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and sulphuretted hydrogen. These are all, especially the two latter, exceedingly poisonous when inhaled. Carbonic acid, however, is not a poison by reason of any action on the blood. When it is present in the atmosphere in large amount, the glottis spasmodically closes, and death ensues from as- phyxia. When in small proportion, it is still not taken into the system, but it interferes, to the extent of its presence, with the absorption of oxygen, and the elimination by respiration of the carbon of the blood. Essentially, therefore, its action is that of a ligature to the trachea. Thus I put generic prozac price this mouse into a jar of pure generic prozac carbonic-acid gas, and you observe that the animal dies in a few seconds. This other I place in an buy prozac online no prescription canada atmos- phere containing forty per cent, of carbonic acid, and death takes place after a longer interval, but still in essentially purchase generic prozac the same manner as in the first instance. If, however, as in tlie next experiment, I remove prozac price without insurance the animal before death takes place, and expose it to a free discount prozac current of atmospheric air, re- covery follows very promptly. It is hence apparent that car- bonic-acid gas is not a directly poisonous substance, but that it simply interferes with the performance of processes which are essential to life. When its prozac price ireland influence is removed, provided the animal is not in cwticulo mortis, respiration goes on again as in health; just as, when a man hangs himself, and is cut down before life is extinct, recovery can generally be effected. Under another head, however, I will return to the fuller consideration of tlie buy prozac online no prescription hygienic relations of carbonic acid. Phosphuretted hydrogen — a form of phosphide of hydro- gen — buy prozac canada is given off from all animal bodies, and especially fish ; phosphorus abounding in these animals. It is the element which renders luminous the emanations from decomposing buy generic prozac no prescription substances, prozac cost per pill and is frequently seen in the form of masses of lu- minous vapor over graveyards and other places where phos- phorized bodies are undergoing decomposition. It is ex- ceedingly poisonous, and acts with great energy on the living animal body when absorbed into the blood tlirough respira- tion. Sulphuretted hydrogen is still more poisonous, and is a constant emanation from decomposing animal matter. Du- 522 THE MONOBEOMIDE OF CAMPHOE. puytren found tliat -g-J-j- part of tHs gas in the atmosphere was sufficient to kill birds in a few seconds. In my own experi- buy prozac uk ments I fomid that small animals died after a few minutes when the ywitw V^^^ '^^ sulphuretted hydrogen was present. As you see now, I place this mouse under a large bell- glass, and introduce a very small amount of sulphuretted hy- drogen. The animal dies quietly, after an exposure of less than five minutes. This was probably the chief agent in causing death in the cases I have referred to as occurring in church-yards and dis- secting-rooms. The ammoniacal compounds and carburetted hydrogen are also prozac purchase uk highly deleterious, and when inhaled in concentrated forms are speedily fatal. But, besides these, there is reason to suppose that there are present, in the atmosphere contaminated with animal emana- tions, certain living organisms. As these, in difierent but anal- ogous forms, are given off from vegetable bodies in a state of decomposition, I reserve their consideration for another lecture. Aet. TV. — JVote relative to the Monobromide of Camphor. By William A, Hammond, M. D. The monobromide of camphor consists of one equivalent of camphor united with one prozac cost uk of bromine (Cj„H,gO,Br). It is a white crystalline solid, having the odor of camphor, and to a slight extent that of bromine. It decomposes readily when exposed to the atmosphere, to a heat of 100° Fahr., or to the action of ammonia. Several months since, a buy prozac online no prescription needed statement was made in The Doc- tor to the effect that a Belgian physician had for more than ten years past made use prozac price per pill of the monobromide of cam- phor in delirium tremens and analogous nervous diseases. Desiring to test its value in such affections, I requested Dr. IsTeergaard to obtain a quantity of the prozac discount coupons preparation for my ex- periments. Prof. Maisch, of the Philadelphia College of Phar- macy, very kindly undertook to manufiicture it, and, over- THE JIOT^OBEOMIDE OF CAMPnOR. 523 coming the great difficulties of the process, succeeded in ob- taining it in beautiful crystals free fi'om the slightest yellow tinge. My experience with the monobromide of camphor, though thus far limited, is eminently satisfactory. I have employed it in two cases of infantile convulsions due to the irritation of teething, with the effect in each instance of preventing the further occurrence generic prozac no prescription of paroxysms which, previously to its ad- ministration, had been very frequent. In each case a grain was given every hour, rubbed up with a little mucilage of acacia. Three doses were sufficient in one, and two in the other case. The children were aged respectively fifteen purchase prozac and eighteen months.

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