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led us into the rooms of the Pennsylvania Society for Preven- tion of Cruelty to Animals, and we found ourselves confronted by Slimfast Australia a crowd of ladies, eagerly desiring each to have her speak on the horrid cruelty of vivisections. " Dr. says there never was any thing learned from vivisections," said one. " Yes, and if any thing ever Avas learned, Brown-Sequard says all is now known that is worth knowing," echoed a second. "Magendie on his death-bed re- gretted it bitterly, and confessed it to be the sin which had ruined his soul," chimed in a thu'd. " How can you do it? " And mild eyes looked so reproachfully that we really did begin to think ourselves a sort of a monster, and certainly appreciated most fnlly the feelings of their possessor. It may seem strange, when the poor are dying Cheap Slimfast Products in our streets for very cold and j)Overty, Slimfast Price when the sick are languish- ing in half-furnished hospitals or perishing in the by-ways and alleys, calling down God's curse upon the city that leaves them so, when the pestilence is deepening the gloom in many a stricken household, when in almshouse and alley the patient sufferers are longing for human sympathy Purchase Slimfast Online and some one to break to them the bread of life — when Order Slimfast these things are so, it may seem strange that women of refinement and culture, clad in their fine raiment and rejoicing in their happy homes, should pass by their own suffering fellow-beings and devote themselves with . all their earnestness to brutes, weighing the life and suffering of man against the life and suffering of Slimfast Canada the brute, Slimfast 123 and casting in their strength and powers with the latter. But when a woman has once become a professional protector of the dog — with her whole-heartedness, her mine of tender feeling, her inborn tendency to see only one side of a question — it Slimfast Cheap is but natural that she should get most narrow and dis- torted views, ending in that bigoted ignorance which hesitates not — knowing no better — to advance with a ludicrous persist- ence the most transparent falsities as proven facts. Such things any one may feel disposed to pardon in an elegant lady; but what shall we say when a member of our profession, driven by some nightmare chimera of his imagina- tion, oppressed by a morbid sensibility, puts on record such sentiments as are contained in Dr. H. J. Bigelow's pamphlet on " Medical Education in America ? " As these paragraphs have been in all our daily papers, and as space is precious, it is un- necessary here to quote them. We know it Slimfast Shaker will be said it is of very little importance what a man who writes such sen- tences thinks ; and so we acknowledge it to be. \ et ofiice throws a halo around Slimfast Snack Bars the most contemptible. In America, public opinion must finally uphold or crush out every thing 550 MISCELLAISTEOUS AliTD SCIENTIFIC NOTES. brought Buy Slimfast Online to its bar. To-day the practice of vivisection is at the bar of public opinion ; and far and wide over our land, to the sad detriment of truth, the dictum of a professor in Har- vard College is being quoted by hundreds who never before heard of the Boston surgeon. The false, poisoned Buy Cheap Slimfast arrow which he has shot has far outstrij^ped all the truth a lifetime has sped on its way. Much that our professor w^rites is so childish as to be be- neath criticism. Witness the j^roposition that, when a vivi- sector is experimenting, he should always cut one-eighth the Slimfast Meals distance into his own flesh that he does into that of his victim Slimfast 123 Plan ! It is possible that the The Slimfast Diet professor, when he wrote this, thought it fine, ingenious, and no doubt the Slimfast Cost F. B. of the Pennsylvania Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals thinks it so ; but, we say, whither Slimfast Tablets are we drifting, when a leader of the profession can stand up and speak such nonsense before one of its chief societies ? But we have a graver charge than that of nonsense to make against this writing : much of it is false ; and, coming from one so high, it must be hnowingly false. It is a direct at- tempt to hide the truth : on the one hand he draws a pictvire of brute suffering wrought up to a pitch far above what it is in nature, heightened with sketches drawn from the veterinary school of Alfort, and on the other he makes the blank asser- tion that no good has of late years come out of vivisection. Must we not repeat hnowingly false ? for is it. possible that the professor does not know that Alfort was a veterinary school, and that it was chiefly, or at least largely, through the efforts of the medical profession — the vivisectors— that it was broken up ? We say Icnowinghj false ; for is it possible that a Har- vard professor has not heard of vaso-motor nerves, of spinal cord, or of modern nervous physiology, which rests almost ex- clusively on vivisection ? We say Purchase Slimfast hnowingly false ; for is it Order Slimfast Online conceivable that he should lecture on tetanus and not have heard of Calabar-bean or chloral, whose action and powers were first learned by means of vivesection ? Once more we say hnowingly false ; for is it possible that to his ears not yet have come sounds of the great truths about inflammation and tuberculosis and other general nutritive disturbances which are being wrought out through vivisection ? It is needless for us to say more on these paragraphs of Dr. Bigelow ; their own condemnation is stamped so deep and sharp in their very fibre that every professional man will at once perceive it ; but to let them go unchallenged, to let the public think that they are true, or represent the opinions of a large body of the American profession, were an outrage to that profession, and especially to the few who, without MISCELLANEOUS AND SCIENTIFIC NOTES. 551 hope of direct reward, spend hours of toil in search, by tlie repulsive method of vivisection, for precious truth and human

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