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446 OBITUAEY. In consequence of the protracted and severe military struggle in whicli liis native country was then unhappily in- volved. Dr. Lee was induced, late in the fall of 1862, while at Naples, on his way to Egypt and the East, to turn his steps homeward. He reached New York early in 1863, and imme- diately offered his services to the Government, in the capacity of a surgeon. He was accepted and assigned to duty in a hos- pital, but, very properly Mesterolone Tablets believing that he could be more useful in a wider field than he enjoyed in the subordinate position which had been allotted him, he soon resigned, and accepted a situation as hospital inspector and visitor, in the United States Sanitary Commission's employ. He labored efiiciently in this field until the close of the war. In the spring of 1865, soon after the suiTcnder of General Lee's army, the doctor was engaged for several months throughout the South in collecting materials for " Memoirs of a Sanitary History of the "War," particularly as relating to the Confederate armies, with hospital statistics, army diseases, etc., in which he was remarkably successful. A portion of these valuable papers will be found in the " Sanitary Records and Medical History of the War," issued by the United States Sanitary Commission. In 1850 Dr. Lee purchased a handsome residence in the neighborhood of the Highlands near Peekskill, on the Hudson. He loved domestic retirement and quiet Generic Mesterolone study ; and there, with his library and his family around him, he passed much of his time in study and writing, and in the enjoyment of quietude during the closing years of his life. For the last ten years he has taken a very active interest in some of the great humanitarian movements, especially in instituting and encouraging reform in the management and care of the chronic insane of the United States. As a large majority of this unfortunate class are quiet and harmless, and able to perform considerable bodily labor, he was opposed to shutting them up in close and crowded wards and cells, but favored their distribution under the care of suitable attendants and keepers, in simple, cheap, and comfortable cottages, after the French system, where they may enjoy open-air life, and a degree of domestic comfort, with sufticient daily exercise to r OBITIJAEY. 447 preserve health. Tliese views he has advocated at consider- able length in the form of two able reports, one made to the New York State Medical Society, and published in their Transactions for the year 1865 ; the other as chairman of a committee appointed by the American Medical Association, and contained in their Transactions for 1868. Dr. Lee was a member of the New York Academy of Medicine, the New York State Medical Society, the American Medical Association, Buy Mesterolone the New York Historical Society, the New York Lyceum of Natural History, etc., and honorary member of the Connecticut State Medical Society, the Ohio State Medical Society, and a long list of other learned and scientific bodies, both at home and abroad. In 1835, he became a member of the Episcopal Church, with which he retained a consistent Christian connection to the time of Mesterolone Online his death. He was warden of St. Peter's Church at Peekskill for many years, always taking an active interest in its affairs. For a layman he was remarkably well versed in the61ogy, and liberal in his views of religion. Dr. Martyn Payne writes : " I had enjoyed an intimate acquaintance with Dr. Lee fer more than forty years, and had the highest esteem for him as a man of the most lofty virtues, and pro- found religious convictions. His writings attest the compre- hensive nature of his scientific and literary acquirements, as well as a vigorous and logical mind." Dr. Lee was taken ill on the 30th of January, with endo- carditis, and after two weeks of suffering died, with cahnness and Christian hope. His wife and three sons survive him, and were with him during his sickness. His remains have been interred in " Sleepy Hollow Cemetery," at Tarrytown, N. Y. —J. M. ToNEK, M. D. De. Jonathan Letterman. — In the death of Dr. Letter- man, which occurred in San Francisco on the 15th of March, the profession loses a member of no common ability, and the Medical Staff of the Army a former associate, whose labors shed lustre upon its ranks. Dr. Letterman was born near Washington, in Western Pennsylvania, and, after a thorough education at Dickinson 44S OBITTJAEY. College, pursued his medical studies in Pliiladelpliia, as a j)upil of Prof. F. Gurney Smith, and graduated with distinc- tion at the Jeiferson Medical College, in 1849. Entering the army in the same year, he served for years upon the Pacific coast and in the Northwest; and at the commencement of the late war was placed in medical charge of the Department of Western Virginia. Here his great executive abilities first displayed themselves, and after a brief term of service he was

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