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procedure, for at a later period the Romans were prohibited from burning the corpses of the dead, or burying them within the limits of the city. This prohibition was continued until the end of the empire, and was enforced under Christian au- thority, until the idea was conceived that it was desirable to repose- after death near the relics of martyrs, and under the altars in the churches. During the middle ages this prac- tice was universally followed, and it was not until the year 1765 that a royal ordinance and a decree of the Parliament prescribed that for proventil nebulizer the future no interments should take ])lace in Prance within the limits of any city.' The whole subject of graveyards and intra-mural inter- ments has been fully considered by Tardieu,^ in his admirable monograph. It must be admitted that the fact of the dele- terious character of the emanations from graves is well estab- ^ " Traits £l6inentaired'Hygi^nePnv6eet Publiqne," par A. Becquerel. Troisitirae Edition, Paris, 1864, buy proventil p. 231. - Des Voirios et Cituetiferes, Th&se de coupon for proventil Concours, Paris, 1852. LECTURES ON PUBLIC HYGIENE. 517 lished. Even the superposition of several feet of earth proventil mdi over the corpse is not sufficient to prevent the escape of gases ca- pable of acting with great energy on human health. These gases are not entirely such as would be given off from a dead body fully exposed to the air, and there are other circum- stances which modify their action. In passing through the soil they become mixed with substances of an animal, vege- table, and mineral character, and are evolved so slowly as to render their influence long continued. Among their exhala- tions are carbonic acid, carbonic oxide, carburetted hydrogen, sulphuretted hydrogen, phosphuretted hydrogen, and ammo- niacal combinations. Pellieux ' has studied with much success the character and effects of the gases evolved from graveyards and tombs. Ac- cording to this author, carbonic acid is the predominating sub- stance, and he attributes much of the ill effects of these emana- tions to this compound. proventil albuterol In this opinion he is, proventil inhaler as will be shown hereafter, probably mistaken. It would seem more reasonable to regard the sulphuretted and phosphuretted hydrogen as the preeminently noxious agents. It is perhaps well to impress upon the public the fact that hygienists, however much they may differ in regard to the injurious influence exerted by decomposing animal matters ex- posed to the open air, are of full accord relative to the highly- deleterious nature of the compounds evolved from graveyards and tombs. As is well remarked by MontMcon and De Poli- niere : ^ "It is thoroughly demonstrated that inhumations in cities seriously affect the public health ; that the miasms disen- gaged from sepulchres may cause, as they have often caused, terrible catastrophes ; and that not only do they increase the malignancy of existing diseases, proventil coupons but they give rise to conta- gious affections, the ravages of which are often frightful." The gases which escape from tombs built of masonry would appear to be especially noxious. proventil coupon Here the products of decom- position have no opportunity for escaping, except when the tomb is opened for the purpose of receiving another corpse. ' " buy proventil online Observations sur les Gaz MepLitiques des Caveaux Mortuaircs dcs bimetieres de Paris," Ann. d'llyg., 1^ serie, tome xli., p. 127, 1840. " Traite de la Salubrite dans les Grandes Villes." Taris, 1846, p. 213. 518 LECTUEES 0]S- PUBLIC HYGIEISrE. As a consequence, tliey become liiglilj concentrated, and act order proventil with tremendous potency. Londe * regards them as more dangerous than any other emanation whatever. He refers to a ventolin proventil case which occurred at Dijon, in 1713, in which the accidental breaking of a coffin, which had been buried for six weeks, caused very severe dis- orders in one hundred and proventil price fourteen persons out of one hun- dred and twenty who were present at the opening of the tomb, and from which eighteen died. Many other instances of the most deplorable effects follow- ing the opening of graves are on record. Even when the bod- ies have been for a long time underground, and when the ceme- tery is no longer used, it is dangerous to break up the soil or to erect buildings upon it. Of course, such places should not be used as sites for residences. They are not safe, although an interment therein may not have taken place for many years. Yicq d'Azyr ' has stated that at Eion, in Auvergne, the ground of an old cemetery was broken up for tlie pui-pose of improving the city. A short time subsequently, an epidemic disease broke out, proventil inhalers by which a great many persons, particularly from proventil 90 mcg among the lower orders, perished. The mortality was especially severe in the immediate vicinity of the cemetery. Six years previously, a similar event had caused an epidemic in Ambert, a small town of the same province. Tardieu ' also cites an instance in wliich, at Paris, a num- ber of shops were built on a situation where once the convent of the Filles de Sainte-Genevieve was placed. All those per- sons who lived on the first floors, especially the proventil inhaler coupon younger ones, were attacked proventil hfa inhaler with diseases wliich were attributed with cor- rectness to the emanations from the dead bodies proventil cost bm*ied in the ground on which the buildings proventil hfa coupon were erected. And yet, proair proventil notwithstanding the fact that danger almost in- variably attends upon subjection to the emanations from graves

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