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tions are completely and firmly made, and all the parts are properly adjusted, it is an ideal arrangement absolutely meet- ing the requirements of the electro-therapeutist. 526 CLINICAL EECOKBS. It may be connected witTi any form of galvanic battery. Kidder connects it with a zinc-carbon battery of thirty-six cells. It is placed in the battery-cover, which is also provided with a current-re verser at one end, renova canada and a tooth- wheel current- interrupter at the other. The arrangement might just as well be connected by wires with an}'- number of cells in the cellar, or in a closet. The size thus far constructed has been adapted only for office or hospital batteries. There is no reason why buy renova our port- able galvanic batteries might not be provided with a similar arrangement of smaller size. We have used a thirty-six cell zinc-carbon battery, provided with this arrangement, for six months, and nothing that we have ever used has been so where can i buy renova convenient. By my suggestion, these batteries were last summer introduced into the army hospitals, where they have thus far given excellent satisfaction. 1, — Report of Cases treated in the Brookhjn City Hospital. Reported by J. H. Eatmond, M. D., late House-Surgeon. Fracture of the Base renova purchase of the Skull ; Paralysis of the Exter- nal Rectus ; Recovery. Seiwice of Dr. S. Fleet Speir. — J. L., aged forty years, a truck-driver by occupation, was admitted to the hospital !N"ovember 30, renova online price of renova 1871. He was thrown from his cheap renova truck and fell ^ distance of four feet, striking upon the renova cream left side of his head. On admission, he appeared to be suffering from compression of the brain ; there was bleeding from both ears and nose, and also a scalp-wound over the left parietal buy renova cream region — which, however, gave no trouble, liealing by first in- tention. The folloAving morning he was conscious ; his speech was indistinct ; his left side was paralyzed ; the power of mo- tion over the limbs being just appreciable, while the facial paralysis was complete. It was discovered for the first time that there was a discharge of a serous fluid from the left discount renova ear, which continued for several days ; the left eye was turned in toward the nose, and could not be directed outward ; the pa- CASES TREATED IN BEOOKLYlSr CITY HOSPITAL. 527 tient complained of " seeing double." He gradually regained the use of his limbs, and of the muscles of his face, thoao-h the improvement in the facial paralysis was less rapid. By January 1st he was able to leave his bed, complaining only of severe headache on the left side at night, of deafness in the left ear, and double vision. His headaches disappeared after a few weeks, while his deafness remained up to tlie time of his discharge. With the return of the power of motion in limbs and face, no improvement in his external rectus took place. About this time attention was attracted to an article in the London Practitioner^ for the month of January, on the use of the cost of renova Calabar-bean. On the 19th of January a so- lution of the alcoholic extract was ordered, order renova of one grain to the ounce of water ; one or two drops were daily dropped into the eye, and at the expiration of a week the gain of renova uk power over the rectus was appreciable, both to patient and physician. purchase renova online The only other effect buy renova online was to contract the pupil. At the time of the patient's discharge the improvement was very marked, he being able to carry renova cost the centre of the pupil three lines to the left of the median line. After the drops had been in use about one week, he discovered that, by closing the nose and mouth, renova coupon and blowing, he could cause the air to pass out through the puncta of both eyes. He was discharged fi-om the hos- pital February 19, 1872, able to resume his occupation. This open condition of the lachrymal canal did not appear till the Calabar-bean had been in use one week, and the question nat- urally was asked whether it was a result or a coincidence only. Forty-three persons were examined for the purpose of ascertaining the condition of the lachrymal canal when no Calabar-bean had been used, renova price and it was found that of this number six could blow air through the puncta when the mouth and nose were closed, though but one seemed to have the pas- sage as open as the patient. Fracture of Pelvis ; Rupture of Urethra ; Puncture of Bladder through Rectum. Service of Dr. J. C. HurcnisoN. — H. D., aged twenty-eight, laborer, was admitted October 23, 1871. In attempting "to escape from a falling derrick, he jumped from an elevated platform to a platform beneath, a 528 CLINICAL EECOEDS. distance of tliirtj-five feet. On admission lie was sufi'ering from sliock ; there was a fracture of both bones of the right forearm. AVhile being undressed he complained of great pain over the right hip ; the least movement of the leg caused him to cry out. Measurement detected a shortening of about one-eighth of an inch ; the trochanter rotated with the femur; about a teaspoonful of blood came from the penis. During the whole day he was in great agony, and seemed unable to remain quiet in any one position, tossing about the bed con- tinually. In the evening, no urine having been passed dur- ing the day, examination was made of the abdomen, and a tumor renova prices was found, reaching nearly to the umbilicus, painful on pressure, perfectly flat on percussion, and bounded above and

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