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been chosen, but that is a Lotrisone Uses matter of little consequence, and we hope the new Buy Lotrisone enterprise will be substantially appreciated by tlie profession. On Lisping, [^st. Zeitsch. Pract. Heilh, 18Y1, 29.]— By lisping (blsesitas) are understood those affections of speech which consist in the transformation of the letter a and its com- binations into a hissing, unintelligible sound. It is founded either on faulty using of the tongue acquired through careless- ness, or Lotrisone Ointment in some malformation of the latter, or finally on ab- sence of teeth. The treatment of this defect, where it does not depend upon some incurable pathological change, is usu- ally a successful one. The author has corrected defective for- mation of the s sounds in six to eight sittings, by demonstrat- ing the correct formation of these sounds, and compelling their energetic practice. The treatment of the faulty formation Order Lotrisone of the sell is more difiicult and complicated. The original is re- ferred to for a detailed account of the author's views. Gastric Juice and Pepsin in Solution as a Healing Application. IStoehr. Wien. Med. Wochenschr., No. 16, 1871.]— The author in'stituted a number of experiments with the above fluids, ap- plied as follows : the gastric juice of dogs was pencilled, at short intervals daily, fifteen to twenty times upon the wounded surface, or small pledgets of cotton were applied, and upon them a second larger Betamethasone Cream layer of wadding dipped in a very dilute solution of muriatic acid. Several experiments were made, especially upon chancres, upon soft chancres in particular. After five to eleven days, Lotrisone Otc commencing cicatrization followed as a rule. The remedy is chiefly indicated in soft chancre, in diphtheria, phagedasna, and nosocomial gangrene. Treatment of the Itch in Children. — Dr. A. Monti has made some experiments with copaiba-balsam and carbolic acid. The first was pure, the second in solution, one drachm to one pound MISCELLANEOUS AND SCIENTIFIC NOTES. 435 of water, or in the form of a salve, Generic Lotrisone one drachm to four ounces simple cerate. These preparations Dr. Monti has rubbed twice or thrice daily into the parts affected, after a preliminary wash- ing with ordinary soap. The use of copaiba is cheaper Lotrisone Online than Purchase Lotrisone Online that of balsam Peru ; that of carbolic acid is still cheaper, and the garments are not injured by the Buy Lotrisone Online latter. The treatment lasts with both from two to twelve days ; that by copaiba is especially adapted to sucking infants. The carbolic acid also relieves any eczema that may coexist. The copaiba-balsam has no effect, good or bad, on eczema. The Chorda Tjrmpani. [^Kel][> Erlenmayer' s Arch., 1871, 3.] — In a case of double paralysis of the facialis, the sense of taste was entirely lost Lotrisone Generic at the edges and tip of the tongue ; in the posterior portion, however, supplied by the glossopharyngeus, it was iminjured. It is therefore certain that, as Steiner {Arch. furHeilk.^ 18Y0) has also asserted, the sense of taste in the front of the tongue is effected by the chorda alone. A New Hospital in Philadelphia. — We learn from the Phil- , adel^hia Medical Times that the new orthopedic hospital was Lotrisone Price opened on February lYth. The medical staff consists of the following gentlemen : Consulting Surgeons, Drs. S. D. Gross and Geo. W. Norris ; Attending Surgeons, Drs. T. G. Martin, D. Hayes Agnew, H. Ernest Goodman, and W. Hunt ; Physician, S. Lotrisone Cost "Weir Mitchell, M. D. ; Medical Electri- cian, Matthew J. Grier, M. D. ; Resident Physician, David Davidson, M. D. The Jefferson Alunini. — A social reunion of the Alumni Association of Jefferson Medical College is to be held in Phil- adelphia during the session of tlie American Medical Lotrisone Lotion Associa- tion in that city. Those who expect to be present are Buy Cheap Lotrisone re- quested to send their names and addresses to Clotrimazole And Betamethasone either of the sec retaries, J. Erving Mears, M. D., 222 South Sixteenth Street, and R. J. Dnnglison, M. D., G3G North Eighteenth Street. Lectures Purchase Lotrisone on the Nervous System^ — A course of lectures was begun on tlie 19th ult., at the New York State Hospital for Diseases of the Nervous System, and will be continued every Tuesday, at 1.30 p. m., by Drs. T. M. B. Cross and John J. 436 OBITUAEY. Mason, attending physicians to tliat hospital. Stndents oi medicine and physicians generally are invited. Congenital Syphilitic Muscular Affection. — Herring reports a case of peripheric paresis of the right arm produced by con. genital syphilis. The tenderness of the paretic muscles, said to be frequent by Bednar, was not present in this case, al- though there was at first great pain on movement in the pa- retic extremities. The child in question was three weeks old. The paresis was cured by the use of sublimate-baths. Death from Bichloride of Methylene. — A married woman {Medical Times Order Lotrisone Online and Gazette), forty-four years of age, who was about to undergo an operation for cancer of the breast, expired suddenly while under the influence of bichloride of methylene. A Severe Form of Chicken-Pos. — It is reported that an aggravated form of chicken-pox has been prevalent in San Francisco. Some of the severer cases have been Lotrisone Creme mistaken for variola. #Iri;txtanj.

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