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bronchial artery, after it has quit company with the vein, receives additions from the mammary and intercostal arteries, and has the proper title of nutrient artery. I do not quote his words, but the substance as I remember it, I believe, then, I am warranted in holding that there is a complete difference in the blood-vessels of the convective and of the pulmonary S3"stems. The nutrient arteries of the bron- chial system have their venae comites ; the nutrient arteries of the true respiratory system have no accompanying veins, but pass their blood reaerated directly into the pulmonary vein, prepared for systemic circulation. The nutrient artery is no exception to the rule of complete difference Felodipine Tablets in the two sys- tems, for in its office it belongs wholly to the true respiratory. 496 EESPIEATOEY MUEMUES. The vessels of the bronchial system are the bronchial arteries and veins; the vessels of the true respiratory are the pul- monary Cheap Plendil artery and vein, and the nutrient artery of the lungs. Where the bronchial system ends the pulmonary begins, and the division is sufficiently marked — it is where cartilage ceases and alveoli commence. The structure of the true re- spiratory system is composed of terminal bronchii, in which are developed alveoli and the air-sacs, that is, wherever alveoli are found. Its whole object or office is aeration of the blood of the body. It is greatly distensible, and in this differs from the convective system, which is but little so, and its formation evidences design in the economy of space and for its especial purpose. The bronchioles have alveoli developed in their sides, but not to the same extent as in the air-sacs, which are but a skeleton net- work for the convenient spreading out of alveoli, with their rete mirabile of capillaries, for the aeration of the blood. The terminal bronchus enlarges at its end, and the air-sacs are developed from this enlargement, according to Dr. Waters, as a cluster of leaves are, sometimes from the end of Buy Plendil Online a twig. From six to thirteen of these air-sacs are in con- nection with the enlarged end of a terminal bronchus, Felodipine 5 Mg and this little cluster forms a lobulette — a complete type of the whole lung. Each lobulette has its terminal bronchus and air- sacs for the development of alveoli, its twig of pulmonai:y artery and vein, its branch Felodipine Er of nutrient artery, with the accom- panying ganglise of organic Felodipine 5mg nerve, lacteals, absorbents, etc. A collection of lobulettes form a lobule, and a number of these constitute a lobe. The fibrous bands of the bronchial sheath are continued, though with great tenuity, through the terminal bronchi into the air-sacs, Plendil Price both of the white and yellow variety. They surround the mouth of each air-sac, and give firmness to the frame of each alveolus. Muscular fibres also accompany these Buy Plendil bands, though their presence is doubted on account of their extreme tenuity. Niemeyer speaks of muscular fibres as present in the true respiratory system. In emphysema, the air-sacs lose their power of eon- traction, and become dilated, causing great suffering and dis- ability to the patient. Time and freedom from catarrh allow the function of contraction, which Purchase Plendil is a muscular habit, to re- turn. Felodipine 10 Mg • EESPIEATOEY MURMUKS. 497 Physiologists describe residual air as filling tlie respira- tory system as high up as the third or fourth divisions of the bronchiae. It not Plendil Online only fills the true respiratory system, but distends it. The elements of the distending force are : atmos- ]3heric pressure, muscular contraction, rarefaction, and the laws of diffusion of gases, and that of affinitive attraction between oxygen and venous blood. The residual air occupies its position with Plendil Mg such persistence as to be with difficulty dis- lodged Plendil Tablets after Amlodipine Felodipine death, even with much pressure. Order Plendil Online It keeps its place with vastly greater tenacity, during life, when each ele- ment of force is in active operation. During inspiration, the contraction of the diaphragm in- creases the capacity of the chest, and at the same time the epi- glottis is raised, and the weight of the atmosphere operates actively in dilating tlie lungs. Rarefaction of the newly-in- spired air takes place upon inspiration, owing to its imme- diate and intimate admixture with the residual air, and is the third element of dilating force. The residual air is estimated to be 170 cubic Generic Plendil inches, and the inspired air at 20. At each inspiration, therefore, the residual air will be increased about one-tenth part in dilating power, jplus the rarefaction of the inspired air. But the peculiar elements of this expanding force are, the laws of the diffusion of gases, and that of the affini- tive attraction between the unaerated blood-globules, in the capillaries of the rete mirabile of the alveoli, and the oxygen, which is equally distributed throughout the residual air. Chemistry demonstrates Buy Cheap Plendil that gases differently constituted in certain relations instantly intermix when brought together. The inspired air and the residual air present these differences. Air entering the convective system moves in a body tlirough the bronchial tubes, till it meets the residual air, when, the law of the diffusion of gases operating, immediate admixture takes place. The residual air is instantly renewed with oxy- gen, in accordance with this law. The inspired atmospheric air moves through the convective system, as far as the fourtli division of the bronchiae, with no other resistance than the friction of the tubes. When Order Plendil it meets the residual Felodipine Amlodipine air, it is im- mediately consumed, as it were, and does not accumulate, causing resistance. On this account the inspired air moves 32 498 EESPIEATOEY MUEMUES. • witli increasing velocity, producing air- and tube-friction mur-

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