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than the deductions cheapest place buy strattera made from the cries and writhings of a order strattera online canada mutilated and half-unconscioas animal. If I do not misinterpret your investigations, they lead to the two following conclusions : 1. That each sister has, in her own person, the functions of the nervous system quite com- plete, having, in particular, perfect sensation over the whole body, and full command over all the voluntary muscles. 2. That each of them, in addition to perfect sensation in her own person, has passive sensation all over the lower limbs of her sister ; that she gets from this last source the sense of touch or contact, the sense of pain, the sense of heat and cold, and the sense of movement in any part of the limbs ; but that all these sensations are merely passive, and so indefinite that they can- not be made the basis of any act of judgment — as, for instance, to determine whether a touch felt has been made on the great- toe, the ankle, cheap generic strattera the knee, or the thigh. As to the state of the nervous system which accompanies these wonderful phenomena, we can only guess. According to the medical men who have had the best opportunities of judging of the mode of union of the two sisters, there is no osseous cheaper alternatives to strattera union higher up than the lowest third of the sacnim ; but there can be little doubt that the lower parts of both ver- tebral canals are still open behind, as we see them in the embryo, and as they continue permanently in cases of spina bifida. The coalescence of the two embryos must have taken place at a very early period of development, and the bones strattera costs without insurance would thereafter strattera cost 40 mg adapt themselves to the condition of the soft parts. We have simply, however, to inquire what mode of miion of the true nervous systems would produce the phe- nomena described above, and none other. We must, I think, put aside the hypothosis that the strattera price australia two spinal cords are united posteriorly at cheapest price strattera their lower ends, or that there is a coalescence or intermingling of the posterior roots of the do you need prescription strattera two cords ; for each sister has the functions of the nervous system perfect in her own person, which she could not have without a normal structure of the cord, and normal distribution of the nervous fibres. It seems to me more probable that there is fusion of the lowermost intervertebral and sympathetic ganglia. There might be a necessity for the conjunction of the latter, to give unity of action to the conjoined pelvic viscera. AYe have, 554 MISCELLANEOUS AISTD SCIENTIFIC NOTES. liowever, at present only to do with the former, which we mnst suppose to be coalescent, and so to form only a single instead of a double series, from the second lumbar vertebra downward. cheaper alternative strattera In this way each ganglion becomes the common centre to the same nerves of the buy strattera online cheap right and left limbs, cheapest strattera alter- nately, of the two sisters, and sends a commissm-e (posterior root) to the alternate sides of the two spinal cords ; and every impression made on the nerves of the lower limbs follows a single tract as far as cheapest strattera online the intervetebral ganglion, where, divari- cating, it passes by the two commissures to the alternate sides of the two spinal cords. By this arrangement the two sisters, speaking of them together, have sensation and cross reflex action everywhere over the four lower limbs ; but, speaking of them individually, each sister has perfect sensation, voluntary motion, and direct reflex action, in her own limbs, while over the limbs which do not belong to her she has no voluntary power of strattera 40 mg street price motion, and derives from them only passive sensation and cross reflex action. Speculations like these are of little moment compared with the unquestionable fact that you have ascertained that each sister has one kind of sensibility in her own limbs, and another quite different throughout the limbs of can i buy strattera online her sister. This seems to me so important that you should lose no time in com- strattera prescription price municating it to the medical public, who are manifestly not aware of it, nor alive to its important bearings. If we get strattera cheaper are still to look upon the head strattera 25 mg street price as " the dome of thought," are we no longer to regard it as " the palace of the soul ? " — that is, are we to assign to consciousness a wider residence in the three much does strattera cost canada layers of the germinal membrane and the tissues devel- oped from them ? ]3ritish physiologists could not but regret deeply, if these bright girls were allowed to leave this country before every fact connected with their complex organization had been carefully ascertained ; more especially as centuries may elapse before such another opportunity presents itself, of cross-questioning Nature, as to the laws by which she governs the nervous system. A. Buchajtan. Syphilitic Aneurism. — At a meeting of the New York Pathological Society {Medical Record)^ held January 10th, Dr. Flint exhibited a specimen of aneurism of the abdominal aorta. The history of the case was very incomplete, the pa- tient being received in the hospital only a few hours before his death, and then in a state of almost complete exhaustion. It was ascertained, however, that he had had syphilis fourteen years before, followed by certain constitutional s^-mptoms, af- fection of the throat, eruptions, etc. During last summer he MISCELLAJSTEOUS AND SCIENTIFIC NOTES. 555 had complained of pain in tlie back and abdomen. After liis admission he rallied somewhat, on the use of stimulants, so that the facts above narrated were obtained. The house-phy- sician ascertained the presence of a tumor which he found to be pulsating, but he discovered neither thrill nor murmur. Shortl*^ after his temporary improvement he raised up in bed, when he complained of feeling faint, was laid back, and ex- pired almost immediately. The abdominal aorta, just above the renal arteries, showed a large circular opening, perhaps an inch and a half in diame- ter, which communicated with an aneurismal sac tbe size of a small orange. There was a perforation in the sac large

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