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weight given to that symptom. Besides this, Parry gives five i'urther cases, where enlargement of the thyroid gland occurred in connection with affections of the head, epilepsy, headache, dizziness, deafness, etc. Emmert, therefore, proposes to call the disease after neither Basedow nor Graves, but after Parry. In conclusion, the author reports twenty cases of his own observation. Of these, 10 per cent, occurred in men, and 50 per cent, in women. Exophthalmus Lopid Price was constantly present, Buy Lopid Online in one case, on one side only, while the thyroid gland was en- larged on both sides. In every case there were a diminution of sensibility in the cornea and conjunctiva, and lessened Lopid 600mg re- flex action of the lids. At times there occurred a slight im- pairment of the sight without any apparent ophthalmoscopic cause ; in two cases, atrophia nervi optici, and more often en- largement of the retinal veins, with simultaneous constriction of Gemfibrozil 600 the arteries. In about six cases peculiar disorder of the speech occurred. When the individual attempted to speak, and the mouth was widely opened, there set in a spasmodic movement of the jaw, and only after some Lopid 60 Mg exertion was he master of his speech, which was somewhat hasty and often indistinct. Annual Report of the Clinic for Laryngoscopy, at the Vienna University, for 1870. — Sclirotter presents in this report a review of the doings of his laryngoscopic clinic. The author briefly describes the different variety of disease in series. lu the chap- ter on symptomatic catarrh the author says that he Lopid Tablets has obseiwed it four times with vitium cordis, and once with a tumor of the 430 MISCELLANEOUS AND SCIENTIFIC NOTES. mediastinum. In one of these cases, whicli is fully described, Sclirotter bases the diagnosis on an open septum ventricnlo- Gemfibrozil Cost rum, a diagnosis which was also confirmed by Skoda. The chapter on perichondritis deserves especial mention, as it con- tains a number of exceedingly instructive cases. The chapter on neoplasms is very full, and the author reports excellent re- sults from local anaesthesia in many of these cases. His meth- od consists in pencillings with chloroform and concentrated solution of morphia. In connection with the disorders of in- nervation, the author adduces a new observation, and one, as he says, not yet noticed by any other author, which consists in the fact that short spasmodic twitching movements of aryte- noid cartilage of the paralyzed side occurred, whence the au- thor supposes a partially-retained functional activity of the oblique muscle. Schrotter's Order Lopid Online results are strikingly favorable in the treatment of the tracheal stenoses caused by struma, as he succeeded in curing the majority of his patients with iodine- glycerine inunctions. Experiments on Hsemorrhages from the Lungs. \CentraWl. Med. Wiss.^ Generic Lopid 43, 1871.] — Injections of blood were made by Sommerbrodt into the air-passages of five-and-twenty small and medium-sized dogs. A metal canula, with stopcock, was fixed into the carotid, and a similar one inserted through a previous simple puncture into the trachea. By means of a metal syringe, 104 Gemfibrozil 600 Mg en. of blood was drawn from the carotid, and injected thereupon slowly into the Order Lopid trachea. In the same manner, half-fluid blood, or, just before or just after fresh blood, a solution of liq. ferri sesquichlor. was injected. The animals were killed by bleeding from the carotid, in from one to twelve hours, in respectively two to twelve days after the operation. The principal results Gemfibrozil 600mg of the experiments were as follows: 1. Extravasation in the bronchi was present, ex- ceptionally only, twenty-four hours after the injection of fresh blood. 2. The artificially-produced extravasations disappeared with equal rapidity. 3. Injection of a solution of liq. ferri sesquichlor. (gutt. viii. ad 30.0 aq. dest.) caused croupous pneumonia; from five to ten minutes after Lopid Cost such injections, constant vomiting was noticed, Avhich the author regards as MISCELLANEOUS AKD SCEEXTLFIC NOTES. 431 a reflex action from irritation of tlie fibres of the vagus given off to the Gemfibrozil Price kings, and which seems to Buy Cheap Lopid have an analogy to the pervious side. He furtlier advises that the opening be m ade Lopid Mg by the above section, and also suggests the use of the galvano- caustic method. The Plague in Persia. — Dr. Castaldi, the Ottoman sanitary delegate attached to the Turkish embassy at Teheran, has re- cently, by order of the Ottoman sanitary department, inquired into the nature of a disease which had broken out in Persian Koordistan, reported to be the plague. Dr. Castaldi lias sent in his report, and in his opinion there cannot be any doubt as to the character of the disease. The malady is characterized by a strong fever, accompanied with typhous symptoms, with the appearance of buboes under the arms, in the groin, and in tlie neck, of carbuncles on various parts of the body, and of spots scattered over the whole surface of the skin. It carries the sufferer off quickly, attacking several houses in one place, and several persons in the same family, and transmits itself fi'om an infected place to a liealthy one. Buy Lopid " Such a malady," says Dr. Castaldi, "cannot be any thing Cheap Lopid but the Eastern plague of former times." According to the report, it was during the last winter that the plague appeared in the district of Mukry, in the Aderbidjau, in two villages situated at a short distance from each other, Gemfibrozil Mg and called Djoumouchau and Arbauonz. These two small villages have been completely depopulated, only seven or eight persons having been spared by the scourge. Dr. Castaldi feels at a loss to point out the causes which have produced the epidemic, for the district is the healthiest in all Persia. — Medical Times and Gazette, March 2c?. On the "Use of Phosphorus in Diseases of the Skin. [^Gaz. Med. Ital. Lonib.'] — Since between arsenic and phosphorus there exists a species of parallel relative to their chemical prop- erties and physiological effects, Dr. Broadbent experimented

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