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ELECTEO-THEEAPEUTICS, ELECTROLYSIS, ETC. 533 Company of Kew York. It is a very reliable instrument ; the thirty-cell battery is most powerful, and far more con- tinuous than Smee's sixty-cell. It is in many respects superior to Stohrer's. The robaxin 500 mg muscle relaxer hydrostat is also a valuable addition. This ingenious contrivance prevents an overflow of the battery-fluid, when the instrument is carried from place to place. Mrs. McG., of Glen Cove, L. I., aged fifty-three, called at the office, and stated that, when a child, she noticed a little hard, flat point, about the size of robaxin 500 a nickel cent, which remained the same until about three years since, when it began rapidly to increase in size, without pain. Drs. Wright and Aught- robaxin generic name muUer informed her that it was a cancer-tumor, and advised her to go to the city for its excision or removal. l^ow it presents a most formidable appearance, the whole gland being involved, with a scirrhous attachment to the rib, and the same deposit along the intercostal spaces, also infil- trating the axillary glands, the respiratory movement of botli sides being free. Upon the base of the gland there is a de- nuded surface, circular in form, of two and a half inches in diameter, from which (during the last sixteen months) she has suffered, at intervals of several days, quite free haemorrhage. She has never suffered the slightest pain ; the appearance of robaxin high the latter robaxin 550 mg part of the tmnor looks to be much like fungus hasmatodes. Her general health is good, no hereditary taint ; though she informs me that her sister has the same charac- teristic painless tumor in the w^omb, and that the doctors have failed to relieve her. To-day commenced electrolytic treat- ment with the Galvano-Faradic Manufacturing Company's bat- tery. Application robaxin 500 mg of eight cells, sponge-tip electrodes, satu- rated with chloride of sodium. After three applications, she discontinued treatment. The two cases robaxin mg here presented represent the extremes of this malady : the first the milder one, when the trouble is local ; and the second, the last stage, wherein the constitutional taint is manifested plainly throughout, and where but little hope can be held out, save by applying the constant current to modify the severe pain, and by anodynes to smooth the path to tlie grave. robaxin 750 mg 534 CLINICAL EECOEDS. In the early stages, electrolysis offers the only safe and true mode of removal. I may say, in conclusion, that the specimen of what robaxin 75 mg I have called hydrochlorate of cruentine was pronounced to be such by Dr. S. "Waterman, after examination with the robaxin brand name micro-spec- troscope. III. — Birth of a Child without Limhs. By L. Millspatt gh, M. D., Richmond, Staten Island. On the 1st of March last, Mrs. H., the wife of a mechanic in comfortable circumstances, aged about thirty-five, in her fifth pregnancy, was delivered of a still-born female child, which presented the peculiarity of a well-developed head and trunk entirely without limbs. The clavicles and scapulse were perfect, but no vestige of robaxin 500mg tablets a humerus; also the hip- bones were entire, but no femur. The labor was protracted, owing to feeble expulsive pains, and the delivery was accomplished chiefly by artificial means. The presentation was by breech, the position being left oc- cipito-posterior. The child was alive until a short time before its birth, the cause of its death being compression generic for robaxin of the umbilical cord as the foetal abdomen came within the robaxin 1000 mg constriction of the supe- rior pelvic strait. Judging from the mother's reckoning, as well as from the imperfectly-developed cranial bones, it is probable that it had not passed generic robaxin the eighth month of foetal life. In this case, conception occurred at a time when tlie mother was grieving deeply robaxin generic over the loss of a little girl a few months robaxin euphoria before. Could that circumstance be regarded as in any de- gree productive of the deformity, or was it simply a lusus naturce ? PEOCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. 535 llrcmbinxjs of Botuim. MEDICAL SOCIETY OF THE robaxin canada COUXTY OF NEW YORK. Stated Ifeeting, March 25, 1872. Dk. Abkaham Jacobi, President, robaxin 750 in the chair. The following physicians, recommended by the Comitia Minora, were elected to membeiiihip : James Clark Thomas, Colin Mackenzie, George M. Schweig, Henry Raphael, Fran- cis Simrock, and Peter purchase robaxin B. "Wyckoff. Dr. C, S. Bull, from the Committee on Intelligence, read

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