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of these schools, which, we understand, are the first of their kind to have been established. THE Order Renova SUPPOSED MICRO-ORGANISM OF SYPHILIS. Dr. Justin D. Lisle, an Renova Price American physician who, as he informs us, has been for nearly three years on the laboratory staff of the Institut Pasteur, has sent us a copy of a communication presented before the French Academy Renova Prices of Medicine on July 2d by himself and Dr. Louis Jullien, who is the surgeon of the St.- July 27, Ipoi.] EDITORIAL ARTICLES. 167 Lazare prison for prostitutes. The substance of the communication is as follows : Although the blood of syphilitic persons has often been found sterile from the bacteriological point of view, the authors, in their quest for the germ Order Requip of syphilis, decided to make that liquid the subject of their studies, because it seemed to them impossible that it Renova Coupon should not contain, free from all impurity, the agent that infected all parts of the organism, and they selected cases of recent infection that had not been subjected to specific treatment. Buy Renova Online Drawing blood directly from a vein, they examined it at once and also its serum. They observed the presence of a round, granular, highly refractive body capable of traversing the Chamberland filter and endowed with a mobility that was perhaps Brownian. Such bodies had been seen before by other observers, but neither in cultures nor in inoculations upon animals had they ever given any result. Remembering that the coagulated blood of syphilitic Cheap Requip subjects did not Renova Buy con- vey the disease, they were not surprised at this fact. They accounted for it by assuming the presence in the serum Purchase Renova of a highly bactericidal body, an alexin. To avoid the formation of this substance, they per- formed their experiments with the plasma and with the contents Buy Renova of blisters. The organism which they found they describe as polymorphous, its appearance varying from that of a short bacillus to that of a very long filament, Renova Cream with Price Of Renova the extremities vaguely rounded but not swollen into a hammer shape, moving freely under the micro- scope. It takes all the usual stains well, but it must not be dried in a flame or at a temperature above 140° F. It is well to treat it with alcohol and ether, with a solution of osmic acid, or with a saturated aqueous solution of corrosive sublimate to which acetic acid has been added. It does Renova Cost not take the Gram stain. Bouillon inoculated with it becomes turbid in twenty-four hours, and in four or five days there is formed a light pellicle which does not extend or become thickened. It slowly liquefies gelatin, and the liquid becomes cloudy and flocculent and as- sumes a greenish hue. The gelatin is not colored, and its surface remains even. On ordinary gelose and on glycerinated and peptonized gelose it gives rise to a creamy coat which Requip Mg is always moist and of a very slight greenish tinge. It grows Buy Requip Online very well on glycerinated potato, in the form of a whitish layer, neither dry nor Cost Of Renova scaly, which collects in the bottom of the tube. It grows invisibly and without liquefac- tion on solid serum and abundantly on liquor amnii, and it grows very Purchase Requip well on media inoculated with pyocyaneous or colon-bacillus cultures. It does not coagulate milk, but precipitates the casein, leaving a fatty layer at the surface; the reaction Renova Online is alkaline. Its anaerobic development is slow. It never pro- duces pyocyanine or indol. Most of the cultures have a stale, disagreeable odor, but are not foetid. Passing over the modifications described by the authors as occurring in the germ on its cultivation, we come to their inoculation experiments. Cultures injected into the peritonaeum of the guinea-pig gave rise to paralysis, emaciation, abortion, and death in from ten to fifteen days. Young guinea-pigs were killed by the procedure in twelve hours. Injected subcutaneously, the cultures cause loss of hair and the formation of an indurated and ulcerated patch, with engorgement of the neighboring lymphatic glands. Post mortem, the urine is found albumi- nous, the spleen is contracted, sometimes the kidneys and the liver show fatty degeneration, and the blood is always sterile. In Buy Requip frogs the effects are most striking, and death occurs in thirty-six hours. The fact that the dead bodies of all the animals were ster- ile led the authors to make an investigation as to whether or not the same state of things was the case

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