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presented to Kings County Medical Society, when several Generic Risperdal of Buy Risperdal the^nedical gentlemen concurred with me as to its being truly scirrhus, judging alone from its clinical Cheap Risperdal appearance, which Prof. Krackowitzer Risperidone 1 has declared the most reliable. October ZOth. — Consulted Drs. Beard and Fleet Speir. A specimen taken by Dr. Speir, with a trocar, for examina- tion. ELECTEO-THEEAPETJTICS, ELECTEOLTSIS, ETC. 531 (Copy of Dr. Speir's letter in reference to the specimen, mvember 1, Risperdal Price 1871.) My dear Doctoe : In the specimen removed I can only find evidence of condensed connective tissue. There is no indication of cancer so far as this specimen goes. Very truly yours, etc., (Signed) S. Fleet Speib. Novertiber 1, 1871. — ^Mrs. B. discharged cured. (Copy of Dr. Gregory's letter.) Dear Doctor : The specimen you sent me for examination I find to contain cancer-cells. Yours, etc., (Signed) Dr. J. E. Gregort. The following is from a letter of Dr. Thompson, of Islip, L. I. : "I omitted to say that the improvement in Mrs. B.'s case has been very satisfactory. 1 Mg Risperidone Have advised her to continue your treatment six weeks to two months longer." Also the annexed from Dr. W. S. Preston, Patchogue, L. I. : " Mrs. B. has given you more of a history of her tumor than I can. I consider it truly scirrhus." The argument that, because cancer is a constitutional taint, there is no use in treating it locally, now belongs to the light of other days. Who for one moment would hesitate to treat chancre locally, because the patient might have syphilitic taint ? Again, who knows but in cancer, as well as in syphilis, the local manifestations are primary, and the constitutional symptoms secondary? The ichorous cancer-matter may be absorbed from the tumor, thus poisoning tlje system ; so far as we know at present, it is the " oak and the acorn, or the acorn and the oak." In my opinion, the whole Risperdal Online secret of treatment consists in the electrolytic power, or influence over a drop What Is Risperidone of water, tlie oxy- gen being Risperdal Tablets given off at Order Risperdal Online the positive pole, and the hydrogen at the negative. In applications to tumor I use electrodes with sponge-tips, saturated with a strong solution of chloride pf so- dium. This may have some remedial agency. Commencing from the border of the tumor, and gradually approaching the more solid particles, suppuration sets in and destroys the growth. After a dissolution in the manner above mentioned, there must be a deposit and coagulum. These, being foreign matters, 532 CLINICAL RECOKDS. must cause suppuration or absorption. Thus the tumor is destroyed. To prove this, place a piece of beef in a Risperidone 1 Mg solution of chloride of sodium at a temperature of 100° to 110° ; this fluid must be maintained at the above temperature, in a sand-bath, or in any other convenient manner, in order to make the decompo- sition more satisfactory and rapid ; then, by bringing this tissue Risperdal Mg in contact Buy Risperdal Online with the positive and negative Risperidone Mg poles (platinum wire) of a constant-current Buy Cheap Risperdal battery of some eight or ten pairs, the process of electrolysis is vividly and beautifully demon- strated. Histologically speaking, the oxygen and hydrogen of these cells being divorced, the albuminous elements, alkaline and earthy salts, fatty matter, etc., are dissolved or precipi- tated. F]i3^sically, the process is highly interesting. From the posi- tive pole will be seen flakes of coagulum, with a florid-red Order Risperdal stain of hematine, or hydrochlorate of cruentine ; while, at the negative pole, hydrogen bubbles away, with a snow-white fleecy cloud, making an ebullition, like boiling water, quite audible to the by-stander. Chemically, the chloride of sodium is robbed of its chlorine, part of which is set free, while other portions of this gas unite with oxygen, forming CI -^ chloric acid, while at the negative pole we have still another Purchase Risperdal portion uniting with hydrogen forming HCL, or hydrochloric acid. This action, together with the thermic influence, much resembles the digestive forces of the stomach. The electricity represents the vital forces, the chloric and hydrochloric acids the digestive fluids, the artificial the animal heat. We here present the beef fluidized, after thirty-six hours of electro-chemical action, as above described ; you will see it presents the appearance of a fresh sample of the fluid extract Risperdal Cost ; no doubt, this will some day be one of the modes of manufac- turing this, and perhaps other extracts, as well as of cooking Purchase Risperdal Online our food in summer-time, saving much heat and annoyance. The instrument used on this occasion was a portable galvanic battery, manufactured by the Galvano-Faradic Manufacturing

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