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or wholly turned inside out. The cases of Le Blanc and others have been referred to by some authors, and considered as imperfect, therefore of no value, and be set aside as unworthy of credence, without any argument or proof from experience for so doing, and have been pronounced impossible, and an eiTor. I shall therefore in this paper confine myself to the presentation of cases of recent date to elucidate the object I propose, so that the rejected cases may not Purchase Mobic Online be considered as bearing on the subject. Eefer- ences of this kind would not strengthen Mobic Cost the position I hold, but would be brought to militate against it. It may be recollected, by some of the gentlemen present, that Dr. Edward Bigby several years ago published a short article on what he styled the " squatty uterus." This form of uterine affection was considered by him as a relaxed or softened condition which the uterus sometimes underwent in females who had in some instances amenorrhoea or other uterine affection. My attention from the first time 1 read 458 THE MECHANISM OF SPONTANEOUS liis remarks struck me as novel and sing-ular as to the " title " given to tlie disease. From that time I directed my investi- gations, when the opportune cases came under mj super- vision. In several instances I can confirm the opinion as expressed by him, that it was a soft and flabby modification of the structure of the uterus, but what its exact status path- ologically was I could not positively state, though I supposed and believed it was possibly only an intumescence, the uteras being larger, fuller, and softer than natural, through an in- crease of its vascular condition. In some of the cases when I have sounded the uterus for the purpose of restoring the men- ses, after a few months, or even after one month's arrest, and where other remedies had failed, the uterus in these cases would measure in the primipara as much as four to four and a half inches. If firmer pressure was made with the sound, it might be lengthened still more. The internal and external manipulation gave evidence that Buy Cheap Mobic the uterus was softer and larger than natural, and did not Mobic Price Purchase Mobic present that solid, firm and movable feel to the touch that a natural uterus would. In my monograph on "Procidentia Uteri" (published in the "Bellevue and Charity Hospital Eeports" for Generic Mobic 1869), I par- ticularly asked the attention of the profession to the ductility of the uterus Mobic Online in many instances, showing the opinion Huguier had promulgated in cases Mobic Mg of procidentia uteri was not tenable, that in the great majority of cases there was an hypertrophy of the supra-vaginal portion. On the contrary, that the supra- vaginal part was ductile, and the body also. As proof of this statement, I pointed out that it would admit of being elongated or stretched by the sound from one to two or three inches more than others, and even at the same sitting; that tlie organ might be compared to a piece of moist, soft, pliable India-rubber, and that in some instances after excision of the infra-vaginal part of the cervix, it would in a few hours, in some cases, recede to its normal place, and be reduced from six or seven inches to three or four, which could not have been the case if there was an hypertrophy, as mentioned and entertained by Huguier ; that it was a condition of the uterus nearly allied to that which is recognized after confinement, where the organ had not Buy Mobic undergone its perfect involution. ACTIVE UTERES^E IjSTYEESIOTs^ 459 Independent of these cases, we presented two cases where pregnancy existed at from three to four months, where gestation could not b J close investigation be made out, in which the sound was introduced, and the uterus measured ten to twelve inches. The ductility of the uterus had also been noticed in the unim- pregnated state in cases of procidentia uteri, in which the Order Mobic Online depth or leno;th of the womb measured from eight to ten inches. Cases of this character, where the sound has been introduced to Meloxicam 15mg this depth, have been supposed to have perforated the tissue of the uterus, and gone through the peritonoeum. Another opinion advanced is, that where the sound has passed that length, it has entered the Fallopian tube. I will not deny that in both these kind of cases it may have happened. In the cases which Meloxicam 15 have come under my observation no injury or pain has ever resulted, I take it for granted, therefore, that I did not pierce the uterus and the peritonaeum, and from the cen- tral position of the sound, when the uterus was felt above the pubes, that I had not entered the Fallopian tube. Dr. Alt, in his gynaecological lecture, December 10, 1870, describes two cases occurring in the recently-confined woman, in which the sound was passed seventeen to thirteen centi- metres, that is, from five to seven inches. ISTo haemorrhage followed in either case, nor any symptom of disease. On ac- count of the Mobic Tablets length the sound entered, he believed that a per- foration Meloxicam Mg of the uterus occun*ed, and he agrees with Dr. Hoenig, who holds the same view. Ilildebrand, and some others, think that the instrument goes into the abdomen through the Fallopian tube. Hoenig's analysis of cases on record Buy Mobic Online proves this to be untenable, but more especially is the incorrectness of the opinion proved by the observations of Dr. Edward Martin, of Berlin, in his work " On Displacements and Curvations of Cheap Mobic the Meloxicam Meloxicam Uterus." On laying- open the abdomen in one of his cases Order Mobic similar to those of Alt, he saw that the instrument had passed into the abdomen What Is Meloxicam through the walls of the uterus. Cases of this nature have been witnessed in this city, but the condition of the uterus was so soft and thin that it could easily be pierced. The tes- timony of these authorities is opposed to that of Hildebrand and others who believe that the sound enters the tube. The

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