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76° 5160 0.1640 65 We observe — 1 : That alcohol was obtained in every case. 2. The least quantity of alcohol was obtained in the experi- ment whose duration was least ; while lung-tissue remaining four times as long as in No. 10, at the same mean temperature, furnished a large amount of alcohol. 3. From Buy Thorazine Online experiments JSTo, yill. and No. IX. it will appear that the quantity of al- cohol obtained varied as the weight of lung-tissue employed. 4. The results accord entirely with those obtained by a similar use of blood and liver-tissue. Alcohol is, therefore, present in decomposing lung-tissue, Thorazine 50 Mg and sugcu\ consequently, exists in the fresh lung-substance. Its quantity must, however, be quite too small for the employ- ment of the cupro-potassic test, Thorazine Uses used by Bernard. Alcoholic fermentation and distillation is a more delicate test for the presence of sugar in an organic body than any method ad- dressed to sugar directly. Besides, Bernard operated upon the very small quantity of twenty -four to thirty grammes of lung- tissue. Thorazine Chlorpromazine I have tested in this " indirect " manner no less than five thousand one hundred and sixty-one grammes. The quan- tities of most important substances, in the animal body, are frequently so minute that inferences drawn from the examina- tion of small weights of organic matters must be received with great caution. The liver, the blood, and the lungs, which naturally con- tain sugar, had now been examined in a state of incipient putre- faction ; the results of the experiments, as detailed, evidently warranting the conclusion that, in decomposing organic mat- ter^ sugar J if present, is naturally changed, in great part at least, into alcohol and carhonic acid. These experiments had been instituted as a preparation for the important question, shortly to be proposed, concerning the normal presence of alcohol in the organs and blood of animals. The process, by which, after death, organic matter advances to destruction, is similar to that by which, during life, Thorazine 100 Mg its con- 570 NORMAL PEESEI^^CE OF stituents are conducted tlirougli their natural metamorphoses. In both cases, nitrogenous colloids are eventually resolved into crystalloids. The lirst step is always the absorption of oxygen. If glucose Buy Cheap Thorazine be in contact with a nitrogenous colloid undergoing oxidation, as a preliminary to Thorazine Bipolar further change, its elements group themselves into alcohol and carbonic acid. I have en- joyed quite unusual oj)portunities for Thorazine 200 Mg studying the common processes of distillation, and am convinced that Liebig's views are essentially correct. The formation of alcohol in the fer- men ting-tun begins with the oxidation of gluten, which con- sists mainly oi vegetable fibrine^ advances with \\.^ pari passu, and ceases with it. If animal fibrine be oxidized in the lungs, it must act similarly, and with equal power; indeed, be far more effective, inasmuch as hepatic sugar is greatly more fer- mentescible than " grape-sugar." Adopting Yirchow's views respecting its tissual ovi^m, fibrine is emptied by the lymphat- ics into the venous system, and borne into the lung-capillaries, where it absorbs oxygen with great avidity. It is in the act of decay, or Liebig's ''^ ereincLcausis.'''' If hepatic sugar be in contact with it at this moment, it must surely be resolved into alcohol and carbonic acid. This alcoholic fermentation must, therefore, be a constant phenomenon, Chlorpromazine Thorazine varying directly in rapidity and completeness, as the amount of fibrine present, and the intensity of oxidation. After oxidation, if fibrine be left to itself, out of the body, it putrefies very soon. Within the organism, it is likewise broken up into simpler bodies, most Buy Thorazine probably in the liver ; for fibrine disappears in this organ, which it reaches by two chan- nels — with a simultaneous formation of glycogen and fat, bili- ary acids, and probably uric acid. Before advancing, however, to the experimental test of sach theoretical considerations, I must describe Order Thorazine Online the methods and appliances employed in gen- Purchase Thorazine eral, for the determinations already quoted, and those about to be set forth : Distillation is the only available process for obtaining alcohol from aqueous fluids ; it is, moreover, the Thorazine 25 Mg proper method for experimentation of the kind proposed, as it involves a com- plete and prompt separation of alcohol, with a simultaneous arrest of Thorazine 10 Mg all fermentative changes by the necessary use of heat. ALCOHOL IN THE BLOOD. 571 I have never attempted any preliminary removal of the solids or coagulable matters of an organic substance from its natural liquids. Tedious and unavoidable filtrations would consume too much time, and tend very materially to invalidate the significance of an experiment. I have always, therefore, sub- mitted organic Order Thorazine matters to distillation, without previous admix- ture, Purchase Thorazine Online except in certain cases Thorazine Online ; and, when substances Thorazine Iv have been mingled with blood before Generic Thorazine distillation, they have not been intended to effect changes in that fluid of the sort referred to^ nor has their employment at any time lengthened the period elapsing between the death of an animal and the elevation of its blood to 212° Fahr. The apparatus varied somewhat with the nature of the experiments. For organic matters, copper balloons, holding from two to sixteen quarts, were employed.

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