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worm has only to follow, or to enlarge by means of its moder- MISCELLANEOUS AND SCIENTIFIC NOTES. 427 ately fii"m head-end. ]S"one of the known varieties of hctz 12.5 lisinopril worms possess an organ by which to effect a perforation or eating- through of the intestinal coats. Against the assumption of Yon Siebold and others that the purchase lisinopril ascarides are able, by means of the resistant head and with its three projections around the mouth-opening, to merely press apart the intestinal walls, so tliat the opening closes again behind them, Bamberger asserts that this could, at the most, occur in the muscular layers, but not in the mucous and lisinopril hctz 20 serous membranes of the intestines with their dense structure. According to Buhl and others, collec- tions of womis may cause stretching, softening, diplitheria, and finally perforation of the intestines. This the author does not believe. When, as in the above case, after perforation of the ceecum or vermiform process, ascarides are evacuated with pus and the intestinal contents, the former is not to be regarded as the causa proxima of the entii-e process, but simply as an acci- dental phenomenon. — Siig. Allg. Med. Centr. Zeitg., 1871. American Medical Association. — The twenty-third lisinopril 10 Annual Session will be held in Philadelphia, Pa., May 7, 1872, at 11 A. M. Committees are expected to report — On Cultiva- tion cheap lisinopril of the Cinchona-Tree. On the Anatomy and Diseases of the Petina. On the Comparative Pathology lisinopril 5 mg and the Effects which Diseases of Inferior Animals have upon the Human System. On the Structure of the "White Blood-Coi-puscles. On Vaccination. On Skin-Transplantation. On the l^ature and Process of the Restoration of Bone. On some Diseases peculiar to Colorado. On Correspondence with State Medical Societies. On ISTational Health Council. On I^omenclature of Diseases. On what, if any. Legislative Means are expedi- ent and available to prevent the Spread of Contagious Dis- eases. On American Medical Necrology. On Medical Edu- cation. On Medical Literature. On Prize Essays. On the Climatology and Epidemics of all the States. Physicians desiring to present papers before the Associa- tion should observe the following rule : " Papers appropriate to the several Sections, in order to se. cure consideration and action, must be sent to the Secretary of the appropriate Section at least one month before the meeting 428 MISCELLANEOUS AND SCIENTIFIC NOTES. whicli is to act upon them. It sliall be the duty of the Secre- tary to whom such papers are sent to examine them lisinopril 10mg with care, and, with the advice of the chairman of his Section, to deter- mine the time and order of their presentation, and give due notice of the same." Secretaries order lisinopril of all medical organizations are requested to forward lists of their delegates, as soon as elected, to the Per- manent Secretary. Eailroad and hotel arrangements will be announced lisinopril 20mg at an early date. W. B. Atkinson, Permanent Secretary, 1400 Pine Street, Philadelphia. Manassein on the Means for lowering the Temperature. \Pflueger^s Arch,, 18T1, No. iv.] — The author found, if rab- bits, seated at ease in a box, were swung in a transverse direc- tion to their length, and with a rapidity of twenty-eight to thirty double swings, at a pendent lisinopril 5 length of 117 ccm., that the temperature taken in the rectum lisinopril hctz 12.5 mg after the swinging was, by 0.3° to 1.2° C, in the mean lisinopril 20 by 0.66°, lower than before. The depression of temperature continued from a half to two hours, and was most decided after fifteen minutes of swinging ; a longer swinging did not increase the effect. The maximum of the depression of temperature occurred, at first, some time (about thirty minutes) after the cessation of lisinopril buy the swinging. The last-named circumstances, as well as that the wrapping of the animals in cotton-batting in no wise hindered the effects, and, on the other 20 mg lisinopril hand, that a lisinopril 40 mg more rapid swinging appeared less effective, prove that the current of air which is produced by the swinging is not the cause. Swinging in the longitudi- lisinopril 12.5 nal diameter made the animal more afraid and more restless ; it had, however, the same influence upon the temperature. The effects of the swinging on rabbits were greater wliere the eyes were blinded, and less, on the other hand, in animals in which the respiration was moderately disturbed by the tightening of a cord around the neck, and also in animals only slightly narcotized by morphine. In injections of an ichorous fluid the feverish increase of temperature produced was lessened by the swinging, and indeed, by repeated swinging, brought to JIISCELLANEOUS AND lisinopril 12.5 mg SCIEIS-TIFIC NOTES. 429 tlie normal standard. Like other measures which depress the temperature, the swinging was less effective during the online lisinopril period of an increase of temperature. Historical Notice of Morbus Basedowii. \_Von Graefe's Arch., xvii., 1, p. 203.] — Emmert shows, from an extract of a work by Parry, that this author, as early as 1825, reported lisinopril 10 mg eight cases of morbus Basedowii, under the title of " Enlargement of the Thyroid Gland," with hypertrophy or palpitation of the heait. The description pretty well pictures the disease, although in but one of the cases was exophthalmus noticed, and no special

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