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Lastly, do not establish a hard and fixed rule for the giving of calomel, but study each case and ad- minister the drug as the case requires, and you will find that many times calomel will act jiicunde as well as tuto, and you will avoid many a complaint from a dissatisfied patient. The Presence of an Alkali Required. Dr. B. Discount Lotrel E. Henrahan, of Neiv Haven, Conn., after some statements as to the chemistry of calomel, says: By the action of nitric or hydrochloric acid calo- mel is slowly converted into corrosive Lotrel Price sublimate; the chlorides also produce corrosive sublimate ; it should, therefore, not be prescribed at the same time with ammonium chloride or Lotrel 10 nitro-hydrochloric acid, which last is specially indicated in torpor of the liver; symptoms of violent gastric irritation have unexpectedly Buy Lotrel resulted from neglecting this precau- Lotrel Coupon tion. The peculiarity of calomel as a mercurial agent is that it produces little local irritation ; it acts as a purgative by increasing the secretion of bile and other intestinal fluids, and hence is much relied on in affections of the liver and obstruction to the portal circulation. It is much combined with other reme- dies, being greatly modified in its effects by judi- cious combination with sedatives, cathartics, and astringents. Its power to salivate is Lotrel Cost greatly increased by long trituration with sugar of milk, perhaps on account of Lotrel Online the extremely fine division to which it is thus brought, or to some chemical change which may take place. Calomel, when used as a purge, should be given in the dose of from one sixth to one half a grain every Cheap Lotrel fifteen minutes until one or two grains are taken, as it will act as effectively in this way as if ten grains are given at once, and there Lotrel 20 Mg is no danger of Lotrel Coupons producing ptyalism. The reason that small doses are as efficient as large ones is that only the calomel which is changed into the gray oxide is active, and. as there is only a small amount of alkaline juice in the intestine, a small part of Lotrel Mg the large dose of calo- mel takes effect, the greater portion escaping un- changed. Ijicarbonate of sodium is added to calomel to aid the intestinal juice in reducing the salt. If purga- Lotrel 10 Mg tion Lotrel 5 does not occur after administering calomel, a dose of magnesium sulphate or some other saline may be given in from eight to twenty-four hours, and this should always be used if large doses of calo- mel are given, to avoid possible mercurialization. In diarrhoea of children or infants who have flatu- lence, a foetid breath, and ill-smelling, green stools, the following is recommended : IJ Calomel, each I grain ; Powdered ipecac, J Sugar of milk 20 grains. M. Divide into ten powders, one to be taken three times a day. In dysentery give calomel, ten grains, and bicar- bonate of sodium, ten grains, at one dose on the tongue, not to be given if a state of profound ex- Buy Lotrel Online haustion exists ; also powdered ipecac, three grains, every hour, until profuse black stools are passed. In jaundice due to hepatic congestion with constipa- tion, give one sixth of a grain of calomel with twenty grains of bicarbonate of sodium Purchase Lotrel every half hour, to be followed by Rochelle salts. Calomel is generally prescribed in conjunction with sugar of milk or Order Lotrel bicarbonate of sodium, which is added Lotrel 5 Mg to increase the bulk of the powder and, in the case of the latter ingredient, to increase Lotrel 510 its activ- ity. The most agreeable form of administration is in triturates. The Dose Must be Adjusted to the Conditions Met With. Dr. Samuel Floersheim, of New York, writes: For infants (children under a year old) : In con- stipation, an eighth of a grain of Lotrel 10 20 calomel adminis- tered every hour for six hours, then every two hours. If this fails to act, half a wineglass of citrate of magnesium is administered and an enema of warm soapsuds given.

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