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ISTeaves, Sir Romidell Pahner, and Prof. Huxley. The name of Lord Salisbury has been withdrawn. The Fothergillian gold medal has been awarded by the Council of the Medical Society of London to Dr. Edwards Crisp, for his essay on Croup. One of the two silver medals is given to Dr. Thorow- good, for services rendered to the Society as secretary ; and the other, which is always awarded to a gentleman not a Fel- low of the Societ}^, to Dr. Silver, in recognition of the value of his paper on Mitral Stenosis. Sir Henry Holland retains his public spirit and intellectual versatility in a remarkable degree. To the post of President of the Royal Institution, he has just added that of Vice-President buy silagra online of the Society for the Encouragement of the Fine Arts. The Queen has formally conferred the honor of knighthood on Dr. John Rose Cor- mack. Prof. Yirchow has received the Cross of Commander of the Italian Order of the Crown, from King Yictor Em- manuel. Prof. Esmarch, of Kiel, has married the Princess Henrietta, of Schleswig-Holstein, sister of Prince Christian. Prof. Traube, of the University of Berlin, has at last obtained a chair of the Faculty. He had previously been allowed only an extraordinary professorship, having been kept silagra tablet purposely back because of his Jewish faith. Dr. A. O. Kellogg, for nine years an Assistant Physician in the l^ew York State Lunatic Asylum, has resigned, and accepted a like position in the Hudson River Hospital for the Insane ; Dr. J. M. Cleve- land, Superintendent. Subsequently, Dr. Judson B. Andrews, Second Assistant Physician in the New York State Lunatic Asylum, was appointed First Assistant ; Dr. Walter Kempster, Third Assistant Physician, was appointed Second Assistant, and Dr. Daniel H. silagra online Kitchen, of New York City, was a2:>poiuted Third Assistant Physician, to fill the vacancy. cheapest silagra Dr. Brown- Sequard was married in Cincinnati, on March Idth, to Miss Maria R. Carlisle, of that city, and sailed for Europe on the 20th ult. Arsenic in Multiple Lymphoma. {Wien. Med. WocAsch., 1871, 14.) — Billroth reports the case of a woman, aged forty, who had been in good health during her youth. The disease began ten months before her reception into the clinic, with MISCELLAIfEOCrS AND SCIENTIFIC buy silagra NOTES. silagra price 543 enlargement of tlie glands of the neck ; those of the axilla and groin soon followed. When the patient was received into the clinic, the tumors in the neck on both sides had reached the size of the fist, those of the axilla and groin formed swellings of the size of an apple, those at the elbow the size of a hen's- egg ; and the mesenteric glands seemed enlarged also. The spleen was double the normal size. Examination of the blood showed that no leucaemia was present. An experiment was at first made with quinine, commen- cing with twelve grammes, gradually increasing to twenty grammes, daily. As this treatment produced no eflfect, Billroth decided to employ arsenic, which so frequently causes the re- absorption of splenic enlargement in intermittent fever. A mixture of equal parts silagra 100 mg of Fowler's solution and water was given in doses of five drops, at first, gradually increasing, in the course of four weeks, to twenty drops, and then again return- ing gradually to the original dose. Two weeks after the com- mencement of this treatment there was already a marked diminution of all the tumors ; and, when, after two months, the patient was dismissed, tliere remained purchase silagra only a single gland, of the size of a hazel-nut, all the others having generic silagra been entirely reduced. Disease of the Kidneys produced by Urethral Gonorrhoea. lOesterr. Zeitsch. Prat. IIeilh,xyu., 4Eundsch, August,1871.] — This obscure disease, consequent upon gonorrhoea, Dr. Zeissl remarks, is frequently to be ascribed to the large doses buy silagra uk of the resinous diuretics given during gonon'hoea. In the dem- onstration of the ill effects of these medicines upon animals, Schroff and Beckmann were unsuccessful, because the cheap silagra animals employed in the experiments are tolerant of the acrid diu- retics, while in man, sometimes after a slight silagra tablets use of these medicines, haemorrhages and ecchymoses of the neck of the bladder occur. From these latter (which, however, may occur in gonorrhoea without the previous buy cheap silagra exhibition of diuretics) the hypersemia may certainly extend jyer order silagra online coniinuita- tem as far as silagra 50 mg the papillae of the kidnej^s, and into the tubuli, and thus produce a nephritis desquamativa, though not, how- ever, a nephritis diffusa. 544 MISCELLAISTEOUS AND SCIENTIFIC NOTES. Diffuse Spongy Hyperostosis. {Huppart. WunderliehhArch.^ Tl, 2.] — At the autopsy of a scrofulous and epileptic idiot, aged twenty-seven, on the outer portion of the cranium were found four symmetrical flat osseous tumors, of which the two anterior ones were seated at tlie upper and inner angle of the originally non-united right and left pars frontalis of the frontal bone ; the two posterior and larger ones were silagra 50 seated upon the parie- tal bones covering almost their entire surface ; all four hyper- ostoses, silagra cipla which did not extend internally to the diploe, were separated from the neighboring sutures by a thin edge of nor- mal bone ; they had the consistency of porous bone-substance, so as to be readily cut with a knife, and presented at the sec- tions a convolution of interlacing vascular canals. The inter- nal surface of the cranium was entirely normal. The author was not able to discover the cause of these neoplasms, which of course had no direct influence upon the mental condition of the j)a,tient. Clay-Dressings for Variola. — Dr. E. S. Bunker, in a note to the Medical order silagra Record^ says : " During the recent epidemic I used clay-dressings for two pretty decided cases of confluent small- pox. Both patients were young women. silagra uk One, a married

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