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In diarrhoea, a tenth of a grain of calomel, with half a grain of extract of krameria and half a gfrain of Dover's powder, every two or three hours. For children from one to six years old : In ordi- nary constipation, a quarter of a grain of calomel every hour for five hours, then every two hours. If no movement is obtained after the eighth dose, a winglass of citrate of magnesium is administered, also an enema is given if necessary. In obstinate constipation, calomel, half a grain, combined with a Mirapex Cost tenth of a grain of extract of bella- donna, every hour for three doses, then to be given every two hours, and after the Buy Mirapex fifth dose two wine- glasses of citrate of magnesium are administered. July 2-], 1901.] THERAPEUTICAL NOTES. 165 If no movement is obtained in three hours, a high enema is then given Mirapex 0.125 Mg which contains warm soapsuds, oHve oil, What Is Mirapex oil of turpentine, and castor oil. In diar- rhoea, Mirapex Price a quarter of a grain of calomel, with from a half to two grains of extract of krameria and a quarter of a grain of Dover's powder, every one to three hours. For children from six to fourteen years old : In constipation, calomel, a quarter to half or one grain every one or two hours, or combined with a tenth of a grain of extract of belladonna. In obstinate constipation, cascarin, half to one and a half grain, may be added, or a tenth of a grain of resin of podophyllum ; also an Generic For Mirapex enema should be given if it is necessary. If the constipation is of long standing, a better effect of the Cheap Mirapex drug is obtained if the enema is given first. In diarrhoea, an eighth of a grain of calomel with small doses of bismuth subnitrate, three grains of extract of krameria, and a grain of Dover's powder, every two or three hours. For Mirapex Er youths and adults : In constipation, a quarter Buy Mirapex Online to a grain of calomel with aloin, strychnine sulphate, and extract of belladonna, Mirapex 1 Mg every three Mirapex For Rls hours. If haemorrhoids are present, omit the Mirapex 0.25 Mg aloin and substi- tute cascarin. In obstinate constipation, increase the dose of calomel to two to three grains and also add resin of podophyllum. An enema and massage of the abdo- men may also be required. For diarrhoea, calomel, an eighth of a grain, com- bined with bismuth subnitrate and extract of kra- meria, Pramipexole Mirapex Mirapex Coupons every two to three hours. Whenever Mirapex Litigation a rapid and a large Mirapex Rls movement is re- quired, Mirapex Coupon a large single dose of calomel gives the best results. Cljcrapcutrcal |lotcs. An Ointment for Sunburn. — Dr. Thompson recommends this ointment for sunburn : 5 Bismuth subnitrate i Mirapex Generic drachm ; Petrolatum i ounce. M. To be spread well over the burned area. The Treatment of Teething. — Dr. Beal, of Lille (Nord medical, May ist),. gives the indica- tions as follows: i. Incision. 2. Attend to acci- dents. In nervous accidents of meningitic char- acter, the author advises hot baths at 98.6° F., for five minutes at a time. The child should then be placed in a woollen coverlet until the sudorfic action is complete (usually about half an hour). In intestinal accidents nothing is of greater value than a purgative, followed by a water diet. In the first case the author gives a small Generic Mirapex dose of antipyrine; in the latter, especially if there is de- pression, a coffeespoonful of cognac in a tum- bler of water. If surgical intervention is im- practicable from any reason, from the very be- ginning frictions with cocaine lotion or mentho-

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