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regular intervals. As a rule, the permanent retention of the catheter in th& oladder is to be avoided, except, perhaps, in cases when the desire to pass water is very intense and frequent, or when the introduction of a catheter is very difficult. M. Guyon cites a case where it was worn for two years. It should in general be fixed in position till the bladder is habituated to catheterism. As adjuvants to the above treatment, injec- tions may be Purchase Levaquin employed, which may be hot, cold, or medicamented. as occasion may require. OBSTETKICS AND DISEASES OF WOMEN. I. — Hcemorrhoids in Pregnant and Puerperal Women, By FoEDYCE Bakkee, M. D. Buy Levofloxacin Online [American Practitioner, March, 1872.] We Buy Cheap Levofloxacin make the following extract from Prof. Barker's excel- lent paper on the above subject, giving in part his views on treatment : When haemorrhoids are developed during the later periods of preg- nancy, the indications are obviously to counteract the constipation or the diarrhoea, and to stimulate and to restore the tonicity of the hajraorrhoidal 412 EEPORTS OT^" THE PEOGEESS OF MEDICINE. veins. The inquiry will then naturally suggest itself, Have we any agent or combination of agents in the materia medica capable of eflfeoting these results ? I know of no article which so clearly and positively produces these two results as aloes, and on this I have mainly relied. I am well aware that the general voice of the profession is against the use of aloes where there is any tendency to liasmorrhoids. That " aloes is contra- indicated by haemorrhoids " is not only the doctrine of the "Dispensatory of the United States " (Wood and Bache), but it is also the opinion of most writers on materia medica Levaquin 500 from ancient times down to the present day. "Fuchsius was of opinion that, of one hundred persons who should take aloes frequently Cheap Levaquin as a laxative, ninety would be attacked with piles. Murray blames Levofloxacin Levaquin physicians who are induced by the gentle and certain ac- tion of this medicine to expose their patients to so serious a consequence. It was to this purgative that Fonsecha attributed the Levaquin Cheap prevalence of piles among the inhabitants of Padua, and Stahl makes a similar statement in regard to the people of Hamburg. Calvin is cited as a prominent exam- ple of this mischief produced by aloes; for this celebrated reformer is said to have died ultimately from the effects of the piles which it gave rise to; but, as he was of Levofloxacin 500 Mg a frail constitution, subject to quartan ague, gout, and gravel, the part which aloes bore in his demise may 500 Mg Levaquin reasonably be judged to have been small." But these opinions have not been accepted by all; for Oullen, Sir Benjamin Brodie, Trousseau and Pidoux, and others, have doubted whether aloes is productive of piles, but attribute this in- firmity not to the medicine, Levaquin Online but to the constipation which aloes is used to Levaquin Mg remove. I will, however, parenthetically say here, from my own obser- vation, I am convinced that aloes will, under certain conditions of the sys- tem, and in certain doses, develop piles. The special property of aloes is " to excite the muscular contractility of the colon and rectum," and " to stimu- late the venous system of the abdomen, and especially of the pelvis." That these are the effects of this agent I have not only the authority of special writers on therapeutics, as Pereira, Wood and Bache, and others, but I believe the general experience of the profession also will confirm the assertion. It would seem, therefore, that the use of aloes for the cure of hgemorrhoids in pregnant women Levofloxacin 500 would have suggested itself from a priori reasoning; but I am not aware, from any thing that I have read, that it ever has. I suppose that the general impression that aloes is contraindicated where there is any tendency to hseraorrhoids, and that it possesses emmena- gogue properties, Levaquin 500 Mg has had great influence in preventing this. In my own case the use of this article for this purpose was the result of Buy Levaquin gradually accumulating observation rather than from Levaquin 750 any reasoning on the subject. In the early days of my professional life I was engaged to attend a woman in her confinement who suffered from obstinate constipation. I prescribed for her Dewees's pills. At the time of her confinement she mentioned that in her former pregnancies she had suffered very much from piles, but that my pills had cured them. If I had known of her hssmor- rhoidal tendency I should not have given these pills, and I was therefore quite surprised by her statement, as the result seemed so contrary to all that I had been taught. From Levaquin 750 Mg this time I began to experiment as to the effect of aloes in the treatment of haemorrhoids, associated with constipa- tion, in the pregnant ; and for many years past I have constantly made use of aloes for their cure, whether the haemorrhoids were the result of constipation or of diarrhoea. I give it, combined with other agents, ac- cording to the special indications of each case, and in such doses as I learn, by experienceof the peculiar idiosyncrasy of the individual, are necessary to secure one easy, free, daily evacuation of the rectum. Some require a grain morning and evening, while in others a half-grain is sufficient. In anasmic patients I combine the aloes with the sulphate of iron. In the OBSTETEICS ANT> DISEASES OF WOMEN^. 413 last two weeks of gestation I Buy Levofloxacin always combine it with the extract of bolla- doDna. The following is a frequent prescription with me : 5. Pulv. aloes soc, ) _. . Sapo. cast., ^ ^a 3j ; Ext. hyoscyami, 3 ss ; Pulv. Levaquin Buy ipecacuan., gr. y. M. Ft. pil. (argent) No. 20. S. One morning and evening. "When the patient is an99mic, I add to the above one scruple ferri sul- phat. Some ten days or two weeks before the supposed time of labor I substitute the extract of belladonna, ten grains to one scruple, for the ex- tract of hyoscyamus. When the haemorrhoids are associated with Levaquin Levofloxacin an irri- table rectum, and frequent, small, teasing, thin evacuations, I substitute for the hyoscyamus a small quantity of opium, giving a smaller quantity of the aloes, as in the following formula : 5. Pulv, aloes soc, )

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