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Bell's description, that the cervix uteri is pulled open, by the active contraction of the longitudinal fibres, and the cervix is ACTIVE UTERITSTE ESTVERSIOiSr. 479 not in a state of atony during the act of partui'ition. Bell does not think that the Q^amollissenient incident to pregnancy takes place in the muscular fibres of the cervix. Many of the advocates of the older view of inversion, i. e., of the passive order, and some of the more recent gynaecologists who believe in the active form, cling still to the view of Bell. Since his day more minute investigations regarding Nizoral Price the mus- cular structure of the uterus have been made by high and competent authority. They have demonstrated that circular fibres do exist in the cervix uteri. Kolliker particularly speaks of the fine circular band of muscular fibre, which he calls the sphincter of the os tincse, and says that there are only iso- lated longitudinal fibres in it ; that the longitudinal fibres are made up principally by the intercrossing of the circular ones, and produce the strong anterior and posterior longitudi- nal muscular layers; that they only extend to the internal orifice, or lower part of the body, and then debouch fx'om right to left, and left to right, and thus form the strong cir- cular Ketoconazole Nizoral fibres at the lower part of the body of the uterus. It is at this portion of the uterus, I believe, after inversion has occurred, that the history of many cases related Nizoral India will show where the difiiculty of reduction exists, and not in the cervix proper. The cervix uteri is, contrary to the opinion of Nizoral Hair Bell, at rest — collapsed — or inert, during labor ; while the body and fun- dus are in steady, regular uterine action. There is, therefore, only the natural contractility Nizoral 1 in the cervix uteri, incident to a sphincter-muscle during the birth of a child, or the delivery of the placenta. At this stage of my remarks, I shall be pardoned for di- gressing awhile, if, in justice to myself, I tender a word or two in explanation of the observations I pubhshed in 1860 (June), on the non-shortening and mechanism of the cervix uteri during gestation, and the first stage of labor. These ob- servations were more especially enlarged upon in my mono- graph on Placenta Praevia in 1864. Correspondence has been held with professional gentlemen, from abroad, as well as at home, on the subject, inquiring whether I held the same opin- ion as Caseaux, Stoltz, and Duncan. The response returned 480 THE MECHANISM OF SPOIS^TANEOUS was tliat we diifered 2 Nizoral entirely — Stoltz, Caseaux, and Duncan, entertaining the view that the cervix uteri was " effaced " at the end of pregnancy, while my own opinion was that there was no change whatever, and tliat sometimes it was lengthened, though physiologically softened. Stoltz originated the theory in 1826, Caseaux confirmed it in 1839, and Duncan approved of it. Caseaux was my preceptor in 1810. In Nizoral Hairloss 1812 I promulgated his views on the changes incident to pregnancy in the cervix uteri, when I edited Dr. Every Ken- nedy's work on Obstetric Nizoral 2 Auscultation, accompanied with dia- grams of the same. This was seventeen years before Dun- can's first publication in the March number of Nizoral Tablet the EdiTuhurgh Medical and Surgical Journal, 1859. At that time, Nizoral Hair Loss Duncan held that it was imperative for obstetricians to accept his views (which were those of Caseaux and Stoltz), Nizoral Ketoconazole or disprove them. In 1863, in an article on the same subject, Duncan changed his experienced views, in strong and emphatic language, as to the merits of Caseaux and Stoltz, and said that "it would be a grave error to consider Stoltz's and Caseaux's views, and others, as modern ; " and takes the credit from them, and ffives it to Nizoral Oral "Weitbrecht as the discoverer. From this Nizoral Hair Growth memoire of Weitbrecht, an anatomist of Russia, in 1750, he selects passages in proof, and states that the diagram which "Weit- brecht gives of Oral Nizoral his views is from a dissection of the uterus of a woman at seven months' pregnancy. Duncan himself gives one, a m.onth later. I^either Weitbrecht nor Duncan, who is so strenuous for the anatomist's views, gives any representa- tion at the end of pregnancy, nor do they say what the ap- pearance of the cervix is at that time. Eight months is as far as Duncan has advanced Nizoral 200 in presenting the mechanism of the cervix uteri during gestation. I^Tow, how Weitbrecht, as he is supposed to be the discoverer, could decide, from the behavior of the cervix uteri during the full term of pregnan- cy, by one dissection of a uterus at seven months, I am unable to comprehend or appreciate. If the last one or two months are left to theory to be supplied, and not ocular demonstra- tion, Nizoral 200mg or post-mortem specimens at the end of gestation, then Weitbrecht has no claims as a discoverer, nor has Duncan, who only Hair Loss Nizoral indorses the anatomist's incomplete investigations. Dun- k ACTIVE UTEELNE ESTVERSIOjS^. 4S1 can has receded from his acceptance of Stoitz's views, and now Nizoral Buy rests on Nizoral Tablets those of "Weitbrecht. My own investigations and observations are supported by ocular demonstration of several thousand cases, at the termination of pregnancy, at the commencement of labor, by more than twenty-five mor- bid specimens at full term, which exhibit the cervix uteri of the same length and sometimes longer than at the time of conception. I am not aware, from an extended research of the

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