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mur. Tidal air in health is only heard in inspiration. Velo- city of the moving air in the tube moxidectin praziquantel buy praziquantel is the cause of murmur. Any order praziquantel one may demonstrate this fact by breathing through a ' tube gently, when there will be no murmur, but, if he increase the velocity of the moving air, he will get sound, which will be increased in sonority and raised in pitch just in accordance with the rate of motion. In health, in unconscious breathing, expiration is not heard, and we know by experience that, when it is heard in unconscious breathing, there is disease ; it may be phthisis, or praziquantel 600 mg it may be emphysema — other conditions must determine which. A murmur may be produced buy praziquantel online at will, by hurrying the respiration. It is heard in systemic diseases like cholera, purchase praziquantel or in diseases of particular organs, as in cardiac apnoea, or Bright's small kidney. The cause of murmur, in air moving in a tube, no matter what are the other conditions, or the disease, is the velocity, purchase praziquantel online increasing the air- and tube-fric- tion. Prof. John W. Draper has given a convincing explana- tion, based on accurate experimentation of affinitive attrac- tion in the systemic capillaries, as one of the efficient causes of the circulation. The same power operates in the pulmonic circulation, but with this important addition, that the attrac- tion is not alone in the pulmonic tissues and the blood, but principally in the venous blood and the oxygen of the re- sidual air. This is the cause that brings the venous blood and oxygen together, in order that the blood may be purified and fitted to continue the life of the body. Let us endeavor to comprehend the intricate mechanism of the respiratory act. Inspiration has taken place — twenty cubic inches have been added to the residual air, evenly and equally admixed — buy cheap praziquantel dila- tation has taken place with force, and is continued and in- creased by the rarefaction of heat. The true respiratory sys- tem, by its muscular power, contracts forcibly, antagonizing the dilating residual air. Each particle of pure air, acknowl- edging its attraction for the A^enous blood, presses up to praziquantel price the alveolus, through the struggling mass, and rushes to the blood- globule in the capillary — makes the interchange — gives up its oxygen, and receives in return detritus and cai'bon materials, EESPIEATOEY MUEMUES. 499 loses its attraction, becomes passive, but is crowded back by other eager particles pressing forward, until finally it finds itself well up in the bronchus, with its filthy load, whence it is expired. The blood-globule from [the pulmonary artery, entering where to buy praziquantel the capillary of the alveolus, huiTies along throuo-h the rete mirabile, drawn by its affinity for oxygen, till it meets a particle of pure air, makes the interchange, loses its ac- tivity, but is pushed onward by other globules pressing for- ward from behind, till it finds itself in the venous radicle of the pulmonary vein, fitted for systemic circulation. The movement of the blood-globules is much assisted by the con- traction and relaxation of the muscular fibres of the true res- piratory system. Different bimdles of these fibres, contracting and relaxing in succession, give not only a living vibratory motion, which assists in hunying the globules along, but pro- duce a susurrus, wliich, being heard at the chest-wall in mul- titudinous concert, is true order praziquantel online respiratory murmur. These facts in minute anatomy and physiology (and praziquantel tablets they liardly admit of any dispute) prove that the residual air, as a body, has no more motion than has generic praziquantel the bottom of the deep sea. 'No change can occur except molecular, and none other is necessary. The law of diffusion of gases assures the comparative purity of the residual air, as well as its constant and guarded impurity, w^hich is so necessary for the accomplishment of the vital act. The circulation would not go on, if each blood-globule should [immediately come in contact with pure air, for then it would lose its impelling force, and, all of the globules alike losing their attraction, there would be stasis. Instead of praziquantel uk this, both in the blood and the residual air each globule and each air-par- ticle moves in perfect order, never in each other's way. This shows how the individual may live in bad air for a time, resist- ing its evil tendencies, and even that of poisonous gases. It shows also why medical inhalations fail in their object. Medi- cated vapors have little or no admission into the residual air. Even oxygen gas, which is sometimes serviceable, can only supply atmospherical deficiencies. It can neither do the harm nor the good that has been predicated for it. An animal may even live praziquantel mg for a tim3 in pure oxygen gas, the active interchange taking place between the gas and the blood restoring the necessary grade of impurity in the residual air. 500 RESPIEATOEY MURMUES. If, then, the only change praziquantel biltricide or motion that is possible in the re- sidual air be molecular, what becomes of the theories of air- and tube-friction murmurs, whether in the smaller bronchise or the air-sacs and alveoli, as cause of the so-called vesicular murmur ? They are physical impossibilities. And, too, what becomes of the theories of the mechanism of crepitant rale f If there is no motion but the molecular, there can be no bursting of bubbles in the microscopic praziquantel online tubes, and that theory falls. If the residual air constantly and forcibly distends the true respira- tory system, how can the bronchioles and air-sacs come to- gether, to be separated by each inspiration of fresh air, so as to produce fine crepitant rale ? This theory, likewise, sup- poses a physical impossibility. All theories, whether of ve- sicular murmur or crepitant rale, which ignore the presence of the residual air, are of necessity incompetent. The fact that residual air has none but molecular motion may be demon- strated by a distensible buy praziquantel for humans bag, as of India-rubber. "While it is being forcibly filled with air, there will be air- and tube-fric- tion murmur at the mouth only, where the air moves in a body with velocity. The body of air in the bag will be in- creased by particles of air sliding in among each other and without sound. But there will be resisting vibratory sound in the walls of the tense dilating bag ; different, praziquantel cost however, from

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