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1835, p. 85. * " Observations on Some Important Points in tlie Practice of Military Surgery, and in the Arrangement and Police of Hospitals. proscar online prescription Illustrated by Cases and Dissections." Edinburgh, 1818, p. 250. 512 LECTUllES ON PUBLIC HYGIENE. Abrantes, in Spain, was situated on the proscar 5 mg tabletas Alemtejo bank of the Tagus, on a low, flat, moist ground, which was occasionally overflowed by the river. In its neighborhood was the great commissariat depot, where vast quantities of cattle were daily slaughtered, and where proscar prescription drug from the number of carts, oxen, and mules, hourly traversing the adjacent fields, the soil, inter- mixed with their food and ordure, and occasionally with damaged biscuit, was trodden down into a thick, tenacious, offensive compost, on which a burning sun acted almost con- stantly. In this hospital, gangrene had prevailed to a great extent. Dr. John Bell ' quotes Mr. George A. "Walker, to the effect that he has frequently demonstrated that a single inspiration of the products of human putrefaction has in numerous in- dividual and collective instances at once destroyed life ; in others, giving rise to lingering consumption, typhus, scarlet fever, and other diseases, and again producing a permanently bad state of health. Dr. Bell then refers to a case proscar 10mg related by Mr. Chadwick, in which this gentleman, while walking with Prof. Owen, met a butcher who, in reply to some inquiries in proscar rxlist regard to his health, stated the following particulars : This man had lived a long time in Bear Yard, near lowest price proscar Clare Market, where he was exposed to two deleterious influences — shambles on one side, and a trij)e-house on the other. His attention to his own impaired health under such circumstances was quickened, by observing that it was impossible for him to keep birds, of which he was extremely fond, in this place. " You may hang up a cage," said he, " in any window of the cow-houses round Bear Yard, and not a bird will live out the week." What most annoyed them among the congregation of 'odors was the vapor proscar film tablet 5 mg 28 tb arising from the fat in the process of proscar online no prescription preparing the tripe. Some time before this, he had occupied a room in Portugal Street, over- looking a crowded church-yard, from which he often saw a dense vapor rise that had a very offensive odor. The butcher's birds died there in brief time, and buy proscar online uk the good man found that ' " Eeport on the Importance and best place buy proscar online Economy of Sanitary Measures to Cities." New York, p. 189. LECTUEES ON PUBLIC HYGIENE. 513 lie could only preserve new purchases by removing his quar- ters to Yere Street, beyond the range of deleterious emana- tions. In April, 1773, in the chm-ch of St. Saturnin, at Saulieu, in France, two coffins being opened during an inhumation, an extremely offensive odor was disengaged, of so insupportable a character that the persons assisting in the ceremony were obliged non prescription proscar to leave the building. Of one hundi'ed and twenty young people of both sexes, who were being prepared for their first communion, one hundred and fourteen were taken danger- ously ill, as were likewise the curate, the vicar, the grave- diggers, and more than seventy other persons.' From a very early period in the history of the world, the belief has existed that the emanations from putrid price proscar animal sub- stances were proscar price philippines deleterious, and many instances of disease being traced directly to these vapors and gases have been adduced by the older authors. Thus, Galen ^ ascribes one of the causes of malignant fevers to the stench arising from the dead bodies of men and animals left unburied on battle-fields. Ambrose Pare ^ affirms that the air is poisoned by the fumes given off proscar price compare from the dead bodies left to best price proscar putrefy after great con- flicts. Petrus Forestus * gives a very circumstantial account of a malignant fever which broke out proscar cost ireland at Egmont, in Holland, due, in his opinion, to the poisonous emanations from a whale 0.5 mg proscar which had been left on the shore, whereby the atmosphere for a great distance around was contaminated. From these citations (and it would be easy to adduce many others) we see that the idea of the do need prescription proscar noxious character of the gases given off from putrefying animal substances is of great antiquity, and has held a tinii hold over the human mind Yery few persons, even among those regarded as well skilled in sanitary science, would at the present day venture to deny ' " Cours d'Hygiene fait a la Faciilte dc Medecine de Paris, i)ar Louis Fleury." Paris, 1852, tome i., p. 228. ' "De best place to buy proscar online Fibrium Differentiis," lib. 1., cap. iv. 3 The Works of Ambrose Par6, etc. London, 1691, p. 407. * " Observationura et CurationumMedicinalium,", obscivat. xxvi. 33 514 LECTUEES ON PUBLIC HYGIENE. that the matters in question are prolific causes of disease. And yet, as we have already seen, there is no lack of evidence to show that the opposite doctrine is far from being untenable,

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