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class, and, on examination, the uterus was normally placed, movable, and measured two and three-fourths inches. Her menses had ceased for four days. She had travelled from the ground-floor of the hospital to the top for the last ten days, and left the hospital in that improved and natural buy naprosyn 500mg state. No case could have presented a better illustration of the ductility of the uterus, in an unimprognated state of the uterus in a primipara, than did Horton's. This morbid condition was in- dependent of any conception, or abortion, ec naprosyn rxlist or distention by blood. Had the view of Huguier been correct, the result ACTIVE UTEKINE LNVEESIOI^. 465 would have negatived such an opinion. ec-naprosyn generic Its spontaneous re- duction, and its replacement to its normal standard and meas- urement — its physiological function naprosyn gel costo continuing regularly, and the uterus attaining its natural position in the pelvis, are points of much interest and value for investigation and ob- servation. Case III. Complete Inversion of the Uterus in the TJn- impregnated State. (Botek.) — I intentionally draw upon Boyer for this case, because his testimony that an unimpregnated uterus may be inverted is not to be disputed, even if others may be doubted. He is considered, as Crosse says, one of the ablest of surgeons, and most perspicuous of authors, both pretty sure guarantees for his having been an accm*ate observer, and not likely to be mistaken. This woman was aged forty -four years, of large stature, and considerably fat. Has always been regular, and had had three children. She had never lost blood nor had naprosyn generic naproxen leucorrhoea. After having felt during a long time there generic naprosyn a weighty ec-naprosyn price filling and heaviness in the pelvis, and a dragging in the loins, and when she was walking or standing for some time, there presented, at the entrance of the vagina, a tumor which she felt with her finger. Finally, the tumor escaped from the vagina. She consulted two physicians, who regarded the tumor as a poly- pus, and proposed the ligatm-e. On examination, Boyer per- ceived between the labia a tumor, which had passed about three-quarter inch out. This tumor was a little larger than natural, naprosyn sr 1000 mg having a pyriform shape ; its'pedicle, large and short, was smTounded by a collar slightly projecting, under which the finger penetrated to the depth of a few lines. This tumor was tender to the touch — color grayish, its surface unequal and villous. Boyer says he has no doubt of the correctness of his opinion as to the nature of the case. I could cite other cases from high authority, but those related will be sufficient to show that partial and complete inversion will and does occur in the unimpregnated uterus, consequent on some par- ticular or peculiar change or condition of the uterus in its structure other than pregnancy, which causes its parietes to be widened and thinned. To add to the cases I have related in the unimpregnated 466 THE MECHANISM OF SPONTANEOUS state, I will extract from Inglebj's cases and observations (p. 227) the following case after labor, similar in character to the cases of Lawrence and my own. It was considered, how- ever, and classed, under the general interpretation, as a case of inversion according to the older view, but the history does not verify that opinion. The relation of the case will naprosyn 500 mg oblong yellow tablets speak for itself: Case TV. Partial Inversion of the Uterus, Eight Days after Confinement. (Inglebt.) — Mrs. "W. was delivered of her first child on Thursday night, the 17th. The practitioner in- formed me naprosyn ec 500 mg pl that, immediately on the removal of the placenta, syncope took place, followed by profuse hsemoiThage, which subsided a little the next morning. She was harassed by fre- quent pains in the hypogastrium, and an occasional increase naprosyn 500 mg oral tablet of haemorrhage, until the succeeding Thursday night, eighth day after delivery, at which time I was requested to see her. I found her nearly without pulse, exsanguined, comatose, de- lirious on being roused, as if she was moribund. On laying my hand over the pubic region, the uterup, which felt hard, presented two singular features, its form being almost conical and its circumference particularly small. I ascertained that the vagina was filled by a very round tumor, which almost naprosyn ec fort 500 mg reached naprosyn costochondritis the OS externum, corresponding to the fundus uteri, and re- sembling a large polypus. On carrying the finger as high as I could possibly reach, I distinctly felt the os uteri encircling the tumor like a firm stricture. It was clearly a case of in- version of the uterus. The body of the organ being above the brim, and the os internum occupying the centre of the inver- sion, an attempt was much does naprosyn cost made to reinvert it. In about five min- utes the stricture gave way to the compression which we made, the left hand gained full possession of the cavity, and was felt externally over the pubes. In his remarks on this case, Ingle- by says : " The circumstance of the h}q30gastrium containing a portion naproxen 500mg generic naprosyn of buy naprosyn tablets the uterus, the body of the organ, as in this in- stance, may prove exceedingly deceptive. How imj)ortant, then, to ascertain where can i buy naprosyn whether the hj'pogastrium is occupied by the' fundus uteri, characterized by the firmness, roundness, and superior size ! " Ingleby had not eyidently recognized the true character of the inversion of this case. If this was the correct ACTIVE UTEKIlS'i: USTYERSIOK. 467 d^escnption, then the naprosyn sr tablet 1000 mg fundus was certainly not indented, nor do we see after complete or partial inversion the os internum in the centre of the fundus or lower part. I am further cor- roborated in my views by the additional remarks of Ingleby, that " there is a form of inversion in the course of can you get high off naprosyn 500mg its longi-

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