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by which they were exposed almost continually to the most offensive emanations from decomposing animal matters, and even the cholera passed them by. propecia cost In the whole course of their examination the members of the commission were unable to obtain the least evidence tending to show that the disgust- ing odors produced in the establishments in question were ever the cause of iil-health. From these facts, and many others which he has adduced, Parent Duchatelet' unhesitatingly » " Hygiene Pnblique." I 510 LECTURES ON PUBLIC HYGLETTE. propecia discount program states his conviction tliat how much does propecia cost uk the emanations from decomposing and putrid animal tissues are not prejudicial to health. Patissier ^ is of the opinion that the emanations arising from decaying animal matters are propecia cost in india not very deleterious unless they are confined within narrow limits, and thus absorbed into the system in an exceedingly concentrated form. Night- scavengers, and the manufacturers of manures from animal excrements, would appear to be peculiarly liable to certain diseases, such as gastro-intestinal inflammations, carbuncle, and gangrene. At the same time" he declares, discount propecia australia what wiU I think be generally admitted, that butchers are of all propecia cost comparison other persons the most healthy and vigorous in appearance. He attributes their good condition to the fact that nutritive mole- cules, propecia discount card disengaged from the flesh and blood surrounding them, are absorbed in large quantities into their systems. During the summer they are, in his opinion, owing to putrefaction rapidly taking place in their abattoirs, subject to putrid and malignant fevers. Londe ' states that, while the emanations from blood and sound flesh are not injurious, those arising from the same sub- stances in a state of decomposition exert a decidedly contrary influence. When the cleansing of slaughter-houses is neg- lected, and, as a consequence, putrefaction takes place in the debris collected in them, butchers, he says, are liable buy discount propecia to visceral inflammations, carbuncles, boils, malignant pustules, etc. Dis- secting-rooms are not unhealthy places when they are well ventilated, and when the bodies used are in a good state of preservation. It is well known that putrid animal substances introduced into the blood produce great constitutional dis- turbance, and often death. It is certainly reasonable to sup- pose that such matters, reaching the circulation through the respiration, must likewise be highly deleterious. An instance of the kind, given by Londe, is so striking and full of warning that I quote the details in full : " Dr. Chambon was required, according to Percy, to de- monstrate the anatomy of the liver and its appendages at the ' "Trait6 des Maladies des Artisans," etc., Paris, 1822, p. 105, et seq. ' Op. cit, p, 162, et seq. ' " Nouveaux Elements d'llygifine," troisi^me Edition, Paris, 1847, tome ii., p. 453. LECTUEES 01<[ PUBLIC HYGIE]^E. 511 time of his license, by the faculty of Paris. Decomposition ■was far advanced in the cadaver nsed discount propecia for the demonstration, and Chambon called attention to the fact ; but, notwithstand- ing his objections and those of the professors, the propecia price uk obstinate dean insisted on his making use of the subject. One of the four candidates, overcome by the putrid emanations which es- caped as soon as the body was opened, fell into syncope, propecia cost per month was carried to his home, and died propecia cost uk in seventy hom'S. Another, the celebrated Foucroy, was attacked with a severe exanthema- tous eruption. The other two, Laguerenne and Dufresnoy, remained for a long time in a feeble state of health, from which the latter never entirely recovered. As to Chambon, excited to anger by the obstinacy of the dean, he remained firmly in his place, and finished his lecture while those who discount generic propecia surrounded him were counteracting the ofiensive odor with handkerchiefs saturated with perfumes. Without doubt he owed his safety propecia cost with insurance to the mental excitement which, after a slight fever, terminated in a profuse perspiration." Pringle ^ ascribes the production of malignant fevers and dysentery to (among other causes) the emanations arising from sewers, from slaughter-houses, and from putrefying animal matters generally. Monro ' accepts the view of Fortius, Kamazini, and other writers, that ascribes the origin of putrid diseases propecia discount pharmacy to the stench and effluvia arising from the excrements of men and beasts, and from the dead bodies of men, horses, and other animals, lying unburied in the neighborhood discount propecia online of camps. Desgenettes ' has known the insalubrity of the field-hos- pitals very much increased by their being placed in localities surrounded propecia cost without insurance by dead bodies, propecia tablets cost in india some of which were scarcely cov- ered with earth. Hennen * calls attention to the fact that the hospital at ' " Observations oa the Diseases of tbe Army." First American edi- tion, edited by Benjamin Eush, M. D. Philadelphia, 1810, p. 285. * " Account of the Diseases which were most frequent in the British Military Hospitals in Germany," etc. aaa discount propecia London, 1764, p. 344. * " Histoire Medicale de PArmge d'Orient," troisiSrae edition." Paris,

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