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time in her present situation. Since her arrival in town she had formed the acquaintance of a young tradesman, of whom she thought a great deal. His emf>loynient failing in Glasgow, he Lamotrigine Lamictal had left for some other part of the country. Since his departure she had been in very low spirits — so low that she had resolved on self-destruction, "With this intent she went to a drug- gist's shop and bought fourpence worth of Lamictal Buy poison, which she said was to kill mice. On her arrival home she mixed the poison in a cup, by means of a spoon, with cold water, and drank it off. She then poured water on the " grounds," as she called it, and drank off every particle ; and having burned the wrappers, " went to bed to die." She had taken no food for three hours previously, and then only a spare meal Cheap Lamictal of bread and tea. As nearly as I can calculate, I saw her twenty-five minutes after she had swal- lowed the poison. My patient recovered rapidly, and was able to be sent home in the course of next day. I have heard of her since Rash Lamictal her return to Ayrshire, and no bad results seem to have followed. To corroborate part of her statement, I went to the shop she mentioned, and found that a woman answering to her description had, at the same time she indicated, purchased two two-penny packets of vermin-killer for the purpose of kill- ing mice. The powder similar to which she swallowed I now show you. It is in moderately fine powder, of a bluish color ; metallic taste, not unlike that of sulphate of zinc, and very bitter. It mixes readily with water, is par- tially soluble in cold, and entirely so in boiling water. Under the micro- scope it appears starchy looking, with admixture of small crystals, and in a regular state of division. Tests for strychnia having been applied, that substance was found to be abundant. Order Lamictal To save the troublesome process of a quantitative analysis, the person who prepared the vermin-killer was com- municated with. He courteously replied that each six grains of the prep- aration contained exactly one grain of strychnine. Now, as the two two- penny packets Lamictal Online weigh exactly twenty grains, this gives three and a third grains strychnine as the quantity swallowed. The question here arises, Did she swallow the whob of the quantity she bought? From the cir- THEOEY AND PRACTICE. 407 cumstantial manner in whicli she described her process of raising and swal- lowing the dregs, along with her determination Lamictal Use to commit suicide, I have no doubt .of it. Another question may be put : Did she reject any part along with the mustard-and- water thirty-five Buy Lamictal Online minutes after swallowing the poison ? I am of opinion that she did not ; the rejected portion seemed not to have come from the stomach at all, but simply the ounce, or two at the most, of mus- tard-and- water which I had tried to force her Lamictal Discontinuation to swallow ; and the subse- quent persistence of symptoms goes far to confirm this. As to the treatment, I cannot say it was strictly scientific ; but the end justified the means. The urgency of symptoms was such that we used two remedies, tlie action of which, so far as we know, is not physiologically incompatible ; but, how far each individually, or Purchase Lamictal both conjointly, acted toward the end attained, I am not prepared to state. We know that strychnia destroys life by acting on the nerve-centres, and producing spas- modic contraction of the muscles of both respu*ation and Lamictal Rashes circulation ; and we are aware Lamictal Lamotrigine that chloroform abolishes reflex action. Is it not,then, likely that the chloroform, combined with the Calabar bean, had, so Lamictal Xr to speak, re- strained the physiological action of the strychnine until it had exhausted itself, and been eliminated from the system ? 3. — Desjperate Attemj[)t at Poisoning hy Chloroform and Mor- jyhine ; Recovery. By E. L. McTtke, M. D., Capivari, Brazil. [Nashville Journal of Medicine and Surgery, December, 1871.] A short time since, I was called to attend a man, aged thirty year?, who, for the purpose of self-destruction, had taken, at a dose, and without dilution, one ounce each of chloroform and sulphuric ether, and eight grains of morphine. This man is of a respectable family, and wealthy ; but, like Naaman the Syrian, he is a leper, and, although the disease is in its incipiency, the dark shadows it casts of a hopeless future of misery, of hideous, revolting deformity, and, above all, of separation from family and friends, made him, as he said, prefer strangling and death rather than life, under such circumstances. On pretext of wanting the medicines for a violent toothache, he easily obtained the medicines from a druggist in this place, and they were from the best European houses. For two days previous to the occurrence he had refused all food, and, consequently the stomach was in a proper condition to be readily im- pressed with the medicines. He swallowed the potion at 7 o'clock in the morning. Eis family were attracted to the room at once from hearing him coughing spasmodi- cally, and, on Lamictal Mg being asked what was the matter, he pointed Buy Cheap Lamictal to the empty phials, labelled with the names of the medicines, standing on a table near him. An hour passed before an attempt was made to give him any thing, when some person present suggested the idea of giving him vinegar and water, of which he swallowed a few spoonfuls. His condition appeared so hopeless to the family, that they thought he could not survive until a mes- senger could reach a physician, being distant eighteen miles to the nearest. At noon, finding he did not Generic Lamictal die, I was sent for, and reached the house of the patient at 5 o'clock Purchase Lamictal Online in the evening, ten hours after he had taken the mixture. Found him covered with a profuse perspiration ; pulse quick and full ; eyes insensible to light, and pupils very contracted ; stertorous respiration, with mucous rattle ; in short, having all the symptoms of pro- found narcotism. I attempted to give him some Avater, for the purpose of seeing if he could be made to swallow an emetic, but, ou trial, I found I could not do 408 EEPOETS ON THE Buy Lamictal PEOGRESS OF MEDICINE. any Order Lamictal Online thing in this way. I proceecled then to apply mustard to the spine, extremities, and chest; and, although the mustard-plasters caused vivid red- ness of the skin wherever applied, the patient showed no disposition to emerge from the comatose sleep. At 7 o'clock, finding no improvement, it occurred to me to try the

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