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West does not positively deny its taking place, provided its parietes should be yielding. Duncan, the latest writer on the production of inversion (1868), says : "I shall only say that I cannot believe that such an inversion ever occurred." Within the last few years the attention of the medical profession has been more particularly directed to the manner of replacing the uterus, after its inversion, to its natural position, on account of the success attending personal and persevering efforts, than to an investigation into the special causes of the methotrexate injection cost inversion, and tlie mechanism during the act. Methods methotrexate rxlist and processes have been advanced and claimed as new, which are in fact older views resuscitated without conceding the credit to the just and proper authorities they were " based on." The study of the mode of the production of inversion M'ould seem to have been in abeyance, and the truthfulness of the interpretation of its mechanism or progress has been regarded as absolutely settled. Judging from the discordant opinions which are enter- tained by some standard authorities on inversion, anatomi- cally and physiologically, I have thought, independent of the views I will offer regarding its production, it might be well to resurvey some points which have a bearing on the subject, and which wonld be opportune and applicable at the present ACTIVE UTEEn^E US'VERSIOIS'. 451 moment. A resurvey of this important subject maj prove beneficial. It is very difficult to appreciate all that has been done on any one subject without retracing our steps and scan- ning the various opinions as to its mechanism and treatment. It is possible it might be considered superfluous and useless, as the opinion has been expressed that any other view than the ancient one would simply be an inference or an impossi- bility. I am willing, nevertheless, to accept 6 mp methotrexate this charge, and will proceed methotrexate and ms to ask your attention to the subject. The views and opinions I hold I am fully aware are not in consonance with those of the profession, but this ought not to deter me from presenting them, as they are the results of long and con- tinued thought, with no limited amount of methotrexate cream experience in uterine and obstetrical practice, public and private. I intend presenting such cases as will clinically suggest another aspect besides the generally-received one of how the inversion methotrexate for ms takes place. The usual views are : 1. That the fundus of the uterus is always the part first indented or depressed, and the uterus in a state of partial or complete inertia. 2. That it may occur vrhen there is active contraction of methotrexate canada the body and fundus. I wish to remark, on these propositions or theories, that I do not deny that the fundus is the part first depressed, as in a passive condition of the uterus when in state of inertia or functionally paralyzed, by artificial means, as the traction on the cord, or too short a methotrexate india cord, or by the forceps, or by small methotrexate b12 and large polypi, and when the long obstetrical forceps may be ap- plied to deliver the polypus. I have on several occasions had the opportunity of operating by the latter means, and have noticed the manner of inversion. In our profession there is not one who does not pharmacology of methotrexate recog- nize and realize how great the difierence of opinions and views is we hold on the same subject, and from the same stand-point. By a diflerent process of investigation, and ex- perience, and reasoning, we methotrexate usp may present another methotrexate pharmacology explanation, although the same result will be obtained, as equally satisfac- tory. It is usually conceded that inversion methotrexate 12.5 mg of the womb is a rare accident. It is my firm conviction that this opinion is incor- 452 THE MECHANISM OF SPOJfTANEOUS rect. My impression was confirmed in looking over the large number of cases which are recorded in methotrexate 7.5 mg the methotrexate sodium 2.5 mg difierent journals and transactions. Many members of the profession, it is true, have been engaged in practice for years, and have never met with a case. Prof. Simpson, it is said, had never seen a case of acute inversion. This, however, is no argument in favor of its rarity. They may have been fortunate in the management of their obstetrical cases by not making traction on the cord, or the harsh removal of the placenta, and believe that they have thus prevented its occurrence. Eeference has by many authorities been made to the large number of cases of labor occurring in the Eotunda Hospital, Dublin, as methotrexate 17.5 mg a proof of its infrequency. From the statistics the inference topical methotrexate has been drawn that it must have been from the great care, attention, and methotrexate generic name management, bestowed upon the delivery of the placenta, witli little or no pulling on the cord. Dr. More Madden, in his article on " Acute Inversion," in the Dublin Journal of Medi- cal Sciences, November, 18T0, states that "up to the end of the year 1868, when 190,883 women had been confined in the hospital since its foundation in IT-IS, only one case of acute or recent inversion was observed, nor has any happened since then." Desormeaux and Dubois entertain a difierent opinion. Dr. Eadford, of Manchester (1837), is also inclined to think so, and cites the evidence of others in favor of that view. Some members of the profession have informed me that they have met with several cases. Silence on tlie subject has been ob- served by some, who have thought censure might be attached to them for bad or careless conduct of the case of labor. In- stances, therefore, of cases under such circumstances, if they had been reported, would have swollen the list of frequency. Experience at methotrexate 2.5 mg tablet the present day shows also that spontaneous

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