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boon. If such words have astonished and stirred us, much more deeply and indignantly have we been moved for the honor and fair name of our American profession by other para- graphs ill this most remarkable pamphlet. The Roman philosopher, when sore sickness, dnll business, or a scolding wife, made life seem weariness, threw ofi' the load, and the world praised his courage. But times have changed, and murder and suicide have been rendered unfash- ionable by Christianity. Kapoleon, in Egypt, shot down his Arab prisoners by thousands, justifying himself by a stern necessity ; but the world execrated him. Some time since, a leading practitioner of this city — a plain Quaker gentleman, marked by his peculiar garb — was horrified by being asked whether it was true that, when a baby was sufiering, and he thought that it would not recover, he put it to death ! If the mere suspicion sent a shudder through him, what must be his astonishment when a learned professor states that such or very similar action was his habit- ual practice ? We will not put Dr. Bigelow in order suprax a false light, and therefore quote the passage in full from page 35 of his pamphlet : " In' a surgical practice of twenty-five years, I have never intentionally given a patient, unless by his own choice, any unnarcotized pain, no)' have I allowed a jpatient to die a death of pain, when opium looidd lull him into his long sleep. I share the responsihility of this loith the surgeon who walked cdjout purchase suprax the hattle-field distributing morphia to the hopelessly wounded^ and with the soldier of Amh'ose Pare, who did more. It has been my lot to see a friend, at the end of a painful and hopeless malady, to whom, when the hour of death seemed to be near at hand, I had suprax 400mg given the morphine largely, twice awaken with a week's new life, due to eighteen or twenty-four hours' deep sleep and continued exemption from pain." If English means any thing, these sentences certainly mean that, when, in his finite judgment, death is at hand, Dr. Bigelow, driven by the same morbid sensibility that has so warped and distorted his vision in regard to vivisection, hesi- tates not to take into his feeble hand the issues of life and death, which are said to belong to the Almighty. The infer- ence from the last sentence, taken with what goes before, is suprax 400 mg tablet inevitable — that his friend did not wake up from tLc third poisonous draught. 552 MISCELLAiraOUS AliTD SCIENTIFIC NOTES. In Philadelphia we have not suprax 100 as yet progressed so far as to lose respect for a certain book which says, most emphati- cally, " Thou shalt commit no murder." And we had thought that, suprax cefixime 400 mg even in self-complacent Boston, the centre of progress, this old-fashioned maxim still held sway in the profession. But with sorrow and shamefacedness we hang our heads; nay, rather, with determined earnestness let us raise our voices in in- dignant protest at tliis last and vilest prostitution of buy suprax online our suprax mg sacred calling. Time was when physicians -were earnest suprax generation men, full of sympathy and true zeal for the welfare of their kind ; but alas ! we seem to be drifting away from the ancient moorings ; the profession is fast becoming a trade ; but iniinitely more welcome were the simple commercial basis than this maudlin sensibility which would utterly pervert the truth, and hesitate not to trifle with human suprax injection life. The Nervous Systems of the Carolina Sisters. — During a re- cent visit to Scotland of Millie - Christine, known as the " Carolina Sisters," experiments were antibiotic suprax made by Prof. Struthers and Dr. A. Buchanan on their forms of sensibility and other peculiarities of function in their nervous systems. Tlie follow- ing letter by Dr. Buchanan is a portion of the correspondence on the subject, as published in the Lancet of February 24tli : The reason of my taking so much interest in the nervous development of the two sisters is, that it appears to me to afford a most beautiful illustration of the separate existence of two forms of sensation, which buy suprax we usually see combined, but which I have long held, both on physiological and psychological grounds, to be quite distinct from each other. suprax tablets I give them the names oi passive and discriminative sensation. By sen- sation we mean suprax antibiotic for children the process or action by which certain changes that take place in the condition of the body excite correspond- ing changes of cossciousness in the mind. In passive sen- sation, the mind, although cognizant of a change, gives no suprax cefixime tablets heed to it as it glides past on the ever-varying stream of con- sciousness. In discriminative sensation, suprax cefixime on the other hand, the attention is aroused, and the mind voluntarily directs the sentient organs to assist in the performance of an act of judg- ment as to the nature of the sensations. Discriminative sen- sation, as implying both volition and judgment, requires indispensably the brain as its chief instrument. Passive sen- sation, again, has nothing to do with the brain, generic suprax requii-ing only the medullary cord, with its nerves and ganglia, for its in- struments. This suprax injections has been demonstrated experimentally by Plourens and other physiologists, who found that, after re- MISCELLANEOUS AND SCIENTLFIC NOTES. 558 moving the cerebral and cerebellar hemispheres, -while all the higher faculties of the mind were abolished, mere bodily feel- ing, or passive sensation, continued as suprax antibiotics acute as before. Xow, the Carolina Sisters exliibit to us a similar experiment made by the delicate hand of Nature, and as far surpassing the coarse manipulations of the dissecting-room as the answers given by these bright and intelligent girls are more worthy of reliance

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