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posed to take a more liberal and conservative view of my pro- fessional brethren of an established reputation, equal if not su- perior by their advantages motrin 100 mg and experience. I do not motrin products hesitate, therefore, to claim the truthfulness and honesty of their re- ported cases, as of equal clinical motrin b value as any other authority, as the testimony of Boyer has affirmed. Case I. Sjpontaiieous Partial Inversion of the Uterus, with Procidentia. (By William Lawkence.) Sarah Smith, thirty-two years of age, a maid-servant, was admitted into St. Bartholomew's Hospital, June 12, 1838. She had always enjoyed good health, and felt herself quite well at the time of her admission. Three years ago she had borne a child, and the catamenia had been perfectly regular since that time. She had menstruated three weeks before she came to the hospital. She represented to me that she had a swelling in the private parts. I found on examination a tumor hanging fi*om the external organs motrin 18 as large whats in motrin as motrin 500 mg my fist, it was largest in the middle, a little smaller above and below. Observing 800 milligram motrin a transverse fissure in the middle of its inferior end, I at first supposed the case to be a complete prolapsus uteri, but could not recognize the usual appearance of the os tincse. The surface of the swelling in its uj^per two-thirds was smooth, pale, and nearly dry. This was obviously the vagina com- pletely everted. The lower third was a soft, villous, red sur- motrin pm coupon face, moistened by colorless mucus, and was soon recognized by the characteristic folds of the uterus inverted. A decided ACTIVE UTEEINE INVERSIOIf. 463 line marked the bouiidarj between tlie vaginal and nteriue portions of tlie tumor. She stated that she had experienced a bearing down and uneasiness for five months — that a protru- sion had occurred at the external parts for three months, going np of itself, after she had laid down permanently for the last three weeks, though she had continued to perform her duties as a domestic up to the day of her coming into the hospital. The mucous membrane of the cervix was healthy, and the cavity also. The exposed extra strength motrin membrane had secreted abundantly, for the chemise was completely saturated, and stiffened with an almost colorless discharge when the patient had gone to bed. I covered the protrusion with a soft cloth, and pressed it upward with the hand. It was necessary to exert consid- erable force, under which it suddenly receded. I motrin 500 saw her in August, when motrin 1000mg she remained perfectly well. Case II. Sj)07itaneous Partial Inversion of the Uterus, with Procidentia. (Service of Dr. I. E. Tatloe, reported by Dr. St. Geokge W. Teakle, House Physician, Charity Hos- pital.) — Susan Horton, colored, aged twenty-two years, single, born in Philadelphia, domestic, was admitted into the Charity motrin eq Hospital, August 16, 1871, by Dr. Taylor. This patient was sent to Dr. Taylor by Dr. Whitehead, as a motrin commercial case of procidentia uteri. Patient has always enjoyed excellent health. Her menses first appeared when she was thirteen years of age ; has been regular ever since. ITever had a discharge of any kind from the vagina or uterus. ISTever had sexual intercourse with any man. Has always worked as a chambermaid. Last June was obliged to cook, and while acting in that capacity was compelled to bring the coal from the cellar. After she had acted as cook for one month, she motrin printable coupon experienced dragging pains in the hypogastric region, and was easily tired, and had con- siderable soreness about the vulva. She noticed, on examin- ing cvs motrin the parts, that there was a red substance about one inch broad projecting through the labia majora, about two inches in width, a thick, glairy secretion. At this time her general health became very much impaired. When admitted, all the above-named symptoms were increased. It was supposed to motrin gel caps be a simple case of prolapsus, with elongation of the suprt:- 464 THE MECHANISM OF SPONTANEOUS vaginal portion of the cervix. On more close inspection, it was recognized as a partial inversion of the body of the uterus with prolapsus. The hymen was intact. The inverted par^ was covered with a glairy secretion, and the mucous mem- brane had a red, villous appearance. The sound, on motrin discontinued being introduced at the lower part of the tumor, was three inches to the fundus. From the transverse orifice to the os tincse, one and three-fourths inches, from the orifice to the vulva, two and one-fourth. The transverse diameter was one and a half in the centre of the tumor. The sound took an upward direction and slightly backward. Mr. Kochler, the artist, made an exact drawing of the case, by measurement. The patient was requested to keep her bed, as slie suffered no special inconvenience from the tumor. Dr. Taylor preferred to do nothing with the case under these motrin gel cir- cumstances, so as to ascertain how far Nature would aid in restoring it to its normal position and condition. In this case, as will be noticed by the diagram, no operation for prociden- tia uteri could possibly be of any avail. The peculiar con- dition of the uterus continued gradually changing tiU October 4th, when it had receded into the vagina, although motrin ad the os tincse was perceptible on the opening of the vulva, and natu- ral in appearance. The measurement of the uterus at that time was three inches, from the os tineas to the fundus. The following are the measurements taken every week from September 1st : One and three-fourth inches ; Septem- ber 12th, one and a half inch; September 19th,. one inch; September 26th, one-half inch ; October 4th, reinverted. October Zlst. — She was presented for the last time to the

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