. It may, however, for lung-tissue, or liver-tissue, be filled to one-half, or even more^ of order tinidazole its capacity ; too great a repletion should be generally avoided, however. As tinidazole norfloxacin a general rule, organic mat- ters, and especially blood, should be spread out as thinly as possible upon the heating surface, as they are poor conductors. Baths of sand, of common salt, or of chloride of calcium, may be used or not ; but, in all cases, strong heat and compact ves- sels are necessary. Upon the application of heat, blood be- comes solid, and, being perforated by gases and vapors, assumes

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