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enough to admit the end of the little linger. There was some blood infiltrated in the areolar tissue beneath the artery, and the peritoneal cavity contained a large quantity of blood. stromectol for lice The specimen was of no particular interest, except from the fact that it occurred in a patient who had syphilis, and that, in all probability, there was a certain amount of hsemorrhage from rupture before he was admitted into the hospital, which haemorrhage was arrested by temporary coagulation. The in- ternal coat of the artery was lined with atheromatous deposits. The patient was thirty-seven years of age. De. scabies stromectol Jais'eway believed that syphilis was not only a very common cause stromectol for scabies of aneurism, but also of valvular disease. He had met with two cases of thickening of the valves which could be explained in no other way. Dr. Flint had not had his attention drawn particularly cheap stromectol to syphilis as a cause of valvular disease, but thought that it might explain many ivermectin stromectol of the cases of the latter lesion, in which none of the usual causes were made out. De. Mason had seen several cases of aneurism which ap- peared to be the direct result of constitutional syphilis. lie referred to one case in point, occurring in a stromectol uk man aged thirty- three. Dr. Looivns alluded to a long list of stromectol online cases published within the last two years in the Lancet^ in which all under the age of forty gave a syphilitic history. De. Kogees w\as order stromectol online reminded of a case presented to the Society ten years ago, of very extensive aortic disease, in a young man twenty-eight years of age, who had contracted syphilis only eighteen months before his death. The patient eventually died of extensive aortic stromectol canada disease. In that case no other cause for the arterial and cardiac lesions was assigned than sypliilis. Physiological and Therapeutical Action of Quinine. stromectol buy — The fol- lowing is a summary of the results of recent investigations on 556 MISCELLAISTEOUS AND SCIENTIFIC NOTES. tills subject by Binz, Eanke, Kerner, Schulte, Zuntz, and Scharrenbroich : Binz finds that quinine has the power of arresting the pro- cesses of putrefaction and fermentation in generic stromectol a high degree, and that it is an active poison for all low organisms, aniii^l and vegetable. According to Cohnheim's \news, pus being mainly a collection of white blood -globules, which have passed through the walls of the vessels — further, quinine having the power of arresting the motions of the white corpuscles, and hence pre- venting their exit from the vessels — stromectol price the alkaloid arrests, or at all events diminishes, the formation of pus during the course of inflammation. Moreover, it destroys the ozonizing power of certain substances ; buy stromectol online and, a"s the red corpuscles have this power, quinine in the blood probably diminishes oxidation of tissue, and lessens the production of heat. Eanke and Kerner, indeed, have found that quinine in large doses diminishes tis- sue-changes, as is shown by the smaller quantities of urea and uric acid excreted buy ivermectin ; and there are many observations to show buy cheap ivermectin that in fevers it produces a decrement in temperature. Ranke and Kerner's experiments do not show, however, how far the lessening of tissue-waste is due to the direct action of quinine on oxidation, and how far to the indirect action of the alkaloid through the nervous system. Two methods have been em- ployed for ascertaining the stromectol 3 mg direct influence of quinine on oxida- tion. Ilarley added quinine to the blood, and found that this, when so treated, took up less oxygen, and gave off less car- bonic acid, than blood which had not been so treated. This method is inconvenient of application, and liable to error. order stromectol Zuntz emploj^ed the changes in the alkalinity of the blood for arriving at the same results. Schulte has extended these re- searches. If fresh blood be drawn, a development of acid begins in it, and continues, at first rapidly, then more slowly, till putrefaction sets in. Of course this acidification depends on oxidations; and the diminished alkalinity of the blood, thereby produced, furnishes buy cheap stromectol a test of the rapidity with which oxidation proceeds. Schulte has confirmed the observation first made by Zuntz and Scharrenbroich, that quinine and berberine lessen the production of acid. Harley's observation is thus confirmed. Cinchonine produces similar results to quinine, though in a very inferior degree. Picrate of sodium is nearly as powerful as quinine. Zuntz found, as Eanke and Kerner'had previously done, that quinine in ten-grain doses lessens the daily excretion of urea by one-third or more. Un- ruh has found the same to occur when quinine is administered in fevers; but his observations are open to objection. Binz's experiments are curious, and show that, when putrefying MISCELLAKEOUS AIS'D SCZElSTrFIC NOTES. 557 liquids are injected into the circulation, the temperature of the body rises ; but, stromectol purchase if the fluids be previously mixed with quinine, whereby the putrefactive processes are arrested or destroyed, the rise in temperature is either entirely arrested or consider- ably diminished. Mental Influence in Disease. — Prof. Austin Flint, in an arti- cle in the American Practitioner for January, 18Y2, on the agency of the mind in etiology, prophylaxis, and tlierapeutics, says : We meet sometimes with cases in which recovery from disease seems fairly attributable, in a great measure, to a resolute determination on the j)art of the patient to recover. An unfavorable prognosis is communicated to a patient. He declares that he will not die, and he gets well, wlien, accord-

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