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In Mirtazapine Mg a very obstinate case of hysteria occurring in a young married lady, in the form of paroxysms of weeping and laugh- ing, alternating with epileptiform and choreiform convulsions, I gave the monobromide of camphor in doses Purchase Remeron Online of four grains every Cheap Remeron hour. The influence was distinctly perceived after two doses were taken, but ten were necessary to entirely break up the Mirtazapine 15 Mg attack. This was a very favorable result, as all previous seizures had lasted for from five to eleven days, uninfluenced by medication or moral suasion. I have also employed it with excellent effect in several cases of headache occurring in women and young girls, and due to mental excitement and excessive study. One dose of four grains was generally sufficient to cut short the attack. In two cases, three doses at intervals of half an hour were necessary. In wakefulness, the Order Remeron Online result as it so generally is of cerebral hypereemia, the monobromide of camphor aj)pear3 to be greatly inferior to the bromide of calcium or even the other bromides. But Remeron Mg it is apparently indicated in delirium tremens. I have not yet had Remeron Tablets the opportunity of trying it in this disease, but I should not hesitate in a case of the affection to administer it in doses of five grains every hour or half-hour, with the con- fident expectation that sedation and sleep would result. The monobromide of camphor may be given in the form of pill, with conserve of roses as the excipient, or as a mixture with mucilage of gum-arabic and syruj). Tlie dose for adults ranges from two to five grains. Remeron Price 524 KIDDEE S CIECULAIl CUERENT-SELECTOK Aet. Y. — Kidder's CirGular Generic Remeron Current-Selector Remeron Online for Order Remeron Galvanic Batteries. By George M. Beaed, M. D. Those who Buy Remeron Online use the galv^anic cuiTent in tlie treatment of medical or surgical cases feel the need of some arrangement by which the current can Buy Remeron readil}'' be increased or decreased without intemi/pting it. In the treatment of sensitive patients, whatever may be the special affection from which they suffer, a frequent inter- ruption of the current is disagreeable, painful, and sometimes, in cases of recent cerebral haemorrhage, dangerous. In the treatment of certain irritable conditions, neuralgic and spasmodic diseases, and in careful electro-physiological re- searches, the good effects of the applications may be neutral- ized, if not destroyed, by suddenly and violently interrupting the current, or by putting on many cells at once. The circular current-selector, represented in the 15 Mg Mirtazapine cut, is the most convenient of the various arrangements that have been devised to secure perfect and ready control over the galvanic current. This arrangement consists of a circle Remeron Cost with a hard rubber base, on which are small brass plates, of about one inch in length, connected with the different cells of the battery. These brass plates are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc., corre- sponding to the number of the cells. In their outer portion these plates are separated from each other by pieces of ivory. rOE GALYAIS^IC BATOERIES 525 Two arras provided with wheels are connected with the circle, revolving on a pivot in the centre. One of these is long, the other short. If the wheel of the short arm be placed on the plate marked 0, the current may be increased, a cell at a time, and interrujotlng it, as each cell is added, by turning the wheel of the long arm over 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc. If the wheel of the lo7ig arm be placed on the plate marked 0, the current may be increased without inteTru])ting it, by steadily turning the wheel of the short arm with firm pressure over Mirtazapine 15 plates marked 2, 3, Purchase Remeron 4, 5, 6, etc. By this very simple contrivance it is possible for the opera- tor sitting or standing by his patient, holding an electrode in one hand, with the other hand to slowly increase *or diminish the strength of the current, as the varying sensations of the patient require. The satisfaction that Buy Cheap Remeron this arrangement will give, will de- pend on the perfectness of the workmanship. If Mirtazapine 30 the connec-

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