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and that the occupations which bring men in contact with the most disgusting animal substances, in all stages of the putrefac- tive process, are really healthy in their influence. We have only to call to mind the fact that butchers, tanners, soap-boil- ers, fat-melters, candle-makers, the sailors engaged in whaling- voyages, and persons employed in other occupations, which cause them to Protonix Mg be exposed almost constantly to fetid odors from decomposing animal matters, generally enjoy good health, to convince ourselves that the outcry against the healthfulness of such emanations Purchase Pantoprazole Online has been too in discriminating and ab- solute. Instances are numerous of epidemics ravaging cities, and sparing tliose engaged in pursuits such as some of those specified. In 1814, after the battle of Paris, four thousand dead horses remained on the soil during fifteen days, and were for that time subjected to a high temperature. Men were em- ployed to gather them together in order that they might be burnt, but not one of those who undertook this digusting work sufiered in health in the least degree.* Dming our own re- cent civil war many similar instances of dead men and animals remaining on the ground several days in a state of decompo- sition occurred, and yet in no case did the neighboring inhab- Pantoprazole Online itants sulfer any deterioration of health. Like examples could readily be adduced from the late Franco-German War. Those of you who have attended dissecting rooms in which there were numerous bodies in all stages of decomposition, will probably not be able to recall a single instance in which any of the stu- dents or attendants contracted disease from inspiring the gases and vapors which abounded. Probably the emanations from bodies, dead of some highly-malignant disease, such as the Order Protonix plague, puerperal fever, or glanders, are more noxioiis than those which arise from animals which have died from accidents or non-putrid afiiections, but this even is a disputed point. Brayn, Howard, and others, Purchase Pantoprazole who have carefully studied the plague, deny entirely tliat it causes any such result. And cer- ^ Fleury, op. Cheap Pantoprazole cit., p. 227. LECTUEES ON- PUBLIC HTGIEIN-E. 515 tainly tlie experience gained in tlie dissecting-room militates against the theory that any disease imparts such particularly de- leterious qualities to the corpse that the emanations from it cannot be inhaled with safety ; doubtless in this, as in most other disputed questions, the truth is to be found in tlie mean. There can be no doubt that, under certain conditions, not very clearly understood, though perhaps having their origin in the diseases with which mankind and the lower animals are affected, the effluvia from dead bodies are highly deleterious. Such instances, however, as that of Chambon and others which have been cited, are exceptional, and are not to be considered as of ordinary occurrence. It may also be regarded as true that the products of the decomposition of all animal matter are injm-ious to health when they are inhaled in a concentrated form. It is equally true that no apparent ill effects follow from exposm'e to such matters when diluted with a Cheap Protonix moder- ately large amount of atmospheric air. Indeed, Parent Duchatelet, Andral, Lallemand, Dubois, Dupuytren, Boyer, Desault, and many others in France, and Lawrence among Generic Pantoprazole others in England, have insisted that the dissecting-rooms attached to medical schools and hospitals, and which, until a comparatively late period, have not been remarkable for good ventilation, are by no means unhealthy.^ A very excellent observer, Mr. Thackrah,' goes further, and asserts that, al- though sufficiently disgusting, the air of slaughter-houses, so far from being prejudicial to health, is frequently decidedly useful, especially to those predisposed to consumption. Still, although we may not believe in the noxiousness, under ordi- nary circumstances, of the effluvia from battle-fields, slaughter- houses, tanneries, glue-factories, and other places where Buy Pantoprazole Online ani- mal matters are in warm weather undergoing putrefaction, there is no doubt that the odors Buy Protonix Online from such places are disagree- able both to sick and well persons. It may happen too, tliat, from accidental causes, such emanations may be absolutely deleterious to health, and, as we can never determine before- ' "Cyclopedia of Practical Medicine," vol. i., article "Diseases of Artisans." * " The Effects of the Principal Arts and Professions and of Civic States and Habits on Living, Health,. and Buy Protonix Longevity," etc. London, 1831. 516 LECTUEES OlSr PUBLIC HYGIET^E. liand liow far they may or may not prove injurious, three is additional reason for avoiding them altogether. With Order Pantoprazole reference to the deleterious influences exerted upon health by the effluvia from graveyards and cemeteries, public opinion has for many years been very decided, and in this instance rightly so. Owing to the Buy Cheap Pantoprazole character of the soil, or to the confined air of tombs, decomposition goes on less rapidly and Order Pantoprazole Online with a more or less admixture of its products with gases derived from the Buy Pantoprazole earth. As a consequence, there is a slow and almost imperceptible poisoning of the atmosphere ; and, as there is little or no attendant bad odor, those living in the vicinity of burial-places have no warning of the noxious mat- ter which they are constantly inhaling. In all large cities of the civilized world, except Philadelphia and perhaps one Purchase Protonix or two others, intra-mural interments are positively forbidden. It would be far better that all dead bodies should be burned, but it will require a long course of sanitary enlightenment to revive this practice among civilized nations. Among the ancients it was at first customary to bury the dead near the houses occupied by the living. Experience, however, w^ould seem to have demonstrated the evils of this

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