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Injuries of Nerves and their Consequences. By S. Weir Mitchell, M. D., Physician to the Philadelphia Orthopedic Hospital and Infirmary for Dis- eases of the Nervous System, etc., etc. Philadelphia : J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1872. The Education of the Deaf and Dumb, by means of Lip-reading and Articulation. By W. B. Dalby, M. D., F. R. C. S., M. B. (Cantab.), Aural Surgeon to St. George's Hospital. London : J. & A. Churchill, 1872. On the Pathology and Treatment of Gonorrhoea. By J. L. Milton, seroquel cost canada Surgeon to St. John's Hospital for Diseases of the buy seroquel uk Skin. London : Robert Hard wick, 1871. 540 MISCELLAISTEOTIS AND SCIENTIFIC NOTES. buy seroquel online canada Medical Register and Directory of the Unitecl States. By Dr. J. M. Tower, of Washington. Philadelphia : L. W. Butler, M. D., 1872. Zymotic Diseases: Their Correlation and Causation. By A. Wolff, F. E. C. S. London: J. & A. Churchill, 1872. Catheterization of the Uterus, to incite and increase Contrac- tion. ( Wien, 18Y1, Med. Chir. Bundschr., Yl, 12.)— seroquel cost australia Since 1860 M. Yalenta has published a series of articles in the Yienna Medical Press on this subject, and has now collected these and the results cheap seroquel xr of the experiences of twelve years with catheterization of the womb, where the pains have commenced, for the purpose of increasing them, and also as a means of producing abortion or premature labor (known as the Simpson- Krause method). As to catheterization of the womb as a means of arousing pain, it may now be regarded as a fixed and recognized method : it takes the first rank to-day among the means for the induction of premature labor or abortion, and also as a means for exciting the contractions. It has al- ready found many and warm adherents. buy seroquel online cheap Thus, for example, Scanzoni says on tliis point : " As a means acting directly upon the womb, one that seldom fails, and is at the same time harmless, we must recommend the so-called intra-uterine catheterization. This means was at first advised for the .arti- cheap alternative seroquel ficial induction of premature labor, and proved so useful that in the course of a few years all previous methods were almost entirely abandoned in its seroquel cost per pill favor. It being once certain that it buy seroquel online no prescription was possible to call up uterine contractions by the introduction of a catheter seroquel cost along the inner surface of the womb seroquel cost comparison when quies- cent, the step was a short one to assume that it might be pos- sible to increase the already commenced uterine contractions by this means. And in fact this assumption' was so clearly cheap seroquel no prescription confirmed at the bedside that we must now prefer the cathe- terization of the womb to all other means for increasing the uterine contractions. Having been in clinical use for about two 3^ears, it has rarely disappointed, and, where it did not suffice to terminate the labor naturally, nevertheless its I MISCELLANEOUS AND SCLENTIFIC NOTES. 541 action in increasing the contractions has been unmistakable." Scanzoni goes even further than Yalenta, in that he has em- ployed this means successfully in many cases even after rup- ture of the sac of waters. Prof. Schroeder, of Erlangen, in his book on Obstetrics, published the past year, says on this subject (p. 25G) : " With the same certainty -with which the catheter interrupts gesta- tion, it produces an increase in the purchase seroquel xr contractions during labor, although cheap seroquel we have not been able to assure ourselves of this result after rupture of the membranes, and the partial loss of the waters. In every case where the membranes are still in- tact this method deserves a thorough trial, since it acts with cer- tainty, and produces no ill results." In the same manner we find this means recommended in Oohnstein's treatise on Ob- stetrics, p. 155. According to Yalenta, this operation is to be employed also in those cases where a sectio Ccesarea post mor- tem is in contemplation, in order thus to preserve the life of the child with greater probability. Of course, the employment of catheterization in no way in- terferes with buy seroquel online uk the use of other measures for exciting the pains. As to the technical manner of this operation, nothing new is to be said. As to the duration, the author advises always seroquel cost usa to leave the catheter only until the activity of the pains has become fully regulated, that is, until the cheap seroquel online pains have reached the quality and quantity appropriate for the stage of gesta- tion, for, by leaving it too long in situ, the womb might be too much irritated. Appointments, Honors, etc. — Dr. Henry S. Hewit has been appointed Clinical Professor of Surgery, in the University Medical College, of this city ; Dr. Arnold, Professor of Pa- thological Anatomy ; and Dr. Kammerer, Professor of Dis- eases of Women and buy seroquel no prescription Children, vice Dr. F. D. Lente, resigned. The two vacancies among the eight Foreign Associates of the Academic des Sciences, Paris, created by the deaths of Sir John Herschel and Sir Koderick I. Murchison, have just been filled by the almost unanimous elections of Mr. Airy, the Astronomer Koyal, and Prof. Agassiz. A close contest is anticipated for the rectorship of St. Andrew's University. 542 MISCELLAISTEOUS AND SCIENTIFIC NOTES. There seroquel cost without insurance are now in the field the Dean of "Westminster, Lord

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