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ter of small importance, for, in Otc Prilosec the charter recently submitted to the Legislature by a body of presumably well-educated gentlemen, a Board of Health is constituted, not a single mem- ber of which is Prilosec Purchase required to be a physician ! Think of a mer- chant selecting a clerk who knew nothing of figm'es ; or of that same Committee of Seventy neglecting to provide that judges should be educated in the law, and you would not have a more striking instance of criminal folly than the one I have cited. Probably, however, the time will come when matters will be very difi'erent, and Prilosec Mg when the chief office of the ph^'sician will be to advise his patients and the public generally not how they may be cured of Buy Prilosec their diseases, but how they may avoid them. The short course of lectures I am about to give you will be devoted to the sanitary relations of the atmosphere we breathe the water we drink and use for other purposes, and the soil upon which we live. These matters constitute, it is true, scarcely a moiety of the subject of public hygiene; but they are certainly secondary to no others in importance, and they form the groundwork of the science. With a good knowl- edge of them in their various hygienic connections, you will certainly make better phj^sicians Prilosec Online than you would otherwise be, even if you should not Prilosec 20 Mg be called upon to act as members of boards of health. The air exists in two distinct conditions. It surrounds the earth as a gas of variable density, and it is dissolved in the 508 LECTURES ON PUBLIC HYGIENE. water wliich constitutes so large a portion of the surface of our globe. It is necessary to the life of all organic beings with wbicb we are acquainted. It extends above the earth nearly forty-five miles, and at the level of the sea exerts a pressure of about fifteen pounds upon every square inch of surface. Owing to various causes, this pressure is subject to considerable variation, and most of the grand principles of terrestrial meteorology are connected with this fact. What Is Prilosec By measure, one hundred parts of atmospheric air consist of 20.8 of oxygen and 79.2 of nitrogen mixed mechanically, and therefore not constituting a fixed and definite chemical compound. In all situations it contains small amounts of carbonic acid, ammonia, nitric acid, and iodine, which are sub- ject to variation according to locality. It also contains other substances of local origin and distribution, some of which are in a greater or less degree deleterious to the health of those compelled to breath the atmosphere in which they exist. These arise Order Prilosec from animal or vegetable decomposition, are prod- ucts of the various industrial pursuits in which man is en- gaged, or are living organisms of animal or vegetable origin. Their Cheap Prilosec nature, the conditions under which their evolution takes place, the degree of danger which attends their inhala- tion, and the means of avoiding or counteracting Purchase Prilosec their noxious influence, constitute a most important part of the science of public hygiene. Many of these emanations are of exceedingly unpleasant odor, but others, again, only reveal their existence by their efiects in causing disease. These latter are therefore more insidious than the former, and there is reason to believe far more dangerous. Indeed, relative to the former, opinions and facts are not wanting which support the view that, as regards some of them, their injurious power has not only been over-estimated, but that, on the contrary, they are bene- ficial to health. Chief among the sources of such vapors, slaughter-houses, glue-factories, tanneries, soap-boiling and fat-melting establishments, graveyards, market-houses, stables, manure-factories, etc., are to be found. 20 Mg Prilosec To the consideration of the question, How far are the Coupon Prilosec emanations from such places injurious? I propose to devote the present lecture. In the LECTUEES ON PUBLIC HYGIENE. 509 first place, I will adduce some of the most remarkable in- stances Omeprazole Prilosec on record whicli appear to have most bearing on the Prilosec Omeprazole point at issue ; I will then state the conclusions which appear to be established ; and, finally, perform a few experiments Prilosec Cheap in illustration of the principles brought forward. During the war in the Spanish Peninsula the sick in the hospitals at Ciudad Prilosec Otc Rodrigo were affected with dysentery, hospital gangrene, and tetanus, to an extraordinary degree, consequent, as was alleged, upon the burial of many thousand dead within the limits of the city a short time before it was occupied as a hospital-station. This fact has repeatedly been used as an argument in support of the theory of the uniforaily noxious character of the vapors given off from all dead animal matter ; and yet, when typhus fever prevailed to a great extent at Paris, in 1814, the patients affected with this disease who were placed in the immense abattoir at Montfaugon recov- ered with much greater rapidity, and with more certainty, than those treated in the regular hospitals. The good results in this case may, however, have been owing to the fact that the situation is remarkably airy, and salubrious in all other resj)ects. In the year 1828 a commission was appointed by the French Government to inquire into Prilosec 20 the sanitary relations of the large knackeries in Paris. It was found that all Prilosec Buy the men, women, and children, connected with these establishments, were remarkable for the excellence of their health and fine, ruddy appearance. The workmen generally were long-lived, and many of them had attained to extreme old age. Persons who resided in the vicinity Online Prilosec of these places were likewise ascertained to be unusually healthy. Epidemic fever seemed to be powerless to affect the persons engaged in employments

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