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or carbonate of ammonia Keflex 250 Mg may be added with advantage. In protracted cases I have seen decided benefit from the use Keflex 750 Mg of Liebig's extract of meat, made fresh and given frequently. I have also seen most marked benefit from the exhibition of hot saline enemata given after each motion. In some instances it Dose Keflex has acted like 500 Keflex Mg magic, the symptoms subsiding after one injection, but in many others they have been powerless. I have thought that the artificial supply of Nature's own remedies in the stage of malaise, the secretion of which is suspended by the action of the poison as the dis- ease advances to collapse, miglit be useful, and the results in a few cases were highly satisfactory; seven out of nine having recovered, and the two fatal cases having been pulseless and dying before the remedies were used : these remedies were gastric juice and bile, in the form Order Keflex Online of acidulated pep- sine, fifteen grains, and inspissated bile fifteen grains, given alternately every hour. The dose of bile was followed by vomiting ; but bile soon appeared in the evacuations, and mild reaction set in gradually. Shampoo- ing with wann turpentine liniments gives relief to the cramps, and mustard- poultices on the epigastrium restrain the vomiting. I think I have used a little quinine with advantage when Nature made an effort Keflex Oral Suspension at reaction. THEORY A^B PRACTICE. 405 Calomel is inert in collapse, both in large and small doses, and probably the benefit attributed by many to its use arises Keflex Online from its being employed instead of spirits or strong remedies. There is danger of its being accumu- lated in large quantities when reaction takes place. Sulphuric acid and acetic acid are less dangerous ; but I have not seen decided benefit from their use. I have not found advantage from ammonia, except when added in small quantities to the cold water. I found, in 1833, the transfusion of saline fluids into the veins caused most hopeful reaction Keflex 400 Mg ; but it was only temporary, and this is the general result of numerous trials made by other medical officers Keflex 500mg Price in India. Brandy I consider dangerous in proportion to the quantity given in the stage of collapse, and opium as decidedly poisonous in this stage. Chloroform, though it may give temporary relief, tends to induce dangerous head-symptoms on reaction. Astringents are not beneficial. Purgatives are dangerous in the earlier stages, and not useful in collapse; tliey are generally condemned in India. Heat has been extensively tried by warm baths, but the fatigue entailed is dangerous. It has been tried in the form of hot-air baths, but the result has not been en- couraging. When reaction takes place, rest and careful nursing will complete the cure where collapse has not lasted long ; but in protracted cases, in addi- tion to these remedies, medical treatment may Keflex Dosage be required for low fever, urgeraia, or local complications, regulated by the ordinary rules. '2.— Case of Strychnia-Poisoning, and Recovery under Treat- ment xoith Calabar Bean and Chloroform. By John White, M. D., Glasgow. [Glasgow Medical Journal, August, 1871.] On the 15th August last, at 10.10 p. m., I was called on by Mr. P., who said that he would like me to come quickly and see his servant-maid, who, he thought, was either mad or dying. I went at once, and found the girl in bed in a prone posture, and in state of tetanic spasm. On making examination, Keflex 500mg the smallest touch induced powerful spasmodic convulsions ; in fact, a condition ending in complete emprosthotonos. Her eyes stared wildly, her pupils were dilated, jaws firmly closed, respiration difficult and laborious, pulse very quick. The paroxysms returned every thirty or forty seconds. During the paroxysms she seemed inclined to turn on her side, and the violence with which the jaws closed was suggestive of the ac- tion of a rat-trap. On the accession of each paroxysm she howled fearfully, and so loudly that neighbors above, and below on the same stair, were kei)t in a state of terror for several hours. Her cries seemed slightly to precede the muscular contraction. During the short intervals, I, with difficulty, elicited the information that she Keflex 1000 Mg had taken vermin-killer, with suicidal intent, and also that she did not wish to recover. From the symptoms, I had no difficulty Keflex For Mrsa in concluding that the poison had been some form of strychnine. I at once mixed a tablespoonful of mustard with a tumbler- ful of water, and tried to force her to swallow it. From the clinched condition of her jaws, I could only succeed in forcing a small quantity down her throat, which was almost immediately rejected in tlie same state as when swallowed ; and it failed to induce vomiting. I then put her under the influence of chloroform, and sent for my neighbor. Dr. Niven. On his arrival at 11 o'clock, seeing that the state of the jaws precluded the use of the stomach-pump, we agreed to try the eff'ect of the Calabar bean, conjoined with chloroform. Half a grain of the extract in the form of tincture was accordingly administered at once, and the chloroform con- tinued, remitting it every fifteen minutes or so, to examine her condition. 406 EEPOETS OIT THE PEOGEESS OF MEDICINE. For an hour and a half the paroxysms continued, tliough by the end of that time they -^ere much decreased in intensity. At 12.45 the paroxysms returned with tlieir original violence. The pupils were still dilated ; the pulse 130 to 140, small and irregular. Another half-grain dose of the extract was then administered, and Keflex Order the chloroform continued as befoi'C. While under its influence the pulse fell to 88, full, soft, regular ; but, so soon fis the effect of the chloroform woi-e Purchase Keflex off, Keflex Purchase it again mounted to 130. This was observed on each withdrawal of the antesthetic. "While under its influence she frequently made use of the expression, " O poor Bob ! " suggestive of some love-affair having had something to do with her present situation. The chloroform was continued remittingly till two o'clock, when it was withdrawn for a short time. The pulse rose to 100, and, on touching her body, spasms were again Buy Keflex excited, though not violently as be- fore. She now complained of pains in the head and jaws, and expressed herself as anxious to recover. Cloths wrung out of cold water were now applied to the head, which she said eased the pains considerably. The pupils were now contracted, though not very much. At 2,45 she vomited freely, and by 3.30 the spasms had almost entirely disappeared ; pulse 86, small, soft. I saw her again at 9 ; found her much exhausted ; complained of pain Antibiotics Keflex in almost every part of the body, particu- larly the muscles of neck and jaws; feels as Keflex Dose though she had been thrashed from head to foot. I was then able to examine her more particularly, and to obtain the following history : M. T., aged twenty, height four feet eleven inches, stout, strong, and healthy-looking, had come recently from the country, had been a very short

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